What I wore to the ArtScience museum

by Sylvia

Pink silk Max Mara skirt, purple alldressedup top

Sunday was an outing with the family to the new Art Science Museum. This is a brand new museum here in Singapore and it was built as part of the Marina Bay Sands Resort. Currently the museum houses 2 interesting exhibitons:

  • A collection of Salvadore Dali’s artworks
  • Titanic – The artifact exhibition

Reason enough for us to go and have a look.

What I wore

pink and purple silk max mara alldressedupLet’s concentrate on what I wore over here. If you have read my article Selecting fabulous tops that can be used as basics as well you are already familiar with my purple silk top. A wonderful top I bought at the 70% off Alldressedup sale. I absolutely adore this color as well as the old pink of the skirt. I really don’t quite understand it myself why I’m so infatuated with that old pink, but ever since Stella McCartney started to use it extensively in her Stella McCartney for Adidas sport collection, I’ve been hooked.

For several years now (which is like an eternity for my doing) I have loved that color pink, and would buy anything that came my path in that color. Loving a color that much is actually quite tricky. Sometimes you just end up buying something ONLY because you like the color. This skirt falls a little bit in that category as I don’t normally wear that model skirt so often. However, the skirt was sharply reduced, the fabric was silk which I love and I found that there were different ways I could wear this skirt.

Despite all that, I have not worn the skirt much, but as I’m now shopping and analyzing my closet, I have found a new pleasure in wearing it. I actually felt great that day wearing this skirt. I love the color combination and because both the top and the skirt are 100% silk, the outfit is incredibly breezy and comfortable. The touch of silk on your skin truly is magical.

See how wide this skirt is! That creates a lot of opportunities….

wide pink silk skirt from Max Mara

Also I have found many other ways to wear this basic skirt and make it more fashionable. Be sure not to miss it and subscribe to either my email updates or RSS updates!

Skirt: Max Mara
Top: Alldressedup
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: Alldressedup
Belt: Hobbs

How do you like this outfit? Would you wear a skirt this wide? Do you wear silk a lot?


1 Suzanne

This outfit is very cool – a mix of feminine and edgy. The colors and fabric are soft but the shoes, belt, and necklace are fashion forward. I really like it.
I took my children to see the Titanic exhibition a few years ago. It was amazing! We will never forget it. Did you let your hand melt into the wall of ice?

2 Sylvia

yes, this skirt really needs that, otherwise it’s a bit boring in my opinion. But if you want sheer comfort, you can’t beat this top and skirt.
How fun that you saw it as well. Did you get a boarding card and did you survive? (all 3 of us did!). Yes did the hand prints as well….

3 Suzanne

I forgot about the cards. Out of the 4 of us only I “survived”. Too sad to think about.
I wanted to tell you that you have a cute profile. I think we have identical noses!

4 Sylvia

Yes it is sad. I shouldn’t have mentioned it. Still it was nice to read about the travelers and why they were traveling. Thanks Suzanne!

5 Heather Fonseca

Soft pink is probably one of the colors I have the most difficulty with, but I really like it on you. Combining purple and pink in a sophisticated way is not easy but you’ve really pulled it off.

I actually really like full skirts. I have a couple dresses like that, but no skirts just yet. I totally want one though.

6 Sylvia

thanks heather. Pink is a color I never used to wear until a couple of years ago. Funny how that happens. I need to be a bit careful too as it does make me a bit paler.. Good luck with you skirt hunt!

7 Ana

I love the colour palette here, and the graceful, feminine drape and flow of the outfit’s structure. Yes, I would wear a skirt that wide, especially one that drapes so well. Really can’t say enough about how beautiful the colours are here. You look smashing!

8 Sylvia

Thanks Ana. More of this tomorrow, where I show a few other ways to wear this skirt….

9 Sabine Fink

really nice outfit and picture!!

10 Sylvia

Thanks Sabine. Let me know if you ever fancy going on another photoshoot. Loved the pictures you uploaded to flickr!

11 Sabine Fink

thanks for all your comments in flickr, Sylvia! Glad you liked the pics… 🙂
And yes, would love to shoot together again, really enjoyed our session at the Haw Par Villa…

12 Sylvia

Great Sabine. Will email you…

13 The Style Crone

I love every detail of this outfit on you. I can see why you’re attracted to old pink! The shoes and belt are the perfect accessory to your silk ensemble. Very elegant and unique!

14 Sylvia

Thank you Judith 🙂

15 Jeannie

Hi Sylvia,
I absolutely love this look! Colors are gorgeous and they work so well together. I do love silk…so feminine.

16 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie!

17 Zalina

I would totally rock that look. Sorry for sounding like a valley girl, but I am from California :). Anyway, stumbled upon your blog and really admire your look.


18 Sylvia

Thanks Zalina for the compliment!

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