Dressing for fall in hot Singapore

by Sylvia

Dressing for fall featuring Diesel, Alldressedup and JNBY in black and white

In the spirit of Beauty & Fashion Friend Friday, Iris from 260 days no repeats wants to know what my quintessential fall outfit would be. At the same time IFB asks about your fall uniform, which is essentially the same.  As you all know I’m living in the middle of HOT summer the whole year round so I’m afraid I will miss fall this year.

However, I thought it would be fun to do a fall outfit anyway as all my American and European readers will get bored with all my summer stuff. So I braved the hot weather and took some pictures of a couple of fall outfits that I managed to pull together from (very) old and new clothes. Today I present you one and over the next week, I will show a few more.

The quintessential fall outfit

how to dress for fallThis outfit feels like a good fall outfit to me. It features one of my favorite skirts that I bought more than 5 years ago at Diesel. It’s made of quite thick c0tton and has a few fun features, which silly old me forgot to highlight on the pictures! It features silver push buttons and cords at the side, that allow you to pull the skirt in at the sides. You can pull it really high for a sexy look that shows lots of leg, or keep it low and only pull the skirt in a little bit as I’ve done here. (you can see it a little bit on the top picture). This feature makes the skirt fun to wear.

The light grey jacket is actually a very light cotton jacket that I bought in the sales at JNBY. It has very unique and fun tailoring as well.

The white top is from Alldressedup and made of silk. It’s a tank top and has a fun rushed neckline. This is a perfect summer top but can easily be adapted for fall.

I actually planned on wearing my long black boots, but really liked the look of these patent leather booties with this skirt. Boots will be featured in later posts!

The reason I picked this one

how to dress for fall over 40For me this is a fun outfit, that is unique. It’s versatile as it will allow me to layer as much as I like (you could easily add another layer) and it features one of my favorite color combinations: black and white, which is very current right now. I’ve had the skirt for a long time so I know I always feel good it it. The jacket is relatively new and adds a new element to the outfit. I currently love wearing my hat and the dandy look, so a hat had to be part of my quintessential outfit as well! I think I would feel very happy wearing this.

Tell me, Do you have a quintessential fall outfit?

1 Nancy

Once it’s starts getting a bit cooler here in DC, I will look longingly at your warm-day outfits. Love your outfit.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Nancy. Wow, still not cold in DC? Fall comes late!

3 Suzanne

Fall is my favorite season! I live in the Northern Mid-West of the USA and we have 4 distinct seasons – though Winter can seem to take more than its fair share of the year. 🙂 By the end of Summer I am so looking forward to boots and jeans and sweaters and cute jackets. And this year I am adding hats to my outfits. Rag & Bone has a floppy brim fedora in rust wool with a brown leather band and ASOS has a wide brim felt fedora in a deep teal with a feather trim that will look awesome with black and gray. I bought a pair of black suede 3″ heeled booties yesterday that I am wearing over black tights with dresses and under bootcut cords. Fall 2011 is about the boots and the hats for me.

4 Sylvia

Both those hats sound great. I agree hats and boots are hot. Wish I could my boots more but it will have to wait till christmas (when I’m in Europe)

5 Tina @ Fashion Dynamite

I love your skirt! I’m on the hunt for the perfect black skirt right now…I wish this one was at Diesel right now. Good pick!

6 Sylvia

Hi Tina, Thanks! This is one of those skirts that when you see them, you just know you’re going to love it. I never tire of it as it’s so versatile and the quality is good!

7 fiona

This is my favourite outfit of yours, Sylvia.
Thankyou for all you inspiration that you give us.
Best wishes,
from New Zealand.

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