I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to applying makeup. I have always been quite  a fan of going “natural” and usually wear no makeup or just a little bit. Or you could just call me lazy because I do like to get ready within 5 mintures when it comes to makeup. However, I do find that as I get older I also start to look more ‘tired’ or ‘depresseed’. Add to that the extra lines and more unevenness in the skin and I can imagine that a little makeup would actually make me look better.


Time for a makeup lesson!

I made a few attempts at applying makeup and bought a few products, but was only half happy with the results. So I decided to take action and invite makeup artist and image consultant Maninder Krishnan, director of Imagendme, over to give me a makeup lesson. In the coming posts I will summarize some of the highlights of this lesson and show you some video clips on how to apply makeup.


Foundation becomes increasingly important as you need to cover up more blemishes and colour changes in older skin. There are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • The foundation should give you enough coverage without being too thick.
  • The foundation should look as natural as possible.
  • The colour should match your skin exactly. Usually liquid foundation is best.

Foundation application

It is important to apply foundation the right way. It is best not to use your fingers when applying foundation or as Maninder says “when you are using your fingers you are rubbing the foundation in like a moisture.That way you will not cover any redness or spots you might have”.

So it’s better to use a sponge. With the sponge you will have to make sure though that it is porus enough to absorb the foundation. Check out this clip for a detailed explanation and demonstration of applying foundation. The foundation used on me was Chanel’s Lift Lumiere, no. 40.


I asked Maninder about using a consealer, especially for those areas underneath the eyes. “The skin underneath the eyes is the part that wrinkles first and is the softest part of the skin. You will need the lightest coverage there. The concealer needs to be smooth and creamy and not dry. Otherwise it will just go into the creases and cake up, which would make your wrinkles or dark spots more obvious.

Another good tip is to NOT apply your consealer straight after your foundation. As you will still do your eye make. Some eye makeup will usually fall in the area just below the eyes and things can get very messy if eye consealer has already been applied there. More on concealer in an upcoming post where I will also share a clip of the makeup lesson.


Loose powder is very good to use to solidify makeup, set your foundation and get rid of shiny ness.

Compact powder is very convenient to use when you are on the road. Using a brush is always better than using a sponge as it gives you a very even application. A sponge can make your powder application very patchy. However, it can be a good option when you are out on the road. Make sure though that you use quite a few strokes to blend the powder well.

How do you know if you have enough powder on your face? Check your face for shiny spots and matt them out with the powder. As your face will get oily quite quickly again when going out, you may want to use a bit more than you think you need.

Here is a clip where Maninder shows how to apply powder. Apologies for a bit of noise at the beginning of the video….

That’s all that I will cover from the makeup lesson today. Tomorrow we will go into more detail on eyebrows, eye makeup and after that blusher, bronzer and concealer.

Both me and Maninder are very happy to answer any questions you may have so if you have a qeustion just ask it in the comments below.

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