Shoe trends for spring 2014: mid heels

by Sylvia

The best shoe trends for spring and summer 2014: mid heel shoes

After showing you the major trends for spring & summer 2014 in terms of clothing, it’s now time for the all-important shoes!

As most of you will know, I believe that the right shoes can add a lot to an outfit. Shoes can set the mood and often they will add a young & hip element to your outfit. There is no limit to what you can do with shoes. For more on this topic also see my article on how to have fun with shoes.

This week we will focus on mid heel shoes. Yes, I realise that some of you may not consider some of these shoes mid heel, but wait until you see the high heels!

Mid heel shoes are a great option for those days and evening when you want to wear heels, but still want to be able to walk decently. They are my shoes of choice whenever I have an event.

This season we have a lot of fun shoes to choose from! From closed to open booties, funky sandals and pretty pumps to blocky color blocked platforms.

Texture, open toe booties and color blocking

Some of the themes for this year’s shoes include the use of texture, color blocking, open toe booties. Examples can be found in the image above.

Arty, textured and colorful

Another major trend are colorful and arty kitten heels. Gold is very popular both for flats (more on that next week) and heeled shoes alike. The arty heels fit right into the arty and colorful trend. Pumps tend to be pointy toed.


mid heel shoe trends for spring 2014: funky kitten heels  

Platforms and blocked heels

In direct contrast to the pretty pointy kitten heels are the platform and block heeled shoes. These are round and bold and often color blocked or textured.

mid heel shoe trends: block heels and platforms

This is just a small selection of all the shoes available and all these are from top designers. The top designers determine the trends, so I’m sure we will see plenty of affordable options in stores soon. Use as inspiration or add them to your shopping lists!

Here are just some shoes that are available in stores right now.

I will keep track of all great shoes and will add them to my online shop. If you see great mid heel shoes, that you feel should be featured in my shop, be sure to let me know!

Which is your favorite shoe from the above? What kind of shoes are on your wish list this year?


1 Lisa

I like the artsy and colorful because you can wear them with a lot of outfits, but I hate pointed toes. They are SO uncomfortable. If with age comes wisdom, I have grown too wise to do that to my feet.

I like the Jimmy Choo block heeled platform shoes — green, brown, white. And the architectural looking shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood. Can’t afford any of them, though.

Then there are the shoes in the middle column 5 down that I’m pretty sure my grandma wore. (also Jimmy Choo)

2 Sylvia

At least you know what to look out for Lisa. That’s the main point of these posts. Knowing what the main designers have on offer, will let you be able to make better choices from more affordable designers. As I see more affordable options, I will add them to the list as well.

3 Rita

I will take one each of the Manolos. 😀

4 Amy

I just ordered a pair of open-toed booties! I am hoping that they will transition me from boots to sandals (and vice versa). I have so much trouble with footwear when it isn’t boots or stack heel sandals. My go-to in the past has been clogs/mules of some kind, but they feel too casual for dress pants. This is a great alternative for me – thanks for the inspiration Sylvia!

5 Sylvia

Love open toe booties and am still looking for a good pair as well! I hope yours fit well Amy!

6 fashmr paul

The Loeffer Randall and the Louboutins are both exquisite !!

7 MyEmptyBag

pretty & colorful are so lovely… good trends, good post!


8 Chicatanyage

I love this seasons shoes. Such fun and the block heels are also practical. There is a great version of the Louboutin print by LKBennett as a more budget friendly price.

9 Sylvia

If you have an url or where to buy it, let me know and I can try adding it to my shop!

10 Nanne

I like the black DKNY slingbacks, they’re both classic and a little sexy. I’ve found a pair of mid heel sandals quite similar to the Manolo’s with the striped inner sole, only they have a slimmer heel. I haven’t decided whether to get them in white or tan, though.

11 Sylvia

Yes difficult choice. I like both options!

12 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I love a mid-height, chunky heel and see lots to love here.

13 jess188

I really like the Loeffler Randal ones, especially the color, as nude colors, as well of one of my favorite shades this upcoming spring, a blush or pale pink. I myself, have to be careful as with my condition, I need to wear shoes with cushion and stability. So, those I love and a few others, beautiful though.

14 Sylvia

If you find good ones, let me know Jess and I will add them to my shoes with arch support list:

15 Greetje

The golden Dolce&Gabbana (but that price!) and the blueish snakeskin DKNY. … Ever so nice. But first on my list are silver closed pointed toes slingbacks.

16 Sylvia

Yes very chic! I’ve seen a lot of gold too. I think I have a few featured in the flats lineup…

17 SpicyAnt

I love them all. Sylvia, you have inspired me to get back in the “game” . My clothes, shoes fashion jewelry everything was sooooo bland. (black, grey, navy) hardly any color at all. about a month ago I thought (at over 55) there wasn’t much out there for me to buy without looking to young or looking to old and dated. Boy was I wrong. I try to snag a pic from your site and put it together to wear to work and church and to my surprise I have gotten more compliments in the last 4 weeks than in the last 10. My husband last week was taken by surprise and loved the outfit and told me to wait a minute (before leaving the house for church), he had to take my picture. 🙂 you have given me a new style that I love. Thanks

18 Sylvia

Very nice to read your feedback and so great I could inspire you. Keep having lots of fun with style and fashion!

19 Chicatanyage
20 Sylvia

Thanks for getting back to me. Very nice shoes! Unfortunately, can’t find them in my shopping system but added some other colorful LK Bennett ones….

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