Contemporary and sculptural jewellery by Linnie McLarty

by Sylvia

Contemporary silver ring

As you all know I’m a big fan of silver contemporary jewellery so when I spotted London based designer’s Linnie McIarty’s splendid pieces, I was instantly hooked. Not only are her pieces incredibly well-designed and beautiful, they are also created in an ethical and reponsible way. She is one of the first licensees of certified fair-trade, ecological gold, from which 15% of the bullion price is guaranteed to go towards ensuring a fair wage for the miners as well as funding the development of schools, healthcare, fresh water and mid-wives in the mining dependant villages. No chemicals are used in the extraction of the ore, and no child-labour is involved.

All the more reason to love her jewellery even better!

Her specialty is rings and she has many amazing rings in her collection

silver rings


Linnie McIarty ring

Silver rings

Silver contemporary wide ring


She does gold too. Have a look at this amazing wide ring, which is to be worn on the middle finger and covers almost the whole hand. How cool is that!

Golden wide ring

golden ring

gold and sapphire ring

Golden rings


Am also adoring her bangles!

Golden contemporary bangle

silver bangle

And here is a very unique brooch!

Silver brooch

Wonder how this contemporary jewellery would look on you, have a look at the model below.

Contemporary bracelets

Needless to say I love all of her pieces. Some of them are for sale at Bottica. If you are interested in working with Linnie, she will be happy to work on commission as well. More information about Linnie McLarty and her jewellery can be found on her website.

What do you think? Do you adore her jewellery as much as I do?

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The Style Crone

Gorgeous, unique, breathtaking! Thanks for the introduction to this talented designer.


Isn’t it just gorgeous. It’s great to have it on the site, so I can easily go back to it and hopefully buy a piece some day…


Wow, this is really unique and special! I particularly love her gold pieces, they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!


Thanks Nanne, glad you liked it too.


It is not my style but I am very impressed by her pieces. Very unique and well done. You can see the craftmenship. That gold wide ring that covers all fingers ! What an idea. Could be tempted by contemporary for a ring like that. And that broch. Is that of the top, the shawl through the broch? As I am always looking for a good keep-it-together-piece on a shawl.


That is not how it is worn on the photo but you may be able do that with it!

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