Colourful summer dresses that make you go WOW

by Sylvia

colourful summer dresses

Many of you are now experiencing summer days! And what could possibly look better on those hot days than a beautiful summer dress. So I went shopping online and created a selection of great summer dresses that I think are perfect for women over 40!

Colourful summer dresses

Colours are so HOT this summer, so make sure you get at least one really colourful dress like the ones featured above.

Maxi dresses

Summer maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are very popular too this summer and exude an elegant, yet laid book summer feel. You will definitely look very stylish in one of these!

Update: The dresses above are out of stock but here are some more colourful dresses!

More on Pinterest

I created a special board for summer dresses on Pinterest. So be sure to check out that board for more inspiration and shopping ideas for summer dresses you can buy in stores right now.

Also check out my selections of drape dresses, scarf dresses and ladylike dresses for this season that I featured on this site earlier.

Will you be wearing lots of dresses this Summer?

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Heather Fonseca

Love that orange Jack Posen jersey dress! I have some colorful things for the summer, but nothing that fantastic, at least not yet. Thanks for the inspiration!


Yes, that dress is a true beauty!


I love the orange Zac Posen dress too! And I’m actually planning to wear more dresses (and perhaps skirts) this summer 🙂 Thanks for the lovely and colorful inspiration!


Have fun with it Nanne!


I have quite a few dresses for summer, so I will leave it at that. Have done more than enough shopping for one season. I like the yellow/white Asos dress (first dress), but fortunately I have a similar one: white with purple dots. Even better as it has sleeves up to my elbow, which is better for me. I also have a pretty yellow dress with a cute matching cardigan.
The maxi dress takes me some getting used to. I remember wearing it when I was 17……


Great Greetje. I look forward to seeing you in some of these dresses. In Holland it’s usually better not to buy too many summery things as you can hardly ever wear them. I’m always amazed how much extremely summery stuff is in shops when I visit. Good for me as most does not get sold and is offered at huge discounts. I’m looking forward to June & July which is shopping season for me! I usually buy quite a bit then in the sales, because in August all shops in Singapore will be full of winter stuff (even the thick winter jackets!). Which is crazy as it’s still tropical weather here every single day!


If I feel a bit better (flu) I will make some photos of my dresses this weekend and put them on your forum.
As for summer stuff in the shops in Holland. I spoke about that with a friend who owned a clothes shop. She confirms that we buy more spring/summer clothes than winter clothes. Probably to do with the fact we are so happy to awaken from the dark winter period that we go for it. And the colours for spring/summer are of course so much more attractive than the brown/black/grey for winter. You are quite right with your point made earlier, that we need more colour in winter here.


Interesting. I can imagine. The weather can be terrible in Holland so everyone is just dying to wear bright colours and summer clothes. I still don’t quite get why we don’t wear brighter colours in winter…. Still, the general shopping advice is to buy for your most dominant season. It doesn’t really make much sense to buy too many summer clothes in Holland.


Agrred. It doesn’t make sense to buy too many summer clothes in Holland. But it happens with most of us Dutch women. My wardrobe is a perfect example. I don’t think there will be enough sunny days this year to wear it all..


And I have uploaded my yellow summer dress in three variaties on your Forum.
Squeezed the shoot in.


Great outfits, and an inspiration… I stopped dressing in the way I like, purely because I have no space for my things and I am leading a bit of a chaotic life now… but soon I’ll go back to my way and your outfit inspired me! Beautiful!


the collections are beautiful l just wish l can have them here in Nigeria

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