Millions and millions of women suffer from arthritis around the world. It’s a condition that is more common in women than it is in men and, once you hit your 40s, you’re more likely to suffer from it. When you have arthritis in your feet, it can be so hard to find shoes that keep you feeling and looking good. In this article, you’ll find the most recommended shoes for arthritic feet.

You’ll find a mixture of sneakers, flats, and a few heels to help you choose a pair of shoes for arthritis, no matter what the occasion. It may be that your arthritis is in your feet, or perhaps you have arthritis in other joints and need to make sure your footwear helps to take away strain and pain. Take a look and see if you can find a pair that would work for you.

What to consider when choosing shoes for arthritic feet

Thankfully, lots of stores are realizing that they need to cater to women who may have arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or who may need extra arch support. Amazon has a dedicted search for shoes for arthritis, so there is much more choice now.

Before you start looking, what are the must-haves your shoes need to keep you comfortable?

Cushioned insoles and memory foam

Shoes with cushioning will help to soften the impact of each step, giving you a more stable base as you walk. When you have arthritis, you may have other foot issues, and memory foam will mould to your individual foot shape.

Arch support

Arch support can be hugely beneficial if you have arthritis in your feet, helping to distribute your weight properly. You can find our round up of the best shoes for arch support in this article.

the right fit

It goes without saying that your shoes need to fit you properly, whether you have arthritis or not. But, if you do suffer from arthritis, footwear that is too small can significantly increase the pain of arthritis. So it’s imperative that you make sure you get the right fit when searching for the best shoes for arthritic feet.

Adjustable fastenings

Adjustable shoes are easier to get on, and easier to fit to your feet. One-touch straps, velcro and bungee laces can be good options if you struggle to get your shoes on.

A roomy toe box

If you have arthritis in your feet, it often affects your toes, so you want to make sure there is plenty of room in the toe box.

The best shoes for arthritis in feet

Now, let’s move to some specific recommendations, and why they could work for you.


Orthofeet is a great brand to look out for when looking for the best shoes for arthritis in feet because the shoes are designed with a contoured insole, anatomical arch support, cushioning, and a mild rocker design.

The Amalfi sandals (below) come in three neutral shades, and could be perfect to go with your summer outfits. Reviewers say they are very comfortable without looking like ‘old lady’ shoes.

Best shoes for arthritic feet - Orthofeet Amalfi Orthopedic Sandal |

Orthofeet Amalfi Orthopedic Sandal

Orthofeet no tie sneakers

A sneaker option from Orthofeet for you. The orthopedic sneakers (below) have bungee laces, so you can slip them on without any problems. The contrast sole adds an on-trend element, and reviewers say they are very comfortable, even if you are on your feet all day.

Best shoes for arthritic feet - Orthofeet Francis Orthopedic No-Tie Sneaker |

Orthofeet Francis Orthopedic No-Tie Sneaker


Not only do the HOKA sneakers (below) look very much on-trend, but they’re also widely recommended as some of the best shoes for feet with arthritis. Lightweight and breathable, they offer good cushioning, and come in a huge choice of colors. Wearers say they offer comfort, arch support and a wide toe box.

Best shoes for arthritic feet - HOKA ONE One Low-top Sneaker |

HOKA ONE One Low-top Sneaker


If you have arthritis and you are looking for sneakers for walking or running, you could also try the ASICS pair (below), which have a bouncy feel when you wear them, and a stabilizing heel. Reviewers say the cushioning and support are outstanding.

Best shoes for arthritic feet - ASICS NOVABLAST 3 Running Shoes |

Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos


Another good option to look at are the Saucony sneakers (below), which have just been improved with a thicker cushion but lighter weight. Reviewers describe them as seriously comfortable.

Best shoes for arthritic feet - Saucony Ride 15 Running Shoe |

Saucony Ride 15 Running Shoe
Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos

shoes for arthritic feet – Earthies

If you have arthritis, you’re unlikely to want to wear heels all day. However, perhaps you just want to wear heels for a couple of hours, or maybe to go to dinner. The Earthies heels (below) are a trendy blend of bootie and sandal. They have contoured comfort to support your feet from toe to heel, and reviewers, even those who describe themselves as having serious foot problems, say they offer excellent comfort for a few hours.

Best shoes for arthritic feet - Earthies Siena Open Toe Bootie |

Earthies Siena Open Toe Bootie

best shoes for arthritis – Propét

Moving back to flats, the Propét shoes (below) are a good choice for arthritic feet as they have an adustable strap, a removable insole in case you want to add your own orthotics, and the rubber sole will help to keep you stable.

Propét TravelActic Mary Jane Walking Sneaker |

Propét TravelActic Mary Jane Walking Sneaker
Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos


If you just want to add a little bit of height, somewhere between flats and high heels, how about the Naot sandals (below), which do a great job of combining style with comfort. The cork and latex footbed moulds to your individual food shape, and wearers say they are dressy, comfortable, and can be worn with just about everything.

NAOT Fiona Sandal |

NAOT Fiona Sandal
Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos

naot Lace up shoe

Another Naot choice for you, the lace-ups (below) come in a wide choice of colors, they are slip resistant, and feature a padded heel cup and arch support. Reviewers praise them as a great choice for sightseeing on vacation.

NAOT Footwear's Kata Lace-up Shoe |

NAOT Footwear’s Kata Lace-up Shoe
Amazon / Zappos

Vionic ballet flats

Ballet flats are a true classic that won’t go out of style, and the Vionic ballet flats (below) feature a contoured footbed and a deep heel cup. Wearers say they are comfy and minimize the pain of food conditions.

If you love the look of ballet flats, then also check out our article on the best ballet flats that go with everything.

Vionic Caroll Ballet Flat |

Vionic Caroll Ballet Flat
Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos


Another choice from Vionic, we like the look of the lacing outside the sneakers (below), which add a point of difference to a casual shoe.

Vionic Brisk Jada Active Sneaker |

Vionic Brisk Jada Active Sneaker


If you want the comfort of sneakers, without an athletic look, you could try the ECCO slip-ons (below), which have cushioned soles, and elastic panels to make them easier to get on. Wearers say they have excellent arch support and superior construction.

ECCO Soft 7 Woven Slip-on Sneaker |

ECCO Soft 7 Woven Slip-On Sneaker
Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos

Dr. Scholl’s

For another slip-on option, the Dr.Scholl’s sneakers (below) also offer great comfort, thanks to the foam insole, built-in arch support, and supportive heel cup. Reviewers say they were comfortable from the first day of wearing.

Dr. Scholl's Madison Slip-On Sneaker |

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Slip-On Sneaker
Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos


OOFOS shoes are specially designed to absorb more impact than traditional foam footwear to reduce stress on the feet and joints. One reviewer described the recovery shoes (below) as like walking on supportive marshmellows.

OOFOS Lightweight Recovery Shoe |

OOFOS Lightweight Recovery Shoe


If you need a wider toe box because of your arthritis, then Dansko is a good brand choice. The Tiffani wedge sandals (below) would look good with your summer dresses, jeans, shorts or wide pants.

Dansko Tiffani Wedge Sandal |

Dansko Tiffani Wedge Sandal
Nordstrom / Amazon / Zappos

hey dude

Lightweight and with elastic laces, the Hey Dude shoes (below) are easy to wear and easy to get on. Plus, they have plenty of room in the toe box for painful toes. They have tens of thousands of good reviews from women who say they are particularly suitable for wide feet.

Hey Dude Wendy Lace-Up Loafers |

Hey Dude Wendy Lace-Up Loafers
Amazon / Zappos


If your feet are making it difficult to carry on day-to-day tasks, then SAS say they are committed to making the most comfortable shoes in the world, so it could be worth giving the SAS Freetime sneakers (below) a try.

SAS Freetime Sneaker |

SAS Freetime Sneaker
Amazon / Zappos

Insoles for arthritis

It may be that you find it more comfortable if you choose a pair of shoes with removable insoles, and then add orthotic insoles instead. The Dr.Scholl’s insoles (below) are specifically designed to relieve the pain of arthritis.

Dr. Scholl's Arthritis Support Insoles |

Dr. Scholl’s Arthritis Support Insoles

Therapy booties

We’re not suggesting you wear these outside, but warmth can often help relieve the pain of arthritis. So, at the end of a long day, or if you’re working from home, you could always wear these feet warmers to help alleviate discomfort.

PhysioNatural Feet Warmers |

PhysioNatural Feet Warmers

Do you have recommendations of your own for the best shoes for arthritic feet? Let us know in the comments below so we can make this article an even better resource.

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