Contemporary jewellery from Iris Bodemer

by SylviaVDL

Jewellery designer Iris Bodemer

As long-time readers will know I’m a huge fan of contemporary jewellery and believe that a single piece can truly lift an outfit and make it modern and contemporary. Perfect for women over 40! Today I present to you the jewellery of German designer Iris Bodemer.


contemporary necklaces


Iris Bodemer cocktail rings

Iris Bodemer necklaces

Iris Bodemer rings

All her works can be found on her website, where you can also find a list of stockists.

Which item is your favorite?

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Ah, clicked through to her website but need flash, so have to do that on the computer instead of iPad.
For me these pieces are for advanced contemporary jewellery buyers. I still have to start.
And if I do, I would start with Hans Appenzeller, who is more “polished” (taking babysteps):


Funny you mention that. Some of my earliest contemporary jewellery are from Hans Appenzeller. I always visit his store each year when I’m in Amsterdam. I should show you my statement necklace from him one day. It has not yet made it on the blog…


See?? A good one for beginners.


Not too advanced or anything. Just not my cup of tea;-).


I would wear every single piece!


Yes, we have really different taste in jewelry!


Absolutely beautiful!!! I would also wear every single piece!

I can’t get to the website, some special program required?



The website uses flash so you will need to have the plugin installed into your browser. Flash does not work on ipad or iphone.

Bella Q

The necklaces are stunning! There are a few I’d love to see worn.

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