Stylish gloves are still very much on trend so enjoy this updated article with our best tips on how to wear gloves and where to find the best ones!

A classic accessory got attention during this year’s Fall/Winter runways: gloves for women, and in particular, the colorful glove.

I have always adored accessories and I love gloves. Today, let’s look at how you can wear gloves and how they can elevate your style.

For an introduction into gloves, you may like to see this short video.

I was lucky enough to grow up around some very stylish women. My mother, three aunts and two grandmothers all had fabulous individual style.

And though they were all different, the one item you could find in all their wardrobes was colored leather gloves. And I think this is where my obsession may have stemmed from, as you can see from these few examples from my own collection.

Red leather gloves matched with accessories |

How leather gloves for women are made

Gloves are made from leather that has been prepared by specialist tanners as it has to be rolled and stretched many times to make sure it has the flexibility to move with your hand. The leather is either cut out with scissors after tracing the pattern out, or stamped out with a tang, a hand-shaped cutter, where you can cut several pairs at once.

There are between three and eleven separate pieces that make up a glove. There is the front and back piece, plus the thumb, but you may also have fourchettes, that are the leather strips that run between the fingers, and on higher-end gloves you should also have quirks.

The quirks are the triangular or diamond shaped pieces of leather at the base between the fingers, that link the front and back panel, and the fourchettes together.

Lower price gloves are usually sewn inside out so the seams are hidden, and more expensive gloves trend to have the stitching on the outside. Outer stitched gloves are either stitched by hand, or by a machine that mimics hand stitching. Either way, it is a highly skilled job to create them. They may have silk, cashmere or thermal lining; some even have fur.

These elements all add to the cost and it takes one highly skilled craftsperson a whole day to make just one pair of gloves, when they are totally handmade. The price of a pair of leather gloves ranges from around $15 to £34,000, if you have an unlimited budget.

However, much as I adore gloves, I would never spend that on a pair, because imagine you lost one??

Fits like a glove: how to find out your glove size

A glove should fit snuggly, hence the term, “fits like a glove.” To discover your glove size, measure around the widest part of your hand, in inches. E.g. 7. 7.5, 8, 8.5 etc. and this is your glove size. Some manufacturers offer small, medium, large etc. but do check sizes and go down a size if you are between, as leather gloves will stretch over time.

I have a bag full of gloves I have collected over the years. Some new, some old; many were gifts. Some I inherited, others were treats from Italy or serendipitous thrift stores finds. They add the “Je ne sais quoi” to my outfits and are a way of expressing who I am.

I love an element of chic in my outfits and along with color and texture, this is what I feel these beautiful items add.

Gloves are the perfect accessory for women over 40!

I think that the idea of the right glove is really good for 40-plus women who want to downplay certain things, too. If you’re self-conscious about your arms, an elbow length glove (or longer) could help downplay your insecurities about your arms and boost your confidence. And the super cool wrist length glove is fun, fashionable and a great way to hide veiny hands or age spots when we’re having one of those days.
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Gloves that are currently on trend

Designers like Prada, Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten made gloves look really sexy and possible to wear daily for this season. They have become more like a fashion accessory such as a good pair of shoes or the perfect necklace, instead of part of just outerwear I drop off at the coat check when I arrive at an event.

We saw four main glove trends on the runways for fall and winter 2018: the elbow-length glove, the wrist-length glove, the colored glove and the patterned. Let’s check them out in more detail.

The wrist length glove

A classic, easy-to-wear style, the wrist length glove is a wardrobe staple. Designers featured wrist-length gloves in neutrals, pastels and brights. Prada gave a unique take on the trend by teaming wrist-length gloves with arm warmers.

How to wear gloves as a stylish accessory for winter - Wrist Length Gloves |

PradaKenzo – Alberta Ferretti – Moschino

How to wear the wrist length glove: The wrist length glove is sexy and edgy.

Try a pair when you’re in the mood to add a little punch to your outfit. A fun, bright leather that doesn’t necessarily match your outfit adds a unique touch to your outfit.

The elbow length glove

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many elbow-length gloves on the runways in recent years than there were for now, for 2018.

Also known as the opera glove, the above-the-elbow glove enjoyed their greatest vogue in the late 19th century and the years running up to World War I.

They were also hugely popular in the 50s. Who can forget the image of Marilyn Monroe in those long pink gloves while starring in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

How to wear gloves as a stylish accessory for winter - Elbow Length Gloves |

PradaMoschino – Alberta Ferretti – No 21

How to wear the long length glove: Long length gloves are definitely having a resurgence right now. You could add a pair of glamorous over-the-elbow length gloves to a party outfit for evening wear.

Or, you could use your longer length gloves to take your daywear to the next level. For example, if you have a jacket with shorter or three-quarter length sleeves, you could wear your longer gloves underneath to add both warmth AND style.

  • If you have a short sleeve top or sleeveless dress you’d love to wear, add a long glove to your look instead of a long sleeve undershirt. The look is fresh and sexy.
  • If you’re planning to wear a couture length (three-quarter length) sleeve, a long glove with a little slouch updates the look. If you want to thin and lengthen the arm, choose darker, richer glove colors or a matching color to the sleeve to lengthen your arms.

Colored gloves

I love colored gloves and there were definitely some beautiful pairs on the runways.

There were some colors I wasn’t so keen on. For example, some of the yellow longer gloves I saw looked a little like the Marigold rubber gloves we washed up with in the days before dishwashers.

But there were other stunning bright and jewel shades, such as garnet colors, purples and jades.

How to wear gloves as a stylish accessory for winter - Colored Gloves |

Alberta Ferretti – KenzoChanelNo 21

How to wear the colored glove: Maybe it would be easier to tell you how not to wear the colored glove, because I feel colored gloves can be worn in so many different ways.

You could add colored gloves to evening or daywear. You could opt to go for a look where you match your coat or outfit to your gloves. You could add a pop of color to neutrals. Or you could color clash and create some unexpected combinations. For example, you could wear orange gloves with burgundy or red gloves with burgundy.

Patterned gloves

While we’ve definitely seen wrist-length, elbow-length and colored gloves in previous years, the patterend glove was something of a micro trend for 2018.

How to wear gloves as a stylish accessory for winter - Patterned Gloves |

Calvin KleinKenzoKenzoErdem

How to wear the patterned glove: Just as with colored gloves, you can choose to wear your patterned gloves in a number of ways.

You could go for a matchy-matchy option, or opt to pattern mix, or you could use your patterned gloves to add interest to an otherwise neutral environment.

If your outfit could do with a lift, is there a pair of gloves for women that you could fall in love with? Maybe you share my passion for colored leather gloves. Let me know in the comments below. 

About the author:

Ruth Essex is a professional image consultant, color coach and expert stylist at the 40+Style Club where she supports all members in their style journeys!


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