The 40 most stylish midlife women on Instagram you should follow right now!

by Sylvia

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Senior celebrities, bloggers and instagrammers have been getting a lot of attention lately on major websites and high profile advertising campaigns.

  • There is Joan Didion for Celine
  • Charlotte Rampling for Nars
  • Twiggy for L’Oreal
  • Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent
  • Iris Apfel for Alexis Bittar
  • Buzfeed featured a list of The top 15 senior instagrammers (all of them amazing and worth following; since many of these women are 60+, I have not included them on today’s list)

I think it’s great that senior women are getting increasingly featured and highlighted, but let’s not forget about midlife women either!

So today, I want to highlight the fabulous and stylish women who are in the middle phase of their life. They dress in a variety of styles, from casual to work-ready to artistic to bohemian.

Quite a few of them have been featured at 40+Style in style interviews and I have added links to those articles as well.

So here they are. The 40 most stylish midlife women on Instagram (in no particular order) that regularly feature their own outfits!

1. Theageofgrace

2. Elegantly dressed and stylish

3. My small wardrobe (style interview)

4. Une Femme (style interview)

5. Elrivies

6. Kremb de la kremb

7. Style at a certain age

8. Latrenia Bryant (style interview)

9. FC fashionista

10. Pumps and Studz (style interview)

11. Jacket Society (style interview)

12. Tamera Beardsley

13. Traina Grandinetti (style interview)

14. The lady of Style (style interview)

15. Fashion should be fun (style interview)

16. Mrs Looking Good

17. Fabulous After 40

18. Glam up your lifestyle

19. Stylish Salat

20. Happiness at midlife (style interview)

21. A key to the Armoire

22. Fashion adventures at any age

23. Istyl

24. Spashionista (style interview)

25. Styling You

26. Grown and curvy woman (style interview)

27. Not dressed as lamb (style interview)

28. Fifty not frumpy (style interview)

29. Ahemadundahos

30. Citizen Rosebudz (style interview)

31. More Turquoise (style interview)

32. Chic at any age (style interview)

33. Fabulous Femme (style interview)

34. Vanity and me

35. Speakermanda

36. Odyssey Home (style interview)

37. My closet catalogue

38. Silvrgurl

39. The accidental Icon (style interview)

40. 40+Style

Finally, there is my own instagram, which I cheekily added to the list. I don’t claim to be one of the most stylish midlife women but you will find a multitude of stylish 40+ women featured here! Are you following already?

Undoubtedly, I missed quite a few stylish women and this list is not conclusive. I’m happy to add to it later on or create an additional list, so please let me know which other women should be included. Feel free to nominate yourself!

Be sure to tag your photos with #40plusstyle we we can all admire eachother’s style and I can spot you.

Do you use and enjoy instagram? Who is your favorite instagrammer?


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Love the list Sylvia! Definitely a few bloggers on here that I haven’t heard of before that I’ll have to check out now! Sharing this post to twitter now! ~


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