The 40 most stylish midlife women on Instagram you should follow right now!

by Sylvia

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Senior celebrities, bloggers and instagrammers have been getting a lot of attention lately on major websites and high profile advertising campaigns.

  • There is Joan Didion for Celine
  • Charlotte Rampling for Nars
  • Twiggy for L’Oreal
  • Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent
  • Iris Apfel for Alexis Bittar
  • Buzfeed featured a list of The top 15 senior instagrammers (all of them amazing and worth following; since many of these women are 60+, I have not included them on today’s list)

I think it’s great that senior women are getting increasingly featured and highlighted, but let’s not forget about midlife women either!

So today, I want to highlight the fabulous and stylish women who are in the middle phase of their life. They dress in a variety of styles, from casual to work-ready to artistic to bohemian.

Quite a few of them have been featured at 40+Style in style interviews and I have added links to those articles as well.

So here they are. The 40 most stylish midlife women on Instagram (in no particular order) that regularly feature their own outfits!

1. Theageofgrace

2. Elegantly dressed and stylish

3. My small wardrobe (style interview)

4. Une Femme (style interview)

5. Elrivies

6. Kremb de la kremb

7. Style at a certain age

8. Latrenia Bryant (style interview)

9. FC fashionista

10. Pumps and Studz (style interview)

11. Jacket Society (style interview)

12. Tamera Beardsley

13. Traina Grandinetti (style interview)

14. The lady of Style (style interview)

15. Fashion should be fun (style interview)

16. Mrs Looking Good

17. Fabulous After 40

Always love a cape! #ageamazing #tweakyourchic

A photo posted by Deborah Boland (@fabulousafter40) on

18. Glam up your lifestyle

19. Stylish Salat

20. Happiness at midlife (style interview)

21. A key to the Armoire

22. Fashion adventures at any age

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#fashion #fashionadventuresatanyage #blog #blogger #black #style

A post shared by Beata B (@fashionadventuresatanyage) on

23. Istyl

24. Spashionista (style interview)

25. Styling You

26. Grown and curvy woman (style interview)

27. Not dressed as lamb (style interview)

28. Fifty not frumpy (style interview)

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OOTD Casual Friday

A post shared by Susan Street (@susanafter60) on

29. Ahemadundahos

30. Citizen Rosebudz (style interview)

31. More Turquoise (style interview)

32. Chic at any age (style interview)

33. Fabulous Femme (style interview)

34. Vanity and me

35. Speakermanda

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Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday! Hope your day is going AHMAZING so far!!! Today's wardrobe challenge is Street Style, not quite sure I really took it as far as I could have but got lots of errands and setting up to help tonight for the Women With Purpose conference tomorrow. Have great rest of your day!!! Tap on photo for store details {please note that some if not all are old or purchased on clearance} Additional outfit details and prices up on the blog {link in profile}. #dresswithpurpose #ootd #ootdblog #wiw #whatimwearing #lotd #lookoftheday #picoftheday #outfitoftheday #igstyle #igfashion #currentlywearing #stylediary #stylepost #fashionpost #instastyle #instaoutfit #instalook #everydaystyle #everydayfashion #style #stylechallenge #styleover40 #fashionover40 #fashionandfaith #realwomenstyle #modestishottest #inhisname #forhisglory

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36. Odyssey Home (style interview)

26.1.15 #liketkit #rickowenslilies #margiela

A photo posted by Stephanie (@stephaniehoffc) on

37. My closet catalogue

38. Silvrgurl

39. The accidental Icon (style interview)

40. 40+Style

Finally, there is my own instagram, which I cheekily added to the list. I don’t claim to be one of the most stylish midlife women but you will find a multitude of stylish 40+ women featured here! Are you following already?

Undoubtedly, I missed quite a few stylish women and this list is not conclusive. I’m happy to add to it later on or create an additional list, so please let me know which other women should be included. Feel free to nominate yourself!

Be sure to tag your photos with #40plusstyle we we can all admire eachother’s style and I can spot you.

Do you use and enjoy instagram? Who is your favorite instagrammer?


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1 amy

Glam Up Your Lifestyle is my Fav!


2 Terry

I’m certainly not a stylist lady, but I couldn’t resist a shameless plug for myself! 🙂

Instagram: @terrystwocents

Fantastic list. I follow quite a number of those lovely and stylish ladies, and looks like I need to add a few more to my list that I follow!


3 Karen

Great list! and Thank-you! It’s hard to find women of my age on Instagram – can’t wait to follow all these stylish ladies!

Duncan Loves Tess Vintage & Retro


4 Carelia

Thanks so much Sylvia for sharing this list of fashionable ladies and it’s an honor for me to be included. Thanks so much.


5 Susan

What a great compilation of women! What I like about the list is that it doesn’t focus on older women who dress “in costume.” As much as I admire Advanced Style for its focus on older women, I feel like he showcases eccentricity more than style.


6 Accidental Icon

Thanks for the mention Sylvia! See you in New York

Accidental icon


7 Dawn Lucy

OMG! I’m SO thrilled to be on this list with these fab ladies!

Dawn Lucy


8 une femme

Sylvia, thank you so much for including me! I’m honored to be in the company of these stylish women!


9 Antionette Blake

Nice – congratulations @MrsLookingGood


10 Conny von A Hemad und a Hos

Ohhhh thank you – I’m on your list… and this is a honor for me. Because there are so wonderful and gorgeous ladys as you and I’m very happy to be a part of it.
Thank you very much!
Greetings from Germany, Conny


11 Mare

I’m getting started (lurking) on Instagram so thank you for all the great feeds to follow, including yours!


12 Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

Sylvia! You beat me to the punch and I LOVE your picks. Firstly, am honored for the inclusion (thank you!) but even more pleased is the incredible range of picks of your 40+ Style ladies on IG. There are all shapes, sizes, style personalities, and nationalities, not the same old same old, no offense to the Buzz Feed round up (as many of my faves are on there) but there is a wider range of +40s than the ones who seem to get all the press. You really picks some great, quietly stylish folks just doing their thing. Great post, and great picks. Thanks a bunch!


13 Shelley@ForestCityFashionista

Sylvia, I’m thrilled to be included in this list of stylish older women. Your timing is perfect (and perhaps not coincidental), given the recent Buzzfeed list of “15 Senior Instagrammers to follow”. Thank you so much for all the work you do with your website and social media to promote us “older” dames, proving that we are getting better and better with age, and the 20-somethings out there have got nothing on us in terms of style.


14 40+

Thank you very much for this great compilation. I started following a couple of these stylish ladies and started an instagram account a few weeks ago Instagram: 40und and two of the ladies have already reacted by following me. Wow!


15 Ariane

Thanks for nominating such lovely Ladies, some of them i know and some i don’t
We all deserve recognition, we are such a stylish and fabulous bunch of Ladies!



16 chicatanyage

Thank you so much for including me in your list. You do a great job with your blog.


17 Beata

That you very much dear Sylvia! I am honoured to be featured in such a great company 🙂 hugs xxxx


18 The Style Crone

Sylvia, this is a great list of beautifully stylish women. There are some who I know, but a few who are new to me. All fabulous and I love the diversity! Thank you for building community and sharing these stunners with all of us. Now off to visit their IG sites!!!


19 Anne the SpyGirl

Fun to see lots of familiar faces. Even more fun to see new (to me) ones!
Find me @annembray


20 Rebecca

Great list – I was happy to see A Key to the Armoire among them as I love her style. I also follow A Girl in Boston as well as a couple of the 60+ community including Margaret Manning “Sixty and Me” (absolutely great) and Style Crone.


21 Rebecca

P.S. Another fabulous blog is Inside Out Style with Imogen Lamport where I believe you, Sylvia, were profiled a while back!


22 Linda A Cassidy

some amazing and very stylish ladies, some I know and some I have not just discovered. Would love to make this list one day as a 50+ fashion blogger (@cassidl)


23 Ann Krembs

Dearest Sylvia,

Thank you so much for including me in this list. I feel so honored! I love posting my style and outfits and anything related to fashion. It’s funny. This month I will turn 43, but I’ll tell ya, aside from an achy body, I do not feel like I am in my 40s! I definitely don’t dress any different just because of my age. Perhaps working in an high school library amongst kids adds to my youthful take on life. Whatever it is, I think I will be dressing however I like until forever!

I know I tweeted you a bit about the irony of this post, but I have to tell you again. Last night, as I was browsing about the web, I came across this post, but I didn’t read it. I left the tab (among a ton of others) open to read today. I was excited to have some new stylish women to follow in my Instagram feed. Imagine my delightful surprise when I saw that number 6 was me! Oh!! I am just still really happy that you considered me stylish and recommended a follow. Thank you so much Sylvia!

Another side story…I woke up at 3:46. I know way too early. After using the bathroom, I should have gone back to sleep, but I looked at my phone. Wrong move! Anyway, I was so surprised by the amount of new followers I had. I thought there might be a weird scam going on or something. Well, now I know! It’s because of you, so thank you so much! I am really trying to garner an audience, and you have helped!

Ok, enough from me. I just wanted to share my gratitude, shock, and pleasure in making this list. Here’s to all of us fashionable women no matter what our age. Like my coffee cup says, “Age (with a big captial A!) is a matter of feeling not a matter of age.” I love that saying, and I plan to live it!!

Much love,

Ann of Kremb de la Kremb


24 Amy

Haven’t followed any fashion women on instagram, it’s mostly nature photography for me so far. But I’ve just added a number of these to my following list, and I can’t wait to dig in! I already like Accidental Icon, had to check that one out first!


25 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

Sylvia, I am so honored to be included in this group of stylish ladies. Love that your list shows women of different backgrounds and style. I follow a few of these accounts and will need to add more to my list.



26 Eugenia Russell Hargrove

Sylvia, Thank you for your taking the time to feature women of a certain age, so great to see we have a presence on Instagram. I am honored to be on your list. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully others featured in NYC this summer.


27 Sylvia

I’m making my plans for New York already so stay tuned!


28 Nikki @ Styling You

Oh what a fabulous list! Thanks so much for including me on it.


29 Annette

Sylvia, I have to say “Thank you”. Really, what an incredible source of mature bloggers and I admit, some of them I never came across before! What a shame, now they are part of my daily reads and definitely in my Instagram feed.
Thank you also for including me, I feel very honoured and if anyone had told me 2 years ago I’d make it to such an amazing list, I would have laughed out loud!
Same as Ann of Kremb de la Kremb (and I am definitely following her now!) just mentioned, I was pleasantly surprised to see a drastic increase of my IG followers even before I found out why 😉

Thank you again, Sylvia!
Annette | Lady of Style


30 Debbie Stinedurf

Sylvia~ What a fabulous list….some of my faves!


31 Elsie

Dear Sylvia, I could not believe my eyes when I checked my instagram today and was wondering what happened then I found out about this feature. You totally made my day. I am still smiling. Thank you so much for your kindness. You are a gem!!!


32 Jess

Thank you Sylvia, I was surprised when I checked Instagram this morning , and then later checking your site, coming across this post. I am honoured to be amongst these other women, and a part of a group in which you consider my style and fashion taste. I have had some health issues as of late, so this was a real pick me up and put a smile on my face.
I appreciate being included, love reading other’s styles and meeting wonderful ladies such as yourself.
Jessica xx


33 Meshel

Great list! I’m a fat chick over 40 who blogs at & am on Instagram @the_muffin_queens_closet


34 Greetje Kamminga

Oh no… Does that mean I have to do Instagram as well??


35 Cathy

Great list! It’s nice to know I am not the only 40+ blogger out there. Sometimes I feel like I’m a little bit alone 🙁



36 Cla von Glam up your Lifestyle

Dear Sylvia,

thank you so much for your support. It´s a big honor to be a part of it with all these fantastic women.
Thank you xo Cla


37 Delilah

So honored to be a part of this list. I have been looking for more 40+ fashion bloggers to follow on instagram so thank you, thank you, thank you!


38 Caryn/The Mid LIfe Guru

Wow- these are some fashion-minded mid-lifers!!


39 Cathy Chester

Wow, this was so wonderful. I always want to look fresh but comfortable while attending events, but don’t want to spent money getting new outfits. You’ve given me some ideas and I thank you for that!


40 Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

Sylvia thank you so much for including me as one of your 40 – what amazing ladies I’m amongst! I’ve discovered several Instagrammers I didn’t know, and a few bloggers I knew but wasn’t already following on IG. Such a good idea for a post, and so good to show IG isn’t always just about 17 year olds taking selfies the whole time (though I am partial to/guilty of selfies myself)!

Catherine x


41 Anja van der Vorst

My Instagram idols are mainly dogs;-). Harlow and Sage is number 1, Ginny_jrt is number 2.

I like the account of woodlucker. It’s an artist couple and the woman used to be a fashion blogger. Their account, content and pictures are awesome!

As far as fashion and style on Instagram is concerned:

I follow projecttribe, for their ethnic fashion, the beautiful light and colors and the perfect pictures.

Poppylissiman is outrageous and colorful, as is Bambisplace.


42 Darlene Fadem

I follow quite a few of these stylish ladies too! I am also on instagram @whosaprettygirl featuring my thrifted fashion.


43 Gaby Mayr

Thank you very much dear Sylvia! I am honored to be a part of this list. All the ladies are amazing. And I will follow all on instagram.
Thank you again, Sylvia!


44 Paula

Thankyou so much for this list of stylish 40-ish+ ladies! I can’t wait to check our their blogs. So much style, so little time!! 🙂


45 Deborah Boland

Hi Sylvia, Thanks so much for including me on your list. It’s wonderful to see this lovely round up of 40+ women expressing their style. Our community is growing all the time and it only goes to prove that great style is ageless! Cheers, Deborah


46 Shelley Zurek

Congrats to all the beautiful ladies featured. I too am a blogger to Women over 45 and am on instagram: @stillblondeaaty Shelley Zurek, Still Blonde after all these YEARS


47 Jess

Love the list Sylvia! Definitely a few bloggers on here that I haven’t heard of before that I’ll have to check out now! Sharing this post to twitter now! ~


48 marisa @myjourneytoabundance

I would like to express my satisfaction when I see how many women over 40’s and 50’s love to share their lives and the issues that affect all of us. Being an influencer over 50 myself I feel very proud of all these powerful women.


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