I talked a lot about knowing your style and having confidence in your dressing this week.

These ladies are doing just that.

They are not afraid to make a style statement and are opting for bold, unusual looks.

These women are risk takers. They will probably know that not everyone will like their outfits. These outfits don’t play it safe.

But they are wearing them anyway because they know that they love them. They want to be different. They want to make a style statement.

And for that reason alone, I like all of these outfits and I like these women!

lacepants unusualstyle makingastatement

And this is my favorite look. I especially like the unusual trousers which she seems to be wearing with a draped top. I love the pointy red shoes making an appearance right at the bottom.


What do you think of these looks and which is your favorite? Do you appreciate a woman making a style statement, even if the actual outfit may not be your taste?


Photos by Denton Taylor

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