Even more women sporting fabulous long silver hair!

by Sylvia

women with long silver hair | 40plusstyle.com

Our series on celebrating women’s gray hairstyles continues (earlier features include long hair part 1, middle long hair and short gray hair) with some more women sporting gorgeous long silver hair. Some of our readers joined in the fun and shared their pictures as well.


Above: Jade J., friend of Denton’s and a California IT specialist.

wavy gray hair | 40plusstyle.com

long sleek gray hair | 40plusstyle.com long dark gray hair | 40plusstyle.com

Below Lisa K., 4th generation NYC garment center company owner.

long sleek silver hair | 40plusstyle.com

Below  writer at the Brooklyn Book Festival

gray hair tied up in a bun | 40plusstyle.com

Retired runway model Cory D.

ex model with silver gray hair | 40plusstyle.com

Long gray hairstyles sent in by readers

Lissa Allan

“I love my gray hair! I almost always wear a headband (from casual to more office appropriate). When I get a chance, also love hats :>)”

long gray hair with hair band | 40plusstyle.com

Dianne Illsley

“I have been white (ie non-dye) for about 7 years, during which time I have divorced my husband, graduated in Fine Art, and turned 60 in January.”

long silver white gray hair worn with and without headband | 40plusstyle.com

Denise Buchoz

“I have waist length healthy long silvery hair that I am happy to share! The Day light image with the braid shows my true silver where as the other was taken indoors at night.”

long gray hair in a braid | 40plusstyle.com

long and curly gray hair | 40plusstyle.com

Hillary Bitar

“I have never dyed my hair!”

long silver wavy hair | 40plusstyle.com


“My hair has been all different lengths over the years. I believe we are changing perception of grey equals old. It Does Not!!!”

long and sleek gray hair | 40plusstyle.com

Beate (website)

“I have been gray since since my mid 30´s, it´s in the family. it started during a long hot summer (2003) spent with mountaineer activities – at the beginning of that autumn the red dye was bleached from the sun and very grown out. so i did cut the ends and went with gray as a test. I liked it very much and since then I have never come near a hair dye bottle again. I got even more white in recent years and would never cut my hair short because I find long hair easy to handle. The poor hairdressers have to live without me ;-)”

celebrating long silver hair | 40plusstyle.com

Melanie Wheeler

“So happy to see you feature grey long hair! I’ve never had as much fun, nor have received as many compliments (and mostly from young adults) as I do now with my Grey hair. It’s in the best shape, healthier, and SO soft!! I’m 58, and an actor specializing in Senior market commercials/advertising. I haven’t done a thing, color wize, to my hair in decades. If I’d known it was going to look like this, I’d let it go years earlier! It feels good to know that I’ve inspired others to at least try going Ala-naturale! Do not fear the Grey!”

long silver hair | 40plusstyles.com

Have any of these ladies or the articles on gray hair before this already inspired you to go gray yourself?


Top 7 images by Denton Taylor. Other images sent in by readers.

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Not every woman can wear long hair and not every woman looks good with grey hair but you have certainly shown some fabulous ladies sporting this style!
At 51 I only have some grey hair so far and I personally cannot think of going grey yet.

Annette | Lady of Style

Bastoni di fashion

I like natural hair color….
I invite you to blog 50latki with natural hair color


So nice to see that as the series has progressed more and more readers are sending in their own fabulous photos! Sallee, I have a shot of you but it wasn’t up to my standards so I’m glad you sent in your own!


Not everyone over 40 (or 50 in my case) has grey hair naturally. Mine is showing no sign of going grey, and my mother, born in 1938, still has only two streaks of grey in her never-dyed hair. But irrespective of whether or not one has lucky genes and high enough magnesium levels etc to avoid going grey, there is nothing wrong with choosing to dye your hair, just as there is nothing wrong with choosing other aspects of your appearance. Not that there is anything wrong with choosing to go grey either. I just don’t see any particular virtue in natural grey vs any other colour, ‘natural’ or ‘otherwise’.



Sarah, thanks for commenting. Certainly one virtue of ‘going gray’, if nothing else, is the money saved, which can be considerable! In a perfect world, you are right, there’s certainly nothing wrong with seeing hair color as a simple personal choice, akin to choosing a red sweater vs. a blue sweater while getting dressed in the morning. However the world we live in is far from perfect. I became interested in the issue after seeing the struggles my wife went through when she decided to stop dying her hair. In fact it took her three tries before she managed to get comfortable enough to remain gray. It was quite difficult, for example, for her to walk into a place with her year older brother, and being taken for his mother (she’s a marathon runner btw in excellent condition). And these types of comments persist on an almost daily basis.

This is why there are so many internet support groups dedicated to this issue. It’s not easy in a society that so values youth, to adopt something that has traditionally been seen as a sign of aging.

So I hope through my work, Sylvia’s work, and the hundreds of others doing similar things, one day choosing one’s hair color WILL be as simple as choosing one’s sweater color.


These are lovely silver-haired women – thanks, Sylvia.


These ladies wear their confidence and that’s what makes them so beautiful! Of course the hair is just an added accessory that adds to their beauty.

Greetje Kamminga

Lovely to see these ladies and it makes me a little less apprehensive of going grey in the future. However, after reading Denton’s comment his wife stuggle going grey, I will wait a bit more until society does not perceive me as my own mother. I know.. I should set an example, but I am not much of a crusader.

Highland Fashionista

Always lovely to see other people who choose to go natural, as I have. What I like best about it, is that it is unique to you…every single person is different!

Heather in Oregon

I am in my mid 30’s and started getting my first gray hair in my mid 20’s. My hair is only about 20-25% gray at this point but I love it. As soon as I started going gray I stopped coloring my hair because I didn’t want to feel like I had to keep maintaining it. My mom is 60 and has been coloring her hair for 30yrs and is very self-conscious about her roots. I didn’t want that for myself. The texture of the gray is a bit different from my other hair which means in certain humidity levels and lights it’s much more noticeable. I very much enjoy seeing women who have become comfortable with their gray/white hair as I know full well that’s where I’m headed.


I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking at hairstyles & colors: greys & pastels, & ombre & Balayage coloring styles. I have had non-traditional hair color (dark cranberry & an aubergine ) in late 90s. I have been wearing a short punkish pixie with the longer side purple since 2007. Had hundreds & hundreds of “I love your hair” comments from all ages. Many older women & younger said, “I wish I could wear my hair like that.” A key factor in my color & cut was an excellent stylist!!
I’ve always looked younger than my age, & people say I still do.
Now I’m 67. I’ve not had my hair done in 9 mo.s, so it’s at a short bob length, mostly grey plus salt & pepper, with some natural curl. I’m looking at having a wavy tendril curl perm & doing ombre pewter grey, light grey & adding pastel lavender highlights.
It’s going to be a process but I’ve got my photos together & I’m so excited about the change. End goal is long hair so I can braid it and style it in different ways. Possibilities are endless & life’s too short for an artist like me to have boring hair.


Silver hair is beautiful!

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