Celebrating women with fabulous short gray hairstyles

by Sylvia

Fabulous short grey hairstyles | 40plusstyle.com

After my features of long grey hairstyles and middle long grey hairstyles, now it is is the turn of the short grey hairstyles.

I’m sure you will agree with me that these pictures prove that short grey hairstyles look chic, modern and fabulous! Enjoy.

short gray hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com short grey hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com  very short gray hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com short gray bouncy hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com beautiful short silver gray hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com Celebrating short gray hairstyles | 40plusstyle.com sleek silver gray short hair | 40plusstyle.com short silver hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com

Below Sandi Ward, California food/fashion blogger http://thefoodstalker.com/

Sandi Ward sporting a short silver gray hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com short white hair | 40plusstyle.com

Short gray hairstyles sent in by readers


“Here’s my grey. Sometimes it is very short, sometimes it is just short! I started getting very grey in my early 40’s now I’m 54 and haven’t dyed it for years.”

Barbara sporting a short gray hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com

Jaime (website)

“I love seeing other grey haired women and am sending you a picture of my short grey hair”



“Thank you for allowing us to be visible again :)”

Benilda | 40plusstyle.com

Have a look at how glamorous Benilda looks in this glamour picture!

Benilda looking glamorous with silver hair | 40plusstyle.com

Thanks to the 3 ladies who sent in these hairstyles. I still have plenty more gray hairstyles to show you so stay tuned for more fabulous gray coming up in the coming weeks!

If you decide to gray (or if you already are) will you cut your hair short or keep it longer?


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Fabulous short grey hairstyles | 40plusstyle.com

All photos except the last 4 by Denton Taylor

1 Lorraine

Not for me. Ever.

2 Deborah

I adore grey hair. It is so elegant on all the ladies pictured above. To me it signifies a real confidence in oneself. I generally find it looks incredibly soft and feminine. As a blonde perhaps it’s easier to imagine my own hair going this way…and I’m kind of looking forward to it (thinking of all the money I would save on hair colour 😉 ). I have gone quite short recently and could imagine staying that way when grey, but might be tempted to go with a short edgy bob. And I have to single out my gorgeous friend Jamie above, she has the best salt and pepper curly hair I have seen.

3 joni

So nice to visit your blog again. I haven’t been blogging for so long until recently. Love this post as I obsessively collect photos on pinterest of silver haired ladies. I’ll enjoy it when the time is right.

4 Greetje Kamminga

Lovely women. You know who also looks very good with short grey hair? Marianne.
She has had that style for a while a couple of years back and I loved it.

5 Lisa

Gray hair, yes. I am committed. I will not color.
Short hair, no. I’ve never felt short styles are right for me. But I’m open to changing my mind on this one.

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