Women with fabulous middle long gray hairstyles!

by Sylvia

women with middle long grey hairstyles | 40plusstyle.com

On behalf of Denton and myself thank you for the lovely response to our first batch of pictures of women who have embraced their long fabulous grey hair! In addition to wonderful comments, I received lots of beautiful pictures from you showcasing your gorgeous hair.

Most of you submitted pictures of long grey hair and I will feature them in upcoming articles but today I like to highlight women with middle long grey hair. Enjoy!

beautiful grey hair | 40plusstyle.com

Denton’s wife Teresa modelling a D&G jacket from their NYC sample sale.

middle long silver grey hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com

middle long wavy grey hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com

middle long silver hair | 40plusstyle.com

Below Choreographer/dancer with the Mark Dendy Company

beautiful white hair | 40plusstyle.com  middle long silver hairstyle | 40plusstyle.com beautiful grey hair | 40plusstyle.com wavy grey hair | 40plusstyle.com

Pictures sent in by you

Below pictures are from Denise O’Neill (Grey is ok) who looks beautiful in her silver grey middle long hairstyle. It’s interesting to note that she is not actually grey all over, but she embraces the color difference!

middle long beautiful silver hair | 40plusstyle.com

transitioning into grey hair | 40plusstyle.com

Kate (the confident stitch) also looks fabulous in her straight middle long hair which is beautifully complemented by her fuchsia top.

middle long grey hair | 40plusstyle.com

I still have plenty more beautiful images of women who have embraced their grey hair and I will feature additional articles on long, middle long and short hair. If you like to be included you are welcome to send in any good quality images to sylvia [at] 40plusstyle.com and I will feature you in one of the upcoming articles!

What do you think about these middle long grey hairstyles?


All photos (except the last 3 which were sent in by readers) by Denton Taylor

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Kate McIvor

Thanks for including me, Sylvia!

Denise O'Neill

Thank you Sylvia for including me in this fabulous collection of greys! x


Your picture is beautiful and your gray has come in the same way mine is emerging — mostly around my face. It’s still mostly brown, but I’m embracing the gray as highlights rather than fighting it.


I love Kate’s photo and it illustrates a couple of things that I notice around town… silver/gray hair allows one to play with silver jewelry and bright colors. And even more interesting eyeglass frames.


Yes, I also believe that grey looks really good with brighter colors.




Lovely! I really enjoy seeing wavy and curly white hair, as that’s my future : >


I think wavy curly hair looks really beautiful!

Greetje Kamminga

Lovely women, lovely hair.

Marla Joy Simon Bronstein

I’m afraid to go gray. How do I do this?

Leave three inches of grow-out? Shave my head and let it just grow in?

I’ve been coloring my hair for 30 years…suggestions???


There are many ‘going gray’ support groups on Facebook. You should join one or two and ask. I’ve seen this question before and of course there are probably as many answers as there are women in any given support group. lol. Here’s one, for example.

Melanie Wheeler

A good hairdresser helped me with the process ( I had been dying my hair RED!). I was going grey unevenly, so she matched my grey and added those highlights all over. Then went in with low lights matching my natural color. NO ROOTS as it grew out naturally! You may have to let some roots grow out so that your hairdresser can see what she has to work with. Honestly I’ve never had so much fun with fashion, glasses, and jewelry until I came into (and embraced) my Emmy Lou like locks! And who knew it would be so soft?!

Michele Delp

I love your celebration of gray hair!


Such a wonderful collection of photos! Very inspiring to see all these beautiful grey hair ladies, Sylvia! Beate has gorgeous long grey hair, I’ll tell her about your post.


Thanks Natalia. She sent me a beautiful image!

The Style Crone

I love these photos Sylvia. Inspiring and makes me want to take the leap! I think I’m totally white under the red.


Big step Judith and I wouldn’t know what to do in your case as you still look so beautiful with your red hair!


Is there certain types of shampoo conditioner for gray hair since it does seem to be so much more wiring

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