Many women over 40 are contemplating whether or not to embrace their gray hair. It can be quite a big decision as you may have gotten used to your new adapted color.

If you are thinking about making the transition, you may enjoy seeing Elaine’s journey where she documents how she transitioned to gray hair.

Below I like to celebrate women mid long gray hair.

Many of the photos were contributed by 40+Style photographer Denton Taylor but also by women who sent in their gray hairstyle.

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Women with mid long hairstyles

Woman with mid long gray haistyle |
beautiful grey hair |

Denton’s wife Teresa modelling a D&G jacket from their NYC sample sale.

middle long silver grey hairstyle |
middle long wavy grey hairstyle |
middle long silver hair |

Below Choreographer/dancer with the Mark Dendy Company

beautiful white hair |
middle long silver hairstyle |
beautiful grey hair |
wavy grey hair |
Looking beautiful with gray hair |
funky gray hairstyle |
middle long silver hair |
Middle-long curly gray hair |
middle-long silver hair |
middle-long silver curly hair |

Below Danica, Manhattan real estate broker.

beautiful silver hair |

Below close friend of Denton’s Teri C, teacher, tattoo lover, and fitness buff.

gray curls |
shoulder length silver hair |

This is Diana and she runs

Diana sporting her silver hair |

Pictures sent in by you

Below pictures are from Denise O’Neill (Grey is ok) who looks beautiful in her silver grey middle long hairstyle. It’s interesting to note that she is not actually grey all over, but she embraces the color difference!

middle long beautiful silver hair |
transitioning into grey hair |

Kate (the confident stitch) also looks fabulous in her straight middle long hair which is beautifully complemented by her fuchsia top.

middle long grey hair |

Last but not least is a photo of Sarah.


Attached is a recent photograph taken of me by a photographer friend who is shooting a project called “50 Shades of Grey” documenting men and women with different shades of grey, from a few strands just starting to show up to full heads of snow white hair. I just turned 56- years old. People tell me I look younger since I stopped coloring it, and I get compliments on my hair all the time — something that never happened while I was still coloring it.”

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What do you think about these mid long grey hairstyles?

All photos (except the last 4 which were sent in by readers) by Denton Taylor


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