Combining gold with red and white

by Sylvia

Combining gold with red and white

I showed you my cream outfit with golden accessories not so long ago.

Another color combination I really like with gold is red and white and I’m loving the outfit I came up with. This Donna Karan skirt is another favorite of mine as it’s so comfortable and a perfect fit. It looks lovely with this new layered blouse that I found at In Good Company. 

red Donna Karan skirt with white In Good Company blouse |

Simple red, white and gold outfit |

The golden JS Noor earrings shine in this outfit as well.

red, white and gold with golden earrings by J S Noor |

The necklace is by local interior design store Bloesem but I am not doing it justice in these photos as I’m wearing it upside down …. I will have to show it in its full glory some time soon!

Blouse: In Good Company
Skirt: Donna Karan
Earrings: J S Noor
Shoes: ToBe Footwear
Clutch: Unika Designers

Let me know what you think of this outfit!


1 Ann

Yes it’s a winning combination! In fact I’m sporting almost the same outfit this summer although my top has a graphic pattern on the front panel. Love the gold as a accent to red and white, this looks fresh and clean. Lovely and very stylish choices Sylvia. The necklace is the perfect accent to the modern cut of these pieces.

blue hue wonderland

2 Sylvia

Thanks Ann. Pity I can’t see your outfit…

3 Rebecca

I love these colors on you and the outfit looks modern, clean and a bit edgy. I have commented before on the great tops you find in Singapore. Unfortunately, shipping them to the States is very costly so I hope eventually they will be sold here.

4 Sylvia

Just keep on looking Rebecca. There are some great tops in the US too…

5 Greetje Kamminga

Lovely outfit. Great modern blouse, perfect skirt. Those earrings look nice on you. I will check out Bloesem’s site to see more of her jewellery. I take it she is Dutch with a name like that?

6 Sylvia

Yes it’s dutch and it’s actually an interior decorating shop with a bit of jewelry thrown in.

7 Annette

Fantastic colour combination, Sylvia. Your outfit looks fresh and summary yet I love the elegant touch. It suits you so well!
You are right about a proper fit of skirts. Too many are ok around my hips but too wide for my waist – or the other way round! Or they always ride up…

Annette | Lady of Style

8 Lorraine

This happens to me too! But you look very slim in your recent posts Annette…

9 Lorraine

My neighbour (who was a nurse) says ‘blood and bandages’ when she sees red and white! I think it looks very nice and modern.

10 Anja van der Vorst

Another fantastic look, Sylvia. Fresh, feminine and contemporary!

The earrings are pretty and look great on you.

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