To say that I’m absolutely blown away by your submissions for the mini radiant orchid challenge is an understatement! I’m very impressed by your creativity of creating and finding beautiful ways to wear Radiant Orchid.

So without further ado, here is the ultimate inspiration guide on how to wear Radiant Orchid.

As reference, here are some of the initial color combinations I presented you with.

color combinations with radiant orchid |

At the top and below are two of my own creations, using the color palettes Mysterious Vibe and World Orchid.

how to wear radiant orchid with the wild orchid palette |

Lisa  has create several glorious collages and color combinations.

I love this very fresh combination of light mint, moss green and see blues.

How to wear radiant orchid - honduran Orchid |

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Here she uses radiant orchid with royal blue and neutrals. Lisa writes “I really wanted this to be for spring and wanted a short sleeved sweater, but couldn’t find one”.

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soft radiant orchid palette - royal orchid capsule wardrobe |

This one was inspired by the ’80s. “An updated color scheme from the ‘80s pink and green preppy look”.

flowery and sweet orchid combinations - orchidsandhollyhock |

A darker palette more suitable for autumn or spring.

analogues orchid - a great autumn palette to wear radiant orchid |

This one is for those who want to embrace pastels this season.

pastels and orchid - a soft color combination |

Finally her last collage is a very vibrant color combination, ready for the tropics!

how to wear radiant orchid in the tropics! |

Melissa created a fabulous radiant orchid outfit for work. I would honestly wear this for other occasions as well. So chic!

how to wear radiant orchid for work |

Suzanne (website | Polyvore) still finds this a difficult color to play with, so she has taken baby steps incorporating this color with her funky radiant orchid shoes!

taking baby steps with radiant orchid shoes |

Trina (website | Polyvore) loves to combine it with darker colors like black as well as in a colorful dress!

ways to wear radiant orchid |

Sue Walker (Website) tells us she is a Natural Gamine, which she likes to call Casual Chic. This is her take on the Colour for 2014.

radiant orchid collage by Sue Walker |

Kay takes a more casual approach to wearing Radiant Orchid.

wearing radiant orchid in a casual way | color of the year 2014 radiant orchid

Sabine (website) tells us that radiant orchid matches her skin complexion perfectly. As she blogs about elegance & ease she wanted to create a collage that incorporates both those elements.

wearing radiant orchid with elegance and ease |

Lorraine created 8 wonderful combinations with Radiant Orchid.

The first one is Minty Rose Orchid; a very refreshing combination that is great for summer!

Wearing radiant orchid with mint green |

As is this one. Very fresh and sunny for summer!

how i would wear radiant orchid |

Fun in the Sun Orchid! Another great one for the beach.

how you can wear radiant orchid |

Very Fruity Orchid can work for both spring and summer and could be worn to the office.

ways to wear radian torchid |

This is great party look: Coral Pop Orchid.

wearing radiant orchid with bright orange |

Nautical Orchid is great for a casual day.

Radiant orchid with black and white stripes |

I think Lorraine created this one with me in mind. You totally get my style Lorraine. I would wear each piece of this collage!


This is what Lorraine would wear herself.  She says that the cardigan is a bit too dark in this picture though.


All these color combinations and ensembles should give you plenty of ideas to wear this vibrant color coming spring and summer.

If you are inspired to wear radiant orchid, here are some of the items from the collages or inspired by them that you can buy online right now.

Are you looking forward to wearing radiant orchid? Which is your favorite color combination / collage from all of the above?


Feature image by @misssuzieloves

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