How to wear florals and pastels over 40 – 5 outfit ideas

by Sylvia

How to wear florals and pastels over 40 - 5 outfit ideas |

With rose quartz and serenity being the colors of the year and floral and feminine styles on trend, pastels are going to be big this year.

I have been enjoying wearing pastels lately and today I like to show you how to wear florals and pastels over 40 in a chic way.

Many of the pieces below are from the new Stella Carakasi collection, a brand I frequently wear as I love their well-designed clothes that often feature one of my favorite style components: asymmetry. They always offer me a choice of their new collections for me to choose from and I’m showing you the styles I like and that work for me.

How to wear florals and pastels over 40 - capri leggings and floral top |

A favorite of their new collection is the printed Attitude is Everything tunic. I love the high-low design and the subtle prints. I’m not usually a floral girl but this top feels modern and arty enough to me for my style and it combines wonderful with the other pastels colors in the collection.

How to wear florals and pastels over 40 - floral top |

I love the combination with the Second Nature Capri leggings  and the long camisole in serene for a summer layered look. This top is long enough to cover my bum (a requirement for me when I wear leggings) and the color combines beautifully with pastel colors of the top and capris.

I highly recommend these capri leggings by the way as I find them so versatile on holidays and on casual days. They are thick enough to even out your skin, yet stretchy and comfortable to wear. The buttons on the knees make them a lot more fun than regular leggings. I have these in white too and they get a lot of wear.

How to wear florals and pastels over 40 - floral top over wide pants |

I also enjoyed this top over the Studio Flood pants which will be perfect for cool summer evenings. Here I used the Basic cCamisole in moonstone underneath. The fabric is soft and the model unique. You may like to size up as I found these to be tighter in the waist than I like in my regular size.

Wearing pastels and florals with soft gray |

The top also looks good on a skirt. I could no longer find this particular skirt on the site but I really like the New Wave skirt.A white pastel skirt with floral top |

Then there is the allure dress. I had fun wearing it but it will probably not become a personal favorite as it felt a bit too romantic and girly for my style. This dress will be perfect for an evening stroll on the beach!

A floral dress in pastel colors |

Finally, I invite you to check out Stella’s knitted tops which are always excellent. They serve as fabulous basics but still look unique because of their unique design. This top is asymmetric and has a lovely drape on one side. Great to wear with pants or dresses.

Asymmetric skirt with pink top |

A solid top serves as the perfect background for a statement necklace such as this wooden one that I acquired on my trip to Vancouver last year.

A statment necklace with a pink top |

I love clothes with movement which give the perfect excuse to do a litte twirl!

Doing a swirl in pastel colors |

Have a look at Stella’s complete Spring collection which could serve as your complete pastels capsule this spring and summer. Of course these pastels will be easy to combine with your other clothes too and you may like to get more inspiration from last week’s article on how to wear pink.

How do you feel about pastels and florals? Will you incorporate them into your wardrobe this season?


1 Louise

OMG Sylvia, you look AMAAAZING in that first outfit. I love how you’ve put it together. (Naturally, you, leggings and a short tunic are a match made in heaven. All your leggings looks have that something special.)
I also love the way that the chiffon fabric of that tunic pics 1-6 drapes over your shoulders and arms – so subtle. Thanks for featuring this very interesting collection.

2 Sylvia

Thank you Louise. I’m not your typical leggings wearer but for some looks it just works!

3 Rena

The outfits look fabulous on you and I’m blown away by the photos. The locale is so complimentary to the mood of the clothing and you look like you were have a lot of fun.

4 Sylvia

Yes, I agree that the scenery fit the the pastels quite well, although I had to tone down the bright color green of the leaves. Glad you liked the photos; photographed by yours truly. Not perfect but it’s not always easy with a remote control!

5 Elaine

You are totally rocking the trends for spring with these looks, including the colors, and the capsule looks so comfortable to wear. The Rose Quartz and Serenity pastels look OK on me so I may purchase a top, bag or scarf to wear this season. Florals are tricky for me and like you, I’m not a big fan, so I will probably stick to color block styling.

6 Sylvia

I like the warmer pink of rose quartz and find the color very versatile. But best to go easy on them if they’re not your style. An accent here and there is enough to be current.

7 beate

this clothes are made with you in mind! you look fab in them!
and i love your pointy shoes 🙂
i´m a flower girl – a have a lot of flower prints in my closet – slightly abstract and not to sweet colored (remember this typical 80s rose print in saccharine colors? *uuhh*)
50s flower prints often have a nice subtle coloring even in pastels – feminine but not girly….

8 Sylvia

Thank you Beate. You’re in luck if you’re a flower girl. There is going to be plenty of that in shops!

9 Sheela Goh

I’m completely on board with the concept of both pastels and florals although, I realise as I type this, I’ve never worn a pastel floral print piece before. Personally, I think I’d attempt it as a top or blazer or perhaps shoes, paired with either leather or denim. Florals in small doses are pretty, anything more is quite another thing 🙂

Incidentally, Sylvia, it’s thanks to you that I got to know of the Stella brand and am now happily waiting for my Tiburon tunic to arrive xoxo

10 Sylvia

How fun Sheela! I have it as well. It’s featured in this style video!

11 Sheela Goh

You wear their pieces so well, Sylvia!! I love how a Stella piece is classic yet there’s always something completely unexpected about it.

12 Yarra

Thank you, Sheela for being a Stella fan! It is so much fun to see how Sylvia styles Stella’s clothes. These photos really bring out the joy of wearing clothes you love.

13 Greetje

I like these pastels on you, but they are not for me. Perhaps at the bottom or in details or a bag or shoes (ha, I have slingback pumps in pink..). As I need bright colours near my face. I like the floral top, the dress, the fitted tops and the legging. I start doubting with the Studio flood pants but on second thoughts I like it. The skirt is not for me. And wide on wide neither. Och well… you don’t like my white boots haha. And it is only one item ou of all these other lovely items. You lucky girl. Stella and you are a good match.

14 Yarra

Hi Greetje, thank you for your lovely comment. Happy to see that there are so many styles that you like in Sylvia’s capsule.

15 ann

Hi I think that if those capri leggings didn’t have to be shipped from the US I would have bought a pair online right away (I’m in Europe). They’re really great.

16 Sylvia

Yes, that’s a pity. I can vouch for them. The right thickness and really comfortable!

17 Judi

Love love love these styles.

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