While looking around my closets to organise them better and find space for shoes, I noticed a few piles of t-shirts. They are largely ignored, and I’m seriously thinking about getting rid of them altoghether. They never even get looked at anymore. Yet, I remember a time, just a few years ago, that I used to wear these simple t-shirts all the time. Now I never wear them anymore. What has changed?

I think that when I just got here, I did not really have that many real summer clothes. Popping on a skirt and a t-shirt was easy, so that would be my go-to outfit for many days back then. It was a lazy way of dressing. Most of these t-shirts are actually quite decent. They have a nice print or colour, but in the end they just look like t-shirts. Nowadays when I go out, I want to wear something a little bit more special. I’m simply making a little bit of more of an effort with my dressing. I’m still wearing comfortable t-shirts, as you can see below, but they all have something a little bit more special than the plain t-shirt. If you get a few of these tops, the plain t-shirt quickly becomes obsolete in summer.

special tops

Do you need these plain t-shirts?

I can’t even remember the last time I bought a plain t-shirt. What I’m buying now are tops. What’s the difference, you may ask. Well, in my dictionnary tops are not just plain t-shirts. They have something special. A different design, a different fabric or a drape. They generally tend to be a bit more dressy. Many of these tops are still made of jersey, I just don’t see them as t-shirts.

Now, of course there is nothing wrong with just wearing a plain t-shirt, but at the same time, it’s hard to look fabulous wearing one. Why not make a little bit more of an effort and wear / buy a top instead? You still wear it like a t-shirt, but the effect is so much better. These t-shirts below are much nicer than normal Ts and great for hiding bellies too!

Do you need them for layering?

You may say that you need the plain t-shirt to layer over in fall and winter, which is true, so you certainly want to have a few good ones in your closet for that purpose. But remember that you can layer over more special tops too. Many of my silk tops for example, could easily be used as basics under your jacket. It may be cheaper to buy a good t-shirt or top that can both look good on its own and can be layered over.

Am I being too tough on the good old t-shirt?

Perhaps. But believe me, I see too many examples on the streets of women over 40 (and of any age really) wearing these plain, boring t-shirts as an outer layer not looking fabulous at all. Many don’t fit well, and often you can clearly see bra straps or fat rolls through them, which is just not flattering.

If you buy plain t-shirts then:

  • make sure the fabric is not too thin.
  • the fabric does not cling too much to your skin.
  • choose the right fit your body type. That can make all the difference!
  • observe the t-shirt from all angles in the mirror before you buy it and make sure it looks good from the back too.
  • realise that very few women over 40 will look good in t-shirt with a simple round neck. V-neck is often better.
  • be strict! It’s perfectly fine if you buy plain t-shirts for layering purposes, but don’t wear them on their own unless they look great.
  • make sure you wear a fitting bra underneath.

As for me, I think it’s time that I gave most of the t-shirts from my pile away and free up some cupboard space.

What do you think? Is the plain t-shirt still important for you or do you prefer to own dressier ones?

Feature image by Emma

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