Holiday gift guide: the best gift ideas for women over 40

by Sylvia

Gift ideas for women over 40 |

With the holidays fast approaching, your husbands, kids and friends may need some ideas on what to give you. Perhaps you are looking for gifts for your girlfriends or buy something special for yourself.

Every year I create a list of what I believe are some of the best gift ideas for women over 40. This list includes suggestions you’ve left for me in the comments from previous years.

Just pass this link on to your loved ones as a subtle hint if you agree with my recommendations! I am sure that all your loved ones would love to get some great tips and actually get you presents that you love!

This gift guide is all about fashion and items of style. I believe that every woman loves to receive gifts that make her feel more beautiful in many ways.

Here are my suggestions for gifts for women over 40:


If you’re like me you like your bags big! A tote is both stylish and practical in every season to carry all the stuff that you need. I often carry it when I want to take my big and heavy DSLR camera places!

Tote bags |

Recommended shop: Forzieri

Contemporary jewelry

I strongly believe in the power of modern, contemporary jewelry to really lift up an outfit and make the wearer look modern, fresh and youthful. And my love for bold, contemporary jewelry is on trend right now. Great jewelry is featured in all the latest runways.

Contemporary jewelry |

Recommended shops: Boticca and Jewelry to your Doorstep


Is the woman you want to surprise too fond of her boring black coat? Give her a great scarf to brighten up her face and make her whole outdoor look more fabulous. These choices will get you started.

scarves |

Recommended shop: Nordstrom


It’s true! Women love shoes.We want them in all kinds of colours, heights and styles. Booties especially are very popular this season. Would you like to see your woman in a particular kind of shoe? This is your chance to really surprise her. You know her size, so just order some fabulous shoes online.

stylish shoes |


Recommended shop: Zappos

Clutch Bags

With all the parties coming up, women need a clutch to go with every outfit!

clutch bags |

Recommended shop: Forzieri

A fabulous dress

Do you like to see your woman in a colourful dress? This is a chance to choose one for her! Many online shops, especially Nordstroms, have generous return policies, so no risk is involved.

Fabulous dresses |

Recommended shop: Nordstrom


Belts are one of my favorite accessories. They’re great to accentuate a waist or to add more texture to your outfit with a print, like a black and white pattern or animal print.

belts for women |

Recommended shop: Nordstrom

iPad cases

If you love your iPad as much as I do, you need a good case. Here are some of my favorites to protect and beautify an iPad.

ipad cases |


If you are celebrating christmas in the summer then sunglasses are a fabulous gift. Having up-to-date modern sunglasses lifts your style up a notch or 2 or 3.

shades and sunglasses |

Glasses case

Most of us wear glasses of some sort and we need to take them anywhere. This is one accessory that will get a lot of use. From funky to colorful to humorous to super stylish, there is an eyeglasses case for everyone.

stylish glasses case |

Iphone cases

Let your iphone stand out with these fabulous iphone cases!

iphone cases |


A hat is the perfect accessory for a cold winter day.

hats |


Cape or poncho

Super trendy right now and a great gift as many women may not have one of these yet.

Chic ponchos |

Recommended shops: and Yoox 

Style & coffee table books

Inspirational biographies or celebrations of style are eye candy to many a stylish woman and can inspire her even more. I have already created a comprehensive list of style books to choose from.

A colourful wallet

A good, colorful wallet will be on my list every year. Can you believe I STILL have not had to replace my wallet (for more info you can read my MyWalit review). An easy and quick way to add more colour to your life!

Colorful wallets |

Silk PJs

What feels better that silk pyjamas?

silk pyjamas for women |

A gadget

If you’re like me you love your gadgets. I don’t go anywhere without bringing my Ipad mini. Perfect for those iPhone apps that just look too small on the phone like Instagram. I also use the Ipad mini as my kindle reader and love reading new books on it. I also use it to read all my favorite blogs using the feedly app (you are already subscribed to 40+Style right?). The lightest version of the Kindle is a great gadget for the avid reader who can’t live without books.

Date night of her choice

Another great idea from my readers is to give her a date night of her choice. Experiences and time spent together are usually the best gifts to give and receive. You can actually be very creative as to how you present this gift!

Donate for her favorite cause

Why not donate your gift for a good cause? Buy an animal for World Vision, sponsor a child, donate to the Red Cross or provide some micro loans through Kiva. It would greatly help others and isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

I hope I have given you some good ideas. For more of my favorite products you can always check the shop section of this site as well.

Like always, I would be happy to hear your feedback and get your ideas as well! What would you like to receive as a gift this year?


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Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Lovely choices, Sylvia! A scarf is always a welcome gift, and I often give jewelry to my sisters. Some very pretty pieces here!


Thanks Patti. Great you like some of my choices.


Very good selection. It confirmed me that I don’t need anything anymore. We are not into presents for Christmas in our family, so I am done. Not very exciting, but relaxing.


Good to hear it Greetje!


A great choice of items Sylvia. I am just going to add something: a lovely holiday! For the last 20 years I have been away at Christmas or just before and accumulated some fantastic memories. If we are away for the actual day we either buy something wherever we are or exchange something small (ie earrings).


Yes you are absolutely right Lorraine. That is the present that my husband always wants. He would rather have experiences than any material things… Like you I’m almost always away at Christmas.


I also prefer experiences to things. Tickets to a play, have me over to dinner, etc. and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I think once you reach a point where you are old enough to buy your own things, that physical stuff shouldn’t be given. My husband I stopped giving each other stuff years ago, and don’t by for adults in the extended family either. We only give to our teenaged kids and to nieces and nephews.


All great idea except pajamas. No PJs in my house. lol. The adventurous can substitute lingerie.


You have updated the items haven’t you? As I have been reading through the whole post again. Loving everything. Especially those red heels although I want them in patent leather. I am slowly (after three years… adopting your wisdom as contemporary jewellery and modern shoes/boots to keep up to date. You are so right in that.

Petite Silver Vixen

Do love to receive jewellery as long as it fits my style and with guidance my husband has given me some beautiful jewellery for birthdays and Christmas. I do also love to receive a spa voucher. I love receiving massages or a cranial sacral therapy session so although it’s not necessarily an exciting gift to unwrap, I appreciate its value enormously.

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