How to dress over 40

How to transform your outfits with statement jewelry |

It’s no secret that I love good statement jewelry. I feel it can add that special touch to your outfits or provide that often much needed extra color to your face. As I love to wear simple minimalistic outfits, it’s often the jewelry that gives it something special.

Today I will feature some of my favorite basic outfits and will highlight how jewelry can turn these outfits from regular to spectacular, featuring pieces from Jewelry to Your Doorstep. [click to continue…]


How to wear gray |

The color gray is one of the 2014 fall trends. The color provides a softer alternative to black and is actually easier to wear for many women over 40. It is an incredibly versatile color that you can wear in many different ways.

Here are some idea on how to wear gray this season! [click to continue…]


How to look great after 40 |

A while ago I told you about a video I  created with FlipTV Asia.

You may have already seen it as I shared it with you through my social media channels and newsletter. However, if you haven’t yet you can still watch it here!

I thought I’d summarize a few important tips that I share on the video. [click to continue…]


15 Fashion and beauty must-haves for every woman in business |

Today’s article is written by guest writer Marian Rothschild, AICI FLC. Enjoy!

You see some women and you just know they’ve got it.

They have it all: drive, passion, intelligence, leadership qualities, and a polished, put-together look. [click to continue…]