When I thought about creating a website about style, I wanted it to be a website that focuses on the older woman. There is already so much fashion and style information for the younger women and older women tend to be forgotten.

You don’t see many pictures of over 40 models, nor are there many clothes by major designers created for over 40 women.

Yet we are an ever growing group, with increasing energy levels and an equally increasing desire to look good.

40+ Style will celebrate style from women over 40! We will challenge and examine some of the over 40 dressing rules, look how to dress for your specific body type, source the best clothes for women over 40 from the designers’ collections, profile stylish women over 40 and offer style courses that elevate your style.

Although talking about beauty, style and fashion can be be a bit superficial, I also believe that looking good can do wonders to your self esteem. If you feel good about the way you look, you feel better about yourself.

I’m hoping that 40+Style will become your ultimate beauty, fashion and style resource that will inspire you to look good and dress well, so you can feel your absolute best.

Why specifically 40+?

40 tends to be the age when we are told to ‘cover up’ more. Many of us tend to gain some weight or our bodies may not be as streamlined as before. 40 is usually the age where we get advised not to wear short skirts, not to wear long hair, not to wear dresses without sleeves etc.

So 40 is the age where you need to start thinking about these issues. 40+Style will examine (and challenge!) all of the questions you may have on how to dress after 40 and what is appropriate or not. We will, however, not enforce strict rules. I firmly believe that rules are meant to be broken and you need to look what’s right for each individual. If your strongest asset are your legs then why not show them?

How can you be a part of 40+Style?

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