So here I am writing about fashion.

Is it just me or is anybody else feeling guilty about spending (too) much money on fashion? For a while I have struggled whether fussing about clothes was ‘worth it’ or whether I can justify spending money on beauty and fashion every single month. There are so many other things you can do with that money right? Things that may serve the world as a whole, better.

Then there are all the minimalist blogs that I’m reading. Teaching me to be happy with less, enjoy life, connect with friends, and don’t care about the material stuff. I totally agree.

Then there is my husband who is the exact opposite of me. He doesn’t care what he is wearing at all. In fact, he hates shopping and only goes shopping when there is absolutely nothing in his closet anymore that is not either broken or discoloured. Wouldn’t you rather be like me, he argues, not having to worry about clothes and fashion at all?

Yes, that would probably be very nice and carefree!

And yet…

Whenever I try to go without the new, the fashionable or don’t colour my hair or look after my skin, and just try to concentrate on the ‘more important things in life”, I get restless. I’m not happy. Although I agree that there are better things to do with your time than fussing about money and agree with both the minimilists and my husband, it is just not me.

And then I come across websites like advanced style, where the ladies show me how full of life they are in their beautiful clothes. How much joy the clothes and looking after themselves brings to them.

And I talk to my friends who assure my “at our age you just need to do what makes you happy”.

Well, clothes makes me happy:

  • I feel great, when I look great
  • I get joy from looking at others who look beautiful in their clothes.
  • I get inspired by those who dare to be different.
  • I love to see someone’s personality through their style.

So I have decided to just embrace fashion and style and take it even a step further: Celebrate it. Through this blog I hope to do just that.

So here are some of the reasons I think spending time and / or money on beauty, fashion and style is justified:

  • It allows you to celebrate life
  • It allows you to celebrate yourself
  • It gives you an opportunity to use your creativity
  • It allows you to feel good about yourself
  • It helps to show others who you are
  • It helps to connect with same minded people
  • It helps to communicate what you want to achieve
  • It helps to make the world a more visually beautiful place

I may add to this list later on!

Still doubts? Have a look what these wonderful older ladies have to say about it in the below video.

Would love to get your take on this. What do you think?


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