This website aims to inspire women over 40 with the way they dress. It’s created especially for every woman over 40, even though everyone is welcome here of course!

Sometimes I feature women in their early 40s, sometimes in their 60s and sometimes in their 80s. Yes you will be 40+ forever!

My son sometimes jokingly asks me: so is your website going to be called 50plusstyle when you turn 50 next year? And that’s what I always reply to him, No it will be 40plusstyle forever.

I recently got asked if I could feature more outfits for women in their 60s, but to me, there is not such a huge difference between dressing for 40+, 60+ or 80+. I can’t imagine dressing much differently from what I do now to when I’m 80. The only difference I can see is that it may be my personal preference to cover up more. But that is something I started doing at 40+ already.

Early 40+: Catherine


Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb wearing a timeless outfit that will look good any any age. Also check out Ann.

I do feel that there is quite a big difference between dressing for 20+ and 40+, which is why I specifically narrowed in on the 40+ age group group with this website. I did formulate a few tentative guidelines for dressing over 40 here.

Late 40+: Sylvia


This is an outfit I could wear at any age. Choosing a top that is a little bit more unusual will help to keep the outfit current and fresh! See also the fabulous Suzanne

I feel that at 40+ our style is a bit more sophisticated, a little less revealing. A bit more focussed on your unique style rather than just fashion and what is on trend.

We also often face more challenges when it comes to our bodies. We want to wear clothes that are both comfortable, downplay the areas we don’t want to highlight, are practical AND stylish and modern.

These are the principles that will guide my style for all the years that are ahead of me. As I age, I will hopefully finetune my style even further.

50+: Annette


The Lady of Style Annette’s outfits are a combination of classic and modern and all of them would look just as good at a later age. Also check out Beth and Lisa

I do not specifically aim to look younger with my style. But I certainly don’t want to make my style look older as I age. I will keep adding some trendy elements here and there and will keep wearing booties when they are in style and fit my personal style and mix them with skirts.

60+: Greetje


Greetje of No Fear of Fashion also loves the combination of classic and modern which looks good at any age. Other great examples are Susan and Lyn

Style plays a role in keeping you look fresh and modern and right there with the times. The women that look ‘older’ are often the ones that have given up on styling themselves. They stick too much to the ‘comfortable’ aspect of dressing and too little to the ‘stylish’ one.

Styling yourself, maintaining your body strength and grooming will take more effort as you get older and it’s easy to just let it all go and be ‘comfortable’.

70+: Judith


Judith of Style Crone is a perfect example of a woman who wears clothes I would easily wear at my age. This outfit is timeless. More examples Diana and Carol.

But if you put in a little bit more effort, it can make all the difference. I can wear blue jeans, a cashmere top, and some fabulous brogues right now and look current and hip at 40+. If I was 80 now, I could wear those exact same items and look current at hip at 80+. The key is balance and proportion and fit. If you get those right, you can look chic at any age.

80+: Dorrie


Finally, here is Dorrie from Senior Style Bible who shows that jeans can look just as good at 80+ as they do at 40+. Also check out Betty.

There are many more examples of women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond in my style interview series. All of the women featured there know how to dress in an ageless way. Even more bloggers and inspiration can be found in the 40+Community.

What do you think? Is there a big difference between dressing at 45 and 75?


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