A special treat for you today.

On one of my last days in New York I had the chance to meet Betty Halbreich, who is 88 and is still working at Bergdorf & Goodman as a personal shopper. You may remember that I reviewed her book here.

In her book (available at Bergdorf and Amazon) she mentioned that she welcomes everyone to come in and say hello so I did just that.

At first she was not in, but her assistant told me she may be back in 15 min. So I had a look around at the fabulous store.

After 15 minutes I tried again and there she was. Looking absolutely fabulous and very welcoming! This, despite getting ready and having to leave in 15 minutes for a talk she was about to give at an external meeting.


I asked her for a quick interview and she said yes!

To be honest I could have talked with her a lot more as she was so interesting.

Looking back at this interview I wished I had gone more into depth about some of the answers she gave, but we were on a tight schedule and to be honest I had not thought that I would be so lucky to get this interview with her so was not as prepared as I could have been.

This woman is an inspiration and I hope you enjoy the interview!

Some quotes

“I don’t like trendy, trendy clothes and clothes that are very youth-oriented.”

“Clothes should have some sort of longevity.”

“No, I don’t think style changes after 40, it’s how you buy after 40.”

“I’m at the age now. I can wear my old clothes that are vintage.”

“I will probably work here until I fall over one day ….. It regenerates my being.”

An interview with Betty | 40plusstyle.com

I’m inspired by the fact that she still works at Bergdorf’s today and doing what she love. As she says, it regenerates her being.

I don’t think I want to stop working as I get older as I love what I do and keeps me active and engaged.

How about you? Do you plan working well above 65 or can’t you wait for work to be over? Perhaps you have already stopped working?

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A style interview with Betty | 40plusstyle.com

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