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I am often stopped on the streets by other plus size women and told, You look great, but I could never pull that off. After thanking the individual, I normally respond, Oh, but you can!

The fashion industry has always dictated to women how to achieve the perfect look through clothing.

For plus size woman, it seems we are generally advised not to wear:

  • large prints
  • bright colors
  • horizontal stripes
  • body conscious clothing
  • anything white
  • sleeveless blouses, etc.

The basic messages we’ve received, up until a few years ago, was to hide under large, unshapely garments and conceal your imperfections in a predominately black wardrobe.

As a person who loves to express herself through clothing, the only rules I follow are to wear clothes that fit well and to dress for the body I have now.

I know my body type (an inverted triangle), and which silhouettes look best on me, yet I dress in a way that makes me feel happy and confident. I adore A-line skirts & dresses, full leg trousers & jeans, but I also wear clothing that some suggest are not suited for my body shape such as skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and shift dresses.

Want to know your body type? Determine your body type here.

It’s worth noting that I think it’s time to defy “plus size fashion rules,” because doing so opens up an infinite number of fashion possibilities.

Besides, we all have the right to look and feel fabulous, confident, and stylish regardless of our size.

So here is how I break the rules!

Horizontal stripes and brights are a plus size woman’s worst enemy


Wearing white brings attention to problem areas


More ideas on wearing white pants here.

Bold prints are a fashion NO NO!


Denim highlights problem areas


Check out this article for more ideas on how to wear jeans.

Plus size women should stay away from wearing colors and prints


Do you break any ‘rules’ for your body type?


Plus size fashion blogger behind Pumps & Studz (no longr active). Lover of black & white, hats, and all things sparkly.

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How to break the plus size style rules and look amazing!


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