How to wear silk! – 5 different ways to wear this beautiful fabric

by Sylvia

How to wear silk! - 5 different ways to wear this beautiful fabric |

I love to wear silk.

Not only is it cool in summer and warm in winter, it also gives you the nicest sensation to your skin. The fabric is 100% natural and completely breathable.

I know that some of you are reluctant to buy anything in silk because of the dry cleaning requirements. However, I own many tops and dresses in silk and always wash them by hand in cold water.

My red silk top for example has been washed many times and still looks beautiful, so don’t always feel that you have to obey the labels in your garments. Many times the brands will just add these to protect themselves from any claims should you wash them the wrong way.

Silk is an obvious choice for summer as the fabric keeps you cool, but it can be worn very effectively for fall and spring too.

Here are some fabulous ways to wear silk:

1. Layer it under your jackets and cardigans

How to wear silk with cardigens and jackets |

Silk tops often shine on their own but they are also perfect layering pieces.

Please note that to see the shoppable items below, you may need to visit the website!

2. Buy unique tops that stand on their own

How to wear unique silk clothes|

A unique design or a special print will make your tops look extra special.


Unique Silk top |

3. Invest in a beautiful silk dress

Silk dress ideas

Nothing feels more glamorous and beautiful on your skin!

4. Mix with prints

How to wear silk layering pieces |

5. Add silk with accessories

How to wear silk as accessories |

Find silk garments too expensive? Invest in a beautiful scarf or handbag.

Some of the best places to buy silk

layering pieces silk |

Enjoy shopping for your silk pieces in the boutique below.

Do you like to wear silk? How do you look after it?


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1 Denton

Ahhhh. Nothing like silk.


2 Sabina @Oceanblue Style at Manderley

Totally love silk Find it difficult for pants and skirts though. Would absolutely want that purple top you picked. Because I love the material so much I tend to wear silk scarves for instance like today. Thanks for the inspiration. xo Sabina


3 Evie

Beautiful silk pieces. Do you find that your silk clothes have to be ironed after they are dry?


4 Elaine

What a beautiful set of silks and accessories. I have always loved silk and have a couple of tops I’m looking forward to wearing this summer. Thanks for the ideas!


5 Sylvia

Yes, I usually iron as I find that the fabric becomes even smoother and softer.


6 Greetje

I love silk and I often buy a silk garment without knowing it is silk. By the time I have to wash it, I find the label and think “rats… another dry cleaning job”. As handwash is one of the things I hate most. So I keep my dayjob to pay for this haha.


7 Dalia

Hello, I adore silk garments more and more with an age… I want to share my way on looking after silk garnments. I wash them by hand in a warm water with very little amount of washing liquid, doesn’t matter a label tells you to dry clean. And when they get dry, I spray them with warm water instead of ironing, shake them up and leave to hang for a while, or do a crash effect. The spraying works well for cotton velvet as well… Dear Sylvia, I adore your site, thank You for it, what a great idea…


8 Sylvia

Thanks so much for the great feedback and thank you for the kind words about my site!


9 Sherry Edwards

I do love silk. However, I only wear it during the summer. Feels too cold in the winter, even when layered. If the piece is special and expensive I still prefer to get it dry cleaned. Even if I wash properly it looks and feels like all the ‘silkiness is gone.


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