Streetstyle inspiration: wearing camel – Which of these 8 outfits is your favorite?

by Sylvia

How to wear camel: 8 streetstyle looks to inspire you! |

Camel is a chic neutral that always seems to be on trend. In fact tan hues was one of the major trends for the fall / winter 2016 season and we recently showed you how to wear this color here. (complete with a fabulous capsule wardrobe featuring tan hues!).

Here is some more inspiration from the streets of New York on how to wear camel as well as some wonderful camel options you can buy in online stores right now.

1. Mixed with black

2. Classic minimalist coat

Streetstyle inspiration: classic minimalist coat |

3. Olive green with a darker hue of camel

Streetstyle inspiration: Olive green with tan outfit |

4. Feminine with and edgy touch

Streetstyle inspiration: tan toned leather jacket |

5. Chic white and tan layering combination

Streetstyle inspiration: wearing camel - t-shirt and dress layering fashion |

6. Stylish business casual

Streetstyle inspiration: wearing camel - Stylish business casual |

7. Monochromatic camel and tan tones

Streetstyle inspiration: wearing camel - Which of these 8 outfits is your favorite? |

8. Layering with neutrals

Streetstyle inspiration: wearing camel - Layering with neutral tones |

You may shop current styles inspired by these looks!

Which of these camel outfits is your favorite?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Elaine

#1 is my favorite for a look I would wear myself with #2 a close second. Underneath the coat I might add a burgundy or red top or accessories.

2 Blythe

Unexpectedly, I love the edgy suit. It looks very sharp and comfortable.
Also, it has lasting style and works in several seasons.

3 Evie

#7 is my favorite. Each piece is nice on its own, but even prettier seen next to the others. Even the tights add subtle color and texture. And that skirt – love it!

4 Sue

#1 is my favorite. The undertones of the camel color have to lean towards the cool end of the spectrum for me to entertain wearing anything in that color. The hue is often too warm for me.

5 Denton

#7 is far and away my favorite in its sophistication, layering, and quality. The Valentino shoes are perfect as is the scarf and love the earmuffs too! This is one of my favorite photos from that week. In a real burst of irony, I am in love with just about everything by Marco de Vincenzo and have a search running on ebay for anything of his. Even on ebay tho his stuff is quite expensive. Just a couple of days ago I came across a camel jacket that I made an offer under $200, which was accepted. It is the exact same jacket #7 is wearing! (the one with the four rectangular perforations on each side).

6 Lisa M

I liked 8 best, but also like 4 and 7.

I just bought what I thought was a brown long cardigan online and it turns out to be this color. My first thought was to return it, but perhaps I could make it work.

7 Greetje

None for me. I know now, I am not a camel girl.

8 Patricia

No. 1, followed closely by no. 3. I don’t wear tan, it is usually too warm for me, but I like to see it on other women.

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