I’m so loving the brights trend right now that I want to wear nothing but colours.

This is rather challenging as I don’t have a whole lot of colours in my closet.

I was always more of a neutral colours kind of girl. (except for my sport clothes collection, but most of the time I keep those clothes for sport). So I fell back on my orange t-shirt which I already showed you before in my article on how to wear capris.

My colour of choice to wear with orange is usually white as you could see when I wore my orange pants, but I wanted to try something different this time. So I went digging into my wardrobe for possible options.


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What I found is this very see through silk skirt that I bought a long time ago when I was still living in Australia. It’s one of those purchases that I almost never wear, but since the quality of the skirt is so good and the design rather timeless, I will not throw this skirt away.

Sooner or later there is an opportunity to wear it again as on this particular day.

As the skirt is so sheer, I needed to wear something underneath so I chose a simple skin colour under-skirt. This is my way of wearing minis! It’s still a bit of a ‘ladylike’ look, but the sheer element and miniskirt kind-of-look makes it more fun. To make this look not too classic I added some casual wedges to it. The Balenciaga bag makes the whole look a little more chic again. As you may know, varying skirt length is actually quite on trend right now. You see a lot of skirts in the shops that are long at the back and short in front. I stay away from that look as I don’t want to ‘frame’ and highlight my knees. In this way, however, my knees are nicely covered, while you still have the changing skirt lengths. Both from the skirt itself and the miniskirt look, because of the sheerness.

Orange camel and brown outfit

t-shirt: Alldressedup (old)
Skirt: unknown (very old)
shoes: from the Netherlands (old)
bag: Balenciaga

So what do you say. Would you still go for this kind of mini skirt and see-through look or will  you keep it completely classy and covered up?

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