Combining orange, camel and brown and sheer

by Sylvia

Combining camel, orange and brown

I’m so loving the brights trend right now that I want to wear nothing but colours. This is rather challenging as I don’t have a whole lot of colours in my closet. I was always more of a neutral colours kind of girl. (except for my sport clothes collection, but most of the time I keep those clothes for sport). So I fell back on my orange t-shirt which I already showed you before in my article on how to wear capris.

My colour of choice to wear with orange is usually white as you could see when I wore my orange pants, but I wanted to try something different this time. So I went digging into my wardrobe for possible options. What I found is this very see through silk skirt that I bought a long time ago when I was still living in Australia. It’s one of those purchases that I almost never wear, but since the quality of the skirt is so good and the design rather timeless, I will not throw this skirt away. Sooner or later there is an opportunity to wear it again as on this particular day.

As the skirt is so sheer, I needed to wear something underneath so I chose a simple skin colour under-skirt. This is my way of wearing minis! It’s still a bit of a ‘ladylike’ look, but the sheer element and miniskirt kind-of-look makes it more fun. To make this look not too classic I added some casual wedges to it. The Balenciaga bag makes the whole look a little more chic again. As you may know, varying skirt length is actually quite on trend right now. You see a lot of skirts in the shops that are long at the back and short in front. I stay away from that look as I don’t want to ‘frame’ and highlight my knees. In this way, however, my knees are nicely covered, while you still have the changing skirt lengths. Both from the skirt itself and the miniskirt look, because of the sheerness.

Orange camel and brown outfit

t-shirt: Alldressedup (old)
Skirt: unknown (very old)
shoes: from the Netherlands (old)
bag: Balenciaga

More style at visible MondayMonday Mingle and Steppin Out.

So what do you say. Would you still go for this kind of mini skirt and see-through look or will  you keep it completely classy and covered up?

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Just Fab

Thats a fabulous look Sylvia! You should try some more pastels, I think you’d look awesome in them 🙂


Thanks! My heart is set on the bright colours at the moment, but I go through stages…


Unless you had mentioned that you were wearing a skirt under a skirt, I would have assumed that it was just sewn that way. I really like the look of the mini because it emphasizes the sheerness while still covering you up.


Thanks Reeda. No this skirt is completely see-through and feature light. If I was very daring I should wear some retro panties underneath!


This is a great outfit! It has so many on-trend items (bright color, sheer fabric, high-low hem lengths) but still looks classy. I really like this and think you are very clever! The shoes, belt, and bag are perfect accessories. Well done!


Thanks Suzanne. Yes it’s funny how it all comes back. What attracted me at the time about this skirt was that it was just so different. I’m not even sure what I paired it with….


I love the outfit and you look so good in that orange color! Like Reeda I would never have guessed that you were wearing a skirt under a skirt. I used to have a similar skirt in taupe, but the quality was bad so the fabric tore. Too bad, I liked that skirt and wore it a lot!


Thanks Nanne. Yes, I’m really starting to like those bright colours!


It is nice, looks good on you, but it is not my favourite look on you. Just a matter of taste, nothing to do with the outfit or how you have put it together. Because that is spot on.
Wide(r) skirts over my knee I tend to combine with boots, which is, of course, too hot for Singapore. And I don’t think it would be your style.
What I do like are brighter colours on you. The green colour of the background is also a good colour for you in my opinion. Like the orange it works well with your complexion.
Unlike Just Fab, I wouldn’t recommend pastels. I like colour near your face. Oh well … so many people, so many opinions.


Don’t worry Greetje. It’s not my favorite look either but it’s new (even with the old skirt) so that is always a plus. Keeps me from getting bored. I do like wide skirts with boots too but only if the boots are nice and tight. I can’t wear that in Singapore as it’s really too hot. I would love to have something in that colour green!

my thrifty closet

very nice coral top, I like it with the neutral skirt. Very resort and laid back chic. The belt completes the lovely outfit. The skirt has a fray edge which is nice.



Thanks Mongs. That belt is ages old too. Have worn it in so many configurations. It always poses a challenge as it has gold on it and I have absolutely nothing in gold. I feel I need to start shopping for accessories in that colour as sometimes (as with this outfit) it would look so much better!


Wow! You look great! Love how the skirt looks with the shear layers!


Thanks April. It makes it just look a bit different which is what I always like!


I love these color on you. You look chic!



Thanks Kim!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, Sylvia! I really like the double-skirt idea, and I might use it myself this summer. You look great!


You should definitely try it. This look would really suit you!


You look great! Love the neutrals with the coral.


Thanks Emily1

Jeanine @ Seasonal Color Analysis

Love the combination of colors on you! And those three are my favorites to wear. But I’m not sure about the double skirt. I have tried that kind of thing myself and it never looks like I thought it would. I don’t think the shorter skirt idea, itself, is bad, but somehow it’s not at its best behind a longer one.


I have to wear something underneath this sheer skirt and I just think it’s more fun to wear a shorter one. Otherwise it would just be a regular camel skirt…


I love the colors you combined. The outfit looks so great on you. The top is just so pretty!


Thanks Debbi. It was a lucky sale find from one of my favorite stores!

Aleya Bamdad

Like the color combo and the way your shirt drapes.


Thanks Aleya. I always have a bit of fun with these wide skirts. They need to blow in the wind!

Nicole Feliciano

A+ effort. White is how yo play it safe–I love the tangerine with camel. I’d also recommend giving navy a whirl. Thanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle.


Yes, I love the orange combination with navy as well!


You are rockin’ that sheer!


Thanks Kristin!

megan, the frugalista diaries

amazing top!


Thanks Megan!


I’m with you! My poor closet is full of neutrals as well, but I’m really loving the colors! So cheerful! Love how you wore the sheer skirt…I’ll have to try that.



It’s changing! I just bought some brights Yay! More on that in the coming week.

Anja van der Vorst

Looks good, Sylvia. I often wear miniskirts under something longer or under something sheer. Handy and looks nice. And is not too hot in Singapore. In general I prefer strong, full colors on you, because of your pale, blonde look. That includes pure white and black.


Yes, I’m starting to fancy the strong colours as well. I think it’s still ok to wear some paler colours in the bottom part though.

Tamera Beardsley

Your colors jump from the page in a chic symphony! Beautifully done!


How beautifully said Tamara. Thanks!


This post just popped up for my suggested viewing and even with the tiny picture, before I clicked on it I thought, that is a “me” outfit. Those earthy tones are the colors of much of my summer/fall wardrobe (with some roses/pinks thrown in). I love the rich brown of the belt and bag (I knew that Balenciaga right away…love it!) My husband might say it’s a little “safari chic”. 🙂


Thanks Rita. These are colours I don’t wear so often, but I do like these pictures too with the green back drop. My hair is so much shorter now 🙂


I saw your picture with your new short, chic haircut! So pretty! I think you can definitely wear these colors more if you like them…that orange and chocolate brown look really great on you!

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