I recently got this comment from Reeda “I’m 44, and I’m perfectly fine looking like a 44-year-old woman. But I still want to express elegance and creativity. I still want to be “on trend. 

What’s worked somewhat for me is finding pieces that are of high quality. I think when you are young, you can get away with throw-away fashion that’s going to fall apart after wearing it twice. But on an older woman, cheap (poor quality) clothing just looks tragic.”

Is it true that women over 40 only look good in expensive clothing?

Although I agree in most part with this comment, there is one problem: I get bored and like to have fun with fashion while not spending a fortune doing so.

So today I did exactly what I should not do, which is to buy VERY trendy clothes at rock bottom prices.

I know these clothes will not last me a long time (although most of it is pure cotton so maybe I get lucky with that) and I know that I will probably be tired of them next season but hey, I’ve got a whole new wardrobe capsule for less than $150.

Readers of this blog will be able to guess what I bought of course: lots of brights, but let’s get back to the point.

Can a women over 40 (me) buy cheap clothing and still look good?

Would it not be a whole lot better if I stuck to an elegant look and added one expensive trendy piece in a bright colour instead?

Like one of those colourful Alldressedup tops in silk that I adore so much. This would look a whole lot more ‘dignified’ and the clothes would possibly last me longer.

Problem is a nice top from Alldressedup in silk at full price is about $300. That gets me one top. Although some of these tops have been huge successes (I also bought most of them at huge discounts) they are as risky as any other trendy item and therefore may not get much wear.

Now, I have 2 t-shirts, one dress and 2 trousers for $150, which still gives me about $150 to buy some bright shoes I’ve got my eyes on as well.

Granted, these clothes are more casual in nature, although I can still pair them with more expensive clothes to make them more chic. I’m also very careful not to buy artificial fabrics. 4 items are made out of cotton and 1 is viscose, which is the one man-made fabric that is acceptable to me. More about fabrics and polyester tomorrow!

How am I going to wear my cheap clothes?

So this is my plan and why I think I can get away with these cheap clothes.

They are mainly for casual situations. Perfect for making schooltrips and going to sport events. However, I can still dress them up for the city as well or when I just want to have a little fun with clothes and be sunny and bright.

I’m not going to try and look like a 20 year old but instead dress these bright colours up in a ‘mature’ way. We will have to see if I succeed!

I’m going to keep you in suspense on what clothes I bought and how I will wear them. But next week I will reveal all and show you also how you can easily create your own brights capsule in my new wardrobe planning series. Be sure to subsribe through RSS or email, so you don’t miss anything!

I would love to get your opinion on this as well. Do you buy cheap clothes or do you mainly stick to high quality? Do you think that women over 40 can get away with cheap clothing?

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