The bright green drape dress

by Sylvia

Green Sabrina Goh dress made in Singapore

As you all know I have been shopping for brights. I was so disheartened that there is hardly any colour to be found in my closet, that I hit the stores last week and went looking for it. As I was not in the mood to spend a whole lot of money on trendy clothes in bright colours, I decided to go to some of the cheaper shops like H&M and Mango. I found a lot of very youthful clothes there made in poor quality fabrics, which inspired my question: “can women over 40 buy only expensive clothes” and my article on synthetic fabrics like polyester which also includes a list of fabric properties.

bright coloured dress

In the end I did buy lots of brights both at H&M, Mango and other shops and I created a brights wardrobe capsule, which I will reveal in my article of tomorrow. But when shopping I also spotted this bright green drape dress from local designer Sabrina Goh. It was a perfect addition to my bright capsule and since it was still very affordable at $79, I decided to buy it. You can already spot some other items of my new capsule in the image above as well.

Green dress available in Singapore

As you know this dress is right up my alley. It is asymmetrical, can be worn various ways and covers most of my knees. Although I’m not showing that option here, it will also look good over pants, which is another favorite look of mine.

green drape dress

You will also not easily get bored with this dress as it can be worn in a variety of ways. I like the dress with a belt as shown above or with the belt that belongs to the dress. I also think it fun to wear it with the dropped waist, although the image above looks a bit messy.

green wrap dress

The dress it buttoned at the side, but you can also wear it loose. You will also notice that I’m sporting some new shoes. They are a bit of a splurge but they suit my new brights capsule so well. Shoe shopping is no fun here in Singapore. First I wanted the green Nine West shoes I showed you earlier on the site. But unfortunately, they are not available in the Nine West stores here. Then there is the problem of size. I waver between a 9 and 10, but usually they don’t stock sizes higher than a 9 here. I suspect that most shops only get one 9 and that one is usually sold out. I fell in love with these yellow shoes from Max & Co and amazingly, they had my size. They’re high quality so hopefully they will last me for a long time.

dress blowing in the wind

And this is what happens when a bit of wind hits the dress from underneath. I’m sure that with a bit of creativity and more wind you could create lots of interesting pictures… If you’re also keen on a drape dress, then here is a selection of drape dresses you can buy right now. Be sure to check my new brights wardrobe capsule tomorrow! For now you can see some other stylish women at visible Monday. If you like a drape dress yourself, I have created a special pinboard full of drape dresses you can buy.

Dress: Sabrina Goh
Shoes: Max & Co
Yellow striped top: Mango
Red cardigan: old
Belt: Tangs

Are you going to be wearing brights this Spring and Summer?

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Love everything about the dress! Both the color and asymmetry are lovely and it looks fab on you.



Thank you Lissy! Yes I think it will be a versatile dress here in hot Singapore.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Wow, Sylvia, you are fabulous in bright green. I love the drape of the dress too, and the new shoes. Fantastic! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.


Thanks Patti!

Jean at Dross into Gold

Your blog has become my go-to for hot weather 40+ style!! I love your suggestions and ideas. I’ve already internalized your proportions equation as I consider my summer “to do” sewing list. Cropped pants evaded me until I read and looked at your definitive guide. This dress is delicious. I might have to create something along the same lines to carry me through summer. Love it!! The shoes are amazing, too, by the way.


Thanks for all your kind words Jean. Good to know that you found my how to wear cropped pants guide useful as well. Hopefully you will not loose interest in my blog in Winter! For many of my looks to wear in cooler weather, just add jackets, scarfs and cardigans….


Fun! And honestly, Sylvia, you could make a paper bag look fashionable, because you have the know how and the beauty!

What I want to know… I have seen you with a camera in hand, how exactly are you taking these marvelous pictures? Do you set up a tripod for these shots? Please tell us your photographic self portrait secrets!


Wow. What a nice compliment! Yes, I use a tripod and I also have a little remote (costs no more than $10 I believe). So I click the remote and then there is a 2 second delay for me to hide it somewhere!


Well done, Sylvia! What a fantastic find, this dress. And also the rest that is shown on the pics. It looks great on you. I especially like the first look with the animal printed belt. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the items…


Thanks Anja. I’m sure you will love the rest of my bright capsule. It’s all super bright and colourful!

Nikki @ Styling You

Such a gorgeous colour and style … can’t help but smile when looking at it!


Don’t bright colours just make you happy?! That’s why I wanted more (bright) colour in my closet. Thanks so much for your kind words!


The first thing I thought when I opened your blog and saw you in green, was:
” Hells, bells, this looks sexy!!”
Very well done. The green dress looks very good on you. I like it with the animal print belt (good one) and with the belt from the dress. The dropped waist is a bit too dangerous to my taste. It shows your belly, although yours is still very flat. The photo with the belt from the dress where the flap is hoisted to the waist, makes you look perfect. I would drape it the same with the animal print belt.
When you are wearing it with the belt from the dress and no cardigan, you might also change the pearls for a bright coloured scarf or necklace?
Shoes…. Perfect. Again well done.


All true Greetje. It’s funny how you can see those things more clearly when you can examine it all on pictures! I agree it would look nice with a colourful necklace as well, but I don’t have them (yet). I’m going to try a different bra as well!


I have to admit that it feels a bit odd, giving you suggestions.


Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!


I know, with these clingy things, bras can be crucial. I think this one is OK, but can only judge when I see the outfit with another one. I have special bras for these kind of tops/dresses. From a make called Selmark I think. I cannot check it as I cut the labels out.
Because you are on the subject of jersey drapped dresses, I have uploaded my purple one, in three variaties on your Style Forum, section Style & What I wore. (I have listened to you carefully.)
Threw in something completely different as well: black&white&baroque.


Great dress Greetje. I left some comments in the forum. For others it can be found at: I’m sure she would love your feedback too!


That green looks absolutely STUNNING on you. A very nice choice for your bright capsule. I love it with the yellow too – not a combo I would have thought of, but looks so pretty. Love the drape and flexibility of the fabric as well. Glad you had some good shopping mojo.


Thank you Lisa. Yes, I’m quite liking this green this season.


great dress! And the color looks fabulous on you. The drapes are really flattering too. It has all the drapes falling at the right places to flatter your figure. I agree it’s hard to find clothes at cheaper prices for women above 40. i usually thrift so i don’t have a problem. But i would wear forever 21 if i find something appropriate



And you’re a master thrifter as well! I guess you need a lot of patience…..

Four Seasons One Wardrobe

I love green dresses and your photos make me crave another one! Very stylish!

The Style Crone

The green dress is so versatile; you look great in every silhouette. I too am a love of asymmetry. And the yellow shoes complete the outfit with a fun pop of color.


The yellow shoes look surprisingly good with a lot of clothes!


I don’t know if it is due to the time you spent at the Spa or the brighter colors you are wearing but you look fitter, younger, and happier. 🙂 This dress truly flatters you and I like all of the different ways you have styled it. The shoes are also amazing! I might have to check into those. I adore the green shoes I bought last week thanks to you. Your blog is inspirational to me on so many levels. Your readers are fortunate to have you share your knowledge with us.


I think the brighter clothes almost automatically put you in a better mood! Thank you for your kind words again and for you continued support as a reader and a commenter!

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

Sylvia: YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY SMOKIN’. This time that’s all I’m gonna say…!

Catherine x


Thanks Catherine. I must admit I often think of you when wearing colours. I’m still not as adventurous as you, as I don’t do much patterning, but at least I’m brightening up the streets now!


What a cool dress in a gorgeous shade of green. I have been noticing more and more dresses like this that give style/wear options…even some bridesmaid’s and/or mother of the bride dresses. I think it is great you are putting together such a colorful capsule which will no doubt lead to tons of fun. : )


I’m already having fun with it. Definitely the best trend this summer!


WOW! What a great dress…my husband would flip out! Fits you perfectly!


Perhaps you should try that. Sounds like fun!

Cindy Swanson

That dress is absolutely amazing…and you wear it so well! I think I like the stylings with the leopard-print belt the best.

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life


Yes me too. Gives the dress a little extra spice!

Tamera Beardsley

Beautiful as always…looking forward to your brights style capsule…I know how much work goes into that!


Thanks Tamera. It’s online now at Let me know what you think!

Heather Fonseca

BeautIful! Love the dress. It looks amazing on you.


Thanks Heather!


Fabulous dress and I agree with all of the others that it’s an amazing colour for you! My favourite summer dress of all times was a strapless, loosely draped viscose jersey dress in a similar colour from H&M. I bought it some 6 years ago and have worn it a lot, but now it’s worn out, sadly. If I ever loved a dress, that had to be it! So I need to find a new one.


Hope you can find a new one. There should be a lot of dresses available in this colour this season. Good luck!

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