Remixing my green jersey drape dress

by Sylvia

Remixing a green wrap dress

Of course you know this green Sabrina Goh dress from a while ago, where I showed you how I wear this dress as a separate. This week I felt like wearing it in the style that I’m so comfortable with, namely as a dress over pants. I also turned the dress around and am wearing the wrap at the back instead of the front. It’s great to have a dress with options! And if you are still not convinced that a nice drape dress is a wardrobe staple that you can wear multiple ways, perhaps you will be at the end of this article!

Wearing it with black capris

The first option is to wear the dress over black capris. This is a flop proof way of wearing this dress. 2 colours that match well together and a combination that all stylists will approve of. The general rule is to mix a wide top with tight bottoms and vice versa. I get away with wearing capris as the legs are tapered and the shoes have the same colour so it still gives the illusion of long legs. Plus the dress already creates a nice 2/3 – 1/3 silhouette. All this is further explained in my previous article on how to wear capris.

Wrap dress worn with capris

Wearing it with white capris

I like to get away from the 2 toned look a bit so I always like to mix in a third colour. I did that in the previous look as well with my accessories but here it is even more obvious. This look brings out the colours more and makes it more summery. I can even turn the look into a very casual rock chick vibe by adding a jeans jacket. I like the contrast of the black shoes, but you may want to swap those for white shoes to improve the leg line.

Green wrap dress worn with white

Breaking the rules: wide with wide

As faithful readers will know I also like to mix my dresses with wide pants. This look is definitely an acquired taste and I know that not so many of you will necessarily approve. But I STILL like it. To me it’s a trendy different look that looks fashionable. I know it makes me ‘bottom heavier’ but that doesn’t really bother me. I like all the volume! However, if you want to be on the safe side with your looks, then it’s always better to stick with the wide on tight rule.

Green sabrina goh wrap dress with wide pants

Are you remixing your drape dresses?

Of course these are just a few of the many options of wearing this dress. It would look great over jeans too. Or with another tight skirt underneath (knee height). Or worn over red pants. The options are endless! For more ideas and inspiration on drape dresses check out my article on why you need to get a drape dress  or check out my Pinterest Board with drape and jersey dresses that you can buy right now!

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Dress: Sabrina Goh
All pants: Zara (old)
Shoes: Ecco
Jacket: Dolce & Gabbana (old)

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Do you have a drape dress yet? How are you wearing it?

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Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Sylvia, this green dress looks so fab with the white capris *and* the white wide-leg pants. You are giving me so many styling ideas, and I appreciate you!


Thanks Patti. Good luck with your styling!

Kim, USA

One thing I like with independent fashion bloggers is we have the right to break the rules haha. And most of the time it does turn out really good. Just like the wide and wide it looks 100% beautiful on you. Love it!



Thanks Kim! As you know I’m all for breaking rules…

Kathleen Lisson

I like the big statement necklace.


Thanks. That necklace has proven to become a real workhorse. I wear if with so many outfits…


I do not have a drape dress…but it looks great on you! I actually think I like the look with the wider legged pants! have a great week!!


Thanks Pam. You may want to look out for one. The recent outfits I saw of you in a dress were magnificent!

Rachel {Raw-kul}

So gorgeous in GREEN! I love this, the colors just POP! Great smile too! 😀


Thanks Rachel. Photos just look so much better when you smile 🙂


Every one of your outfits is perfection! This is a very inspiring look that I am determined to try.


Thanks Denise. Good luck with that! You may want to show it off in our style forum…

The Style Crone

I love the green drape dress on you, and I appreciate the creative examples that you provide for your readers. I have several drape dresses, and like the versatility they provide!


Thanks Judith!


Great dress it looks great with the white trousers 🙂


Thanks Claire. Yes, white brightens up the look a bit!

my thrifty closet

I like the asymmetrical dress… the color looks fabulous on you. And I like all the variations. The look is simple yet modern and chic. I like the minimal accessories too. Very classy.



Thanks Mongs!


I love this outfit on you and that color is to die for. I wonder if a shortie like me could get away with wearing something like this? I’ve never tried.


I think you can as long as the proportions are right. Have fun trying! I’m sure you would look great in a drape dress!

Jean at Dross into Gold

Sylvia, you have some of the best ideas!! I love this look, with the sharp contrast of color in a soft but graphic silhouette. I especially love the wide pants look. I think I’m going to have to create my own look based on this. Love it.


Great! Glad you like the wide pants. I like dressing with sharp contrasts. Perhaps I’m a type 4 after all! I look forward to seeing you try on this look.


What a beautiful color on you. I’m craving this color right now. 😉


Thank you Joni. I can recommend it. It’s a great colour for Summer!

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

It sure can be a wardrobe staple Sylvia!



Exactly. Every woman should have at least one little colourful dress and it may just as well be a versatile drape dress!

Fashion By Alicia

That green dress is a lovely color! I really like it over the black capris.


Thanks Alicia!

megan, the frugalista diaries

love that dress


Thanks Megan


All variations are good, but I prefer the dress as a dress. As you have shown us before. Which is exactly my problem with different combinations. Most of the times there is 1, maybe there are two combinations that I really like. And the other combinations might be all alright, but no. I will always wear the item in the most perfect way and not bother with the rest of the combinations.
And my wrap dresses? Really need to try harder.


I think there are many perfect ways to wear certain clothes. Certainly with separates, I feel it’s very important to mix & match. Often you can come up with another Perfect way to wear it for a different occasion. I would encourage you to keep pushing yourself to mix & match, and create a few wardrobe capsules, which will ultimately give you a much bigger variety of clothes!

Greetje Kamminga

I am learning, that is true. Today I made capsules for my 5-day trip to Rome. And lots of tips you gave me in the last couple of months helped me. In this case it was a necessity to mix and match as I had to combine clothes with flat shoes. You don’t walk trough Rome for days on high heels. No way. I think I did pretty well. Little coloured scarf here, long trousers, 7/8 trousers, capri. Not to many colours but try and make it more interesting with accessories. I was quite proud.


Great work Greetje. How fun that you are going to Rome. One my favorite cities! Have lots of fun!

Nicole Feliciano

That is my favorite shade of green. I love it with white or black. This week I’m featuring some borrowed bling and check it out.


Thanks Nicole!


I like all of these combinations, but I’ll bet that the version with the wide leg pants is actually the coolest in a warm climate.


The coolest is to wear it without pants 🙂 It’s actually pretty good to wear this dress with pants indoors, as they make it so cold indoors here in Singapore…..


Love that green dress,with the white capri. Your choice of a wide black belt really blends with that outfit. You can do so much with a drape dress!


Thanks. It’s a great versatile belt. I love wearing it on my hips….


I DO NOT see the “volume” on the bottom you are talking about …. wow, you look incredible and green is definitely your color! Gorgeous Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found you on Bonbonrosegirls and thought I would stop by your blog and say hello! pippa


Thanks Pippa. I think it’s ok too, but many women don’t like the wide on wide look…. Thanks for stopping by.

Everyday Mom Style

I love the color of this dress- how gorgeous! My favorite look is with the white skinny capris- it looks fabulous!



Bella Q

That color looks (here’s a scientific term) AMAZEBALLS on you! You leap of the page in that gorgeous goddess green. I love the first look best. It is chic and figure flattering. My head would double take if I saw you in that in a room. But the other looks are what I like about you- that you play with clothes, make a good piece get more mileage, and best of all, make dressing less about wearing something “In” but dressing to go out. You’re having fun and it shows.


Thanks Bella for your amazeballs thoughtful comment!


Yes, yes, yes! How FABULOUS does that look on you?! It looks so comfortable – and isn’t that what us women want – comfort and style – well done!


Exactly Petra! I always try to combine the 2.


That fresh, springy green is so your color!


Thanks Kristin!


New reader, and just had to drop in to say that you’re displaying my favorite style, what my spouse calls DOJ (dress over [skinny] jeans). So glad to have found your blog.


Welcome Mulreann! Very glad to have you here and read your feedback. Yes that’s one of my favorite looks too. You will find it quite often here on the site!

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