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by Sylvia

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Although Katherine Hepburn may have started the menswear inspired trend or dandy style, Diane Keaton was certainly one to champion it and bring it to the main stream with her iconic role as Annie Hall in the film that carries the same name. I am truly inspired on how well Diane Keaton ages in style and her continued fabulous dress sense. High time to feature her as a style icon!

Diane Keaton, who was actually born as Diane Hall in 1946, became world famous when she starred as Kay Adams-Corleone in The God Father. However, the films that truly highlighted her as a leading role actress to be reckoned with were the series of movies with Woody Allen. In terms of fashion and style, one of the enduring images is her dandy look with the large tie in the film Annie Hall.

“This living stuff is a lot. Too much, and not enough. Half empty, and half full.”

Diane Keaton in her book “Then Again”

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

This film is said to be highly autobiographical of her true relationship with Woody Allen and the clothes she wore in that movie were mainly chosen by her in collaboration with Ruth Morly and Ralph Lauren. Soon after many women began wearing the styles she was sporting in the movie: men’s ties, suits and fedora hats.

She has starred in many films since then and is one of those actresses that has been able to work well past her forties. In her free time she also likes to write, sing and photograph. She published a book with photographs on hotel interiors in 1980.

“Slowing down isn’t something I relate to at all. The goal is to continue in good and bad, all of it.”

Diane Keaton

Appearantly the film Somethings Gotta Give, her very successful movie about the romance between her and 66 year old Jack Nicholson, was almost not produced, as film studios deemed the actors ‘too old’ for a romance. Luckily the film was made and turned out to be a huge success proving to studios that movie goers DO want to see old people being romantic as well!

“Let’s face it, people my age and Jack’s age are much deeper, much more soulful, because they’ve seen a lot of life. They have a great deal of passion and hope—why shouldn’t they fall in love? Why shouldn’t movies show that?”

Daine Keaton

Diane Keaton in a more girly look

Diane Keaton wearing skirts

More Diane Keaton style can be found in the Diane Keaton Style Icon Pinterest board. All image sources can also be found there.

What do you think of Diane Keaton? Is she one of your style icons too?

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Jean at Dross into Gold

I think she’s amazing. I’m so glad you featured her here because I’d kind of forgotten about her as a style icon. I definitely want to study her look, especially since she’s not into showing a lot of skin (I’m not either at this stage!!), yet her look doesn’t look forced or matronly.


I guess she is usually staying low key, but she deserves the spotlight!


Hey, now I know who you remind me of Sylvia!!! Just a younger, prettier version! Doesn’t Diane always look fabulous?


Ha ha, thanks!

Heather Fonseca

Do you know I’ve NEVER seen Annie Hall? Its definitely one of those “fashion” movies. Like Bonnie and Clyde it set a trend in fashion that still resonates to this day. Personally I like a more feminine look, but Diane’s style looks great on Diane.


Yes definitely see it some time. I actually want to see it again now!


Yes! She’s one of my favorites! Thank you for featuring her.


You’re welcome 🙂

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Diane is soooo ageless….love her style!



I agree. Thanks for commenting!

Amy Carson

Agree Diane always looks fabulous. She’s looking so great still <3


A great example for growing old gracefully, I believe!


I have to admit, looking at your pinboard, that she is stylish. She has never been my icon as I like more diversity and feminin clothes. She looks fabulous though.


I have fashion icons for every style! And one of the styles I like is certainly dandy.

The Style Crone

Diane Keaton, in my book, is a style icon to be admired. I celebrate anyone who can do the dandy look like she can. Thanks for the informative post about her life and influence.


Thanks Judith. Glad you enjoyed it.


Big fan of Diane Keaton, her style and of Annie Hall, the movie! Nice style board. Before Katherine Hepburn I think Marlene Dietrich was innovative with her ‘man’s look’.


You are right! Should feature her some time…


I love men inspired fashion and Diane Keaton always rock that style.

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