A drape dress should be in every over 40 woman’s cupboard. Almost no other dress (except for maybe its cousin the wrap dress) is so flattering and so versatile, especially if you have one like this black drape dress that I will model in this post!

Black drape dress

Why you need to get yourself a drape dress

Black drape dress, great for women over 40

Here are just some of the reason a drape dress is so great for women over 40:

  • They are extremely comfortable
  • If you have a nice drape, they are extremely flattering
  • They will hide any ‘flaws’ in your body
  • You can have fun trying the different ways of wearing a drape dress such as this. Why not do 3 different shapes in 1 evening?
  • They can stimulate your brain as you are trying to work out, how to get the dress in the position you want or just in the default position!
  • You will feel like a greek goddess

Advantages of a drape dress


Some of the configurations of this drape dress include:

  • Default: as seen on top
  • One shoulder
  • Twisted, as seen above
  • You could even wear it long, although I haven’t quite figured out how to do that just yet
  • Whatever comes out after trying to get the dress to default again, as seen in below right example. I’m sure I don’t know half the ways you can configure this dress. Unfortunately, the dress did not come with an explanation booklet!

Flattering black drape dress

Still not convinced?

Well, don’t you think I look good in these pictures then? No fat bubbles to be seen anywhere ( just get a dress with sleeves if you don’t want to show your upper arms). There are many other ways you can wear this dress too. I forgot to show you how good it looks with a really wide belt I have…The only issue with this dress really, is to find a good strapless bra that fits well!

Dress: Abyzz, (local Singapore designer, the last time I was in the shop they still sold this dress)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Hat: Zara

So do you have a drape dress yet? Which of the dress’ configurations do you like best?

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