Vertical lines, colors, proportion and my red printed dress

by Sylvia

Wearing a red and pink paisley print dress

I’m in red mode at the moment. From past pictures I have seen that this color looks particularly good on me so I’m keen to wear it more often. Red is a really versatile color that you can wear year round. I’m actually already planning my winter capsule at the moment for my ski holidays in December and red will be a big part of it!

Why colors are so good for women over 40

Colors in general look good on many women over 40. As you get older you tend to get paler and grayer and colors can really give you a boost and revitalise your appearance. I have become increasingly aware of that and am consciously aiming to add more color to my wardrobe.

Wearing a red paisley print dress from The Netherlands

Showing some curves

This particular outfit is also showing some curves. I have always avoided wearing tight dresses due to my slight pear shape and saddle bags, but am lately embracing the look. It highlights some of the curves that I do have and I’m happy to show them off now! I intentionally bought this dress a while ago to wear as a top over pants. Red is a color that I always enjoy and since the paisley print is timeless, I thought that this was an excellent choice to add both more color AND more prints to my wardrobe. I’m sure I will find many ways to wear this dress / tunic top. Now all I need is one of the glamorous red lipsticks that Heather reviewed and I will look totally colorful!

Showing a vertical line

Another interesting point about this outfit is that you can wear it many ways. You can wear just the dress or combine it with a cardigan like this red one. One way to wear this cardigan is to wear it lose. That way you create more of a vertical line which is lengthening. This is important to do when you are not so tall or when you want to distract attention from any access weight.

Wearing the right proportions

You can also tie this particular cardigan in a knot. I’ve done this quite high. This splits the body in parts more, but here I still created a 1/3 – 2/3 proportion which is good. You always have to be careful that you don’t split up your body in 2 halfs which is unflattering.

Dress: unknown, bought at sales in Haarlem, The Netherlands
Pants: Calvin Klein (old, sales)
Cardigan: Bali market
Shoes: Calvin Klein (old, sales)

So there you go. Some more color AND some prints. Go on over to Visible Monday to see some more wonderful ladies showing their style.

Are you rocking the colors and prints lately? What is your favorite current color?

p.s. you can still join me for Sunday Style. Silly me forgot to add the link up button, but it’s all working now and I would love to see your party outfits!

1 The Style Crone

Red with paisley print – beautiful! I too try to add color, but am shopping my closet right now, so whatever comes up first is what I wear.

2 Sylvia

Luckily you have a great closet full of goodies Judith!

3 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

This is a fabulous look, and I really appreciate the fashion guidance behind it, Sylvia. These colors suit you wonderfully. And thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

4 Sylvia

Thanks and great that my rumbling were of help Patti.

5 Suzanne

Red is your color. 🙂 My favorite color has always been blue and right now I am wearing a bright colbalt shade more than any other. I probably look best in a deep blue/green as it makes my eyes appear teal. I do think jewel tones suit me more as I grow older – but never old!
Your blog truly inspires me. Today I ordered a leopard SQUINED clutch! Before I would have thought it too impractical but now I can see using it during the day as well as for parties. I am expanding my options.

6 Sylvia

Cobalt blue is a hot color right now and I love it too as you saw from my newest skirt. Would you believe I actually wore a leopard (kinda) hat today Squined is HOT right now too. Am thinking of doing a sparkle inspiration collage…

7 Suzanne

Yes! A sparkle inspiration collage!!! Spangles, glitter, shine! What could be more perfect at this time of year?

8 Sylvia

I wish I had more christmas parties so I could wear some sparkle. But I will be on the slopes for christmas. Also good!

9 Paula

love the tips with the pics too! Love the red–I go for a red dress rather than black ANYDAY! Love the pant underneath too–you had said in a previous post how you did this~it looks great.

10 Sylvia

Hi Paula, Great you liked my tips. I know I don’t have to teach you anything about color though! Yes, I still like the dress over pants look!

11 Silvergirl

the red looks great, i used to never wear red, didn’t even have any in my closet
last Christmas the hubs gave me a red sweater and i got so many compliments on how good i looked in the color i am slowly adding more to the old wardrobe
i am a pink girl by nature

12 Sylvia

I never used to link pink, but have been wearing old pink a lot too lately. I have to be careful with it though as it does make me look a bit pale. This month is red month! So suitable for christmas!

13 Jeannie

Red is definitely your color…fabulous!

14 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie

15 waxwing1724

Yes…I spent just too many years in black. In addition to getting older, I am very pale, so I am really making an effort to wear color. I am particularly liking teal/peacock blue/green right now.

16 Sylvia

It’s already good if you start using accent colors. A black and white outfit with a bright red or blue acarf for example already adds some much needed color. Then as you get more comfortable with the color you can do more. Good luck. Black almost always looks better if it has at least one other color or white at the top.

17 Heather Fonseca

I totally agree about the color. It’s key! I’ve been adding a lot to my wardrobe recently but I still have a base of black, black, and more black. Oh well.

Love your dress and the sweater looks perfect with it.

18 Sylvia

At least you add bright red on your lips Heather 🙂 I hope you will succeed in adding more color to your wardrobe. Black as a base can be fine, but in my opinion usually looks better with another color (even white) added.

19 GreetjeKamminga

Haven’t you ever had a colour styling session? I ask that because you seem surprised that red suits you (which it does). Such a session tought me that I am a “fall type”. Colours that suit me are: red, orange, purple, green, yellow. But pastels, camel and beige are a no go area. My favourite combination is black and white, which is a hard contrast. I was advised to change that to moss green and creme. Have you ever tried finding moss green clothes? Still, knowing all this has prevented me from a lot of mistakes. Later I also got styling advice for the shape of my body (I have the shape of a “ruler” with the exception that I have two big bumps at the top haha). That styling advice also helped a lot.

20 Sylvia

Yes, I did have my colors done and styling. However, I don’t think the advice is always foolproof. I had my colors done at 2 different ladies and I now have 2 sets of colors. I find that by taking pictures and being in tune with your own preferences of colors, you get a much better idea of which colors suit you and look great.

21 GreetjeKamminga

After reading your forum introduction of yourself, I feel stupid over my remark ” Have you ever had a colour styling session”…… In Holland they would say: “Duh!!!”
You can give such sessions yourself.
With me, such a session was spot on. Of course you know 80% yourself, but that 20% unknown area, made it well worth while. I immediately recognized it when the good and bad colours were pointed out to me.

22 GreetjeKamminga

I looked at Heathers site for the red lipsticks. She’s a pretty women, but heh, too young for the 40plus site. My favourite red lipstick is from Kanebo Cosmetics: Sensai, THE lipstick (sorry, this is how it is called), number 01 Suou.
Does not bleed, which is nice when your face starts wrikling.

23 Sylvia

I know she looks young, but she is in fact over 40 as well…. Never heard of Kanebo and just bought some lipsticks from Bobbi Brown. Review later this week or next week!

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