Rocking the bright colours!

by Sylvia

Wearings green and blue - 2012 brights trend

This article continues my series on the bright colours trend and how I’ve created a wardrobe capsule for brights. Here are a few more looks of that wardrobe capsule.

I don’t wear tight pants very often. They highlight the saddle bags I have on my thighs and I find them less comfortable here in hot Singapore. When I do wear them, I usually do so with tunics. But they can look hip with nice tops as well. And tucking your tops in also creates the nice 1/3 – 2/3 silhouette that I discussed before.

These looks give me a bit of a rock chic vibe. It’s definitely a ‘young’ look and one that I would only wear in very casual situations or when I visit a rock concert. I  think this look would look pretty good when attending Madonna’s concert in July!

The red top without the green top underneath can work too. A bit sexier even and very airy for Singapore. Of course you would keep the top more closed and not as open as in the top picture.

Bright colours always look good to me in high contrast, graphical outfits. Any bright colour is easy to combine with black and white. It’s also fun to combine several trends into one look. Graphical, brights and colour blocking!

This is a look I always feel very comfortable in: pants worn with a short dress. It’s fun to wear a busy pattern for a change and combining it with an extra colour (green) certainly makes it even more interesting. This works really well with black shoes, but it’s also fun to highlight the yellow of the dress as well with the yellow shoes.

Of course, it’s easy to dress up these pants as well. If worn with a woven shirt or if you add a blazer, the simple funky bright pants instantly get a more mature look. You can easily add a blazer in many colours for a more dressy but hip over 40 look. Check more styles from other ladies at Monday mingle and  Visible Monday.

What do you think. Do you think some of these looks are ‘too young’ or do you still like to dress like a rock chic on certain days or occasions?

1 Tamera Beardsley

Love the red drapey top, beautiful!

2 Sylvia

Thanks, I thought it was fun too. Very versatile…

3 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

What do I think? I think you are fabulous in every one of these combinations – you did a great job putting together this vibrant capsule Sylvia. The bright jeans are the foundation, and you’ve built so many great looks around them! I think the graphic dress-over-jeans is my personal favorite.

Thanks so much for linking this up to Visible Monday, and have a great week.

4 Sylvia

Thanks Patti. It’s certainly a very comfy dress here for Singapore!

5 Bella Q

I personally don’t think this is “too young.” To me you look vivacious and chic and very fun! I think it’s totally age apropo, and I love how svelte you look in those delish minty fresh skinny jeans. More, please!

6 Sylvia

Thanks Bella! That’s just the great thing about clothes, isn’t it. Different clothes for different moods!

7 Tangobabe

Wow, Sylvia, gorgeous. I too love all the looks !!!

Strong, bold, bright colors look really good on you. In my humble opinion more flattering for you then pale shades;-)

The animal printed belt gives such a fun and nice touch to many of the combo’s. But all the other items, on themselves and combined, are a big success too.

My least favorite of the above combo’s is the busy printed dress over the trousers. Nothing wrong with it, but it somehow looks a bit less contemporary and less ‘strong’ compared to the other outfits.

But really, overall, you rock, chick! 😉 Very, very nice outfits!

8 Sylvia

Yes, I’m going to embrace the colours more. I think that as you get older, colour becomes more and more important!

9 issy

I have no idea what saddlebags you are talking about…LOL. It is funny how we see ourselves. I am not getting on the bright color bandwagon. I have always been very neutral in clothing, but every Spring/Summer since I was a young woman, I have had a pair of red pants. Denim in the Spring and linen in the Summer, for some reason.

I love your outfits and the color of the pants.

10 Sylvia

Red pants are great! You could always have a bit of fun with the brights trend by just adding a belt, scarf or necklace to your neutral outfits as well….

11 Kim,USA

Beautiful outfit!! Love it!

Visible Monday

12 Sylvia

Thanks Kim

13 my thrifty closet

great remix! Your colored jeans looks really great with all your tops! I love all the outfits, fabulous styling. Very chic accessories and sandals too!


14 Sylvia

Thank you Mongs!

15 Jean at Dross into Gold

You look amazing in all these outfits. I actually prefer the “young” ones! You’ve got a great figure for jeans like these; why not take advantage of it?! Love the color a lot, too!!!

16 Sylvia

Thanks Jean. I guess I’m more into wider pants, but I know some of my readers like me in tighter fits, so it’s great to do something else for a change…

17 U-M

To wear more color provides energy both to yourself and to others

18 Sylvia

Yes! We need a lot more colour on the streets, especially in cooler weather.

19 Nanne

Ahem – what saddlebags?? You look great and you can definitely pull of tight pants with those legs of yours! I don’t think any of the outfits are too young, they’re fun and fresh and stylish:)

20 Sylvia

Clearly I should not have labeled my excess fat that. Fat does tend to accumulate on my thighs though but I guess I can’t really call it saddlebags. Thanks Nanne for the kind words!

21 Greetje

Sadlebags. Really, if you have them, then they don’t show in these trousers. Or the photos are terrific. Haha.
Me, I focus on my tummy, so I would think the top outfit is the most dangerous one as it shows tummy. But in the all green photo underneath it, it is no problem. Strange.
It is hard to choose the best outfit. As more readers I am very fond of the red top. But also of all the other things and combinations. Well done. Oh allright, I wil choose one: the red top, green trousers and yellow shoes. Because I would never have thought of combining these three totally different colours. But they definately work.

22 Sylvia

I find it fun to combine the primiary colours. To me all primary and secundary colours look well together, just like a Mondriaan painting.

23 Sharon

I’m a big fan of the last outfit …. classic with a bit of trendy fun via the accessories (sandals, belt, bracelets and necklace). Especially love the belt!

24 Sylvia

Thanks for your feedback Sharon. Yes, the belt works well with my coloured pants. It looks good on the red too..

25 Buckle Button Zip

Sylvia – These are smashing! I love all the energy from your bright color outfits. You look amazing in those jeans too. No doubt about it.

26 Sylvia

Thanks Laura. Colours give so much energy. It’s a lot of fun wering them…

27 Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

You DO NOT have any shape or form of saddlebags. I have seen saddlebags, and you don’t even come close!
I love all these looks. I think my fav is the one with the white blouse. It just looks so crisp.
I don’t think any of the looks are too young. They look youthful and there is quite a difference in youthful and dressing to young.

28 Sylvia

Hi Debbi. Yes as mentioned in a previous comment (to Nanne) I should properly not have called it that. Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with you!

29 Suzanne

You ROCK skinny pants Sylvia! All of these outfits make you look young and modern and oh so stylish. If I passed you on the street I would want to be your friend – and go shopping with you! 🙂
I love how you wore the yellow shoes instead of black. This has given me the courage to try my green shoes with other bright colors. And I just bought a zebra print belt as I am inspired with how many things you wear your leopard belt with. You are helping me to grow as a Fashionista.
You look so happy – no one dresses happy anymore. The world needs color!

30 Sylvia

I knew you would like these looks Suzanne. I always think of you when wearing these kind of looks as I know you would approve! Textured belts work really well with coloured looks so I think you will love your new belt. I will keep doing my best inspiring women to wear more colour!

31 Nicole Feliciano

You look fab in all of them. I think the red is the most unexpected and fun.

32 Sylvia

Thanks Nicole. yes, that is my favorite too!

33 Jeannie

What saddle bag?? You are rockin’ that skinny jean! I love all your pairings, but my favorite is the one with the red shirt. You know how I feel about you & red!
The white shirt is fab, too! 🙂

34 Sylvia

I hid it 🙂 Thanks Jeannie. Yes, me and red are good friends now….

35 Glamamom

Those jeans are BEYOND! LOVE all the color.

36 Sylvia

Thanks. It’s definitely fun to do something different!

37 The Style Crone

The jeans look great on you and I love how you show examples of a variety of looks with your fabulous choice of green. The touch of animal print is genius. Not too young! I would wear these outfits in a second and you know how old I am.

38 Sylvia

Thanks. I’m so looking forward to see how you are wearing summer clothes Judith and which hats you combine it with!

39 Bonnie

I am definitely feeling the spring vibes right now! I love the bright colors. Rock it!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

40 Sylvia

Thanks Bonnie!

41 Heather Fonseca

Cute new jeans! You look amazing in them. I too have a pair of jeans in a teal color and I love them.

42 Sylvia

Thanks Heather. Safar I’m really enjoying them!

43 Niki

Awesome outfit! I love bright colors and wear them all the time in my blog:

44 Sylvia

Thanks Niki. Just checked your blog and you sure know how to rock the bright colours!

45 Tangobabe

I love all the colors you are wearing. And how you combine them. Daring, bold, fun! Cool!

46 lena

so, definately no saddlebags! :)) so interesting outfits! the first and the fifth ate my favorite ones. they look great on you, you look great and comfortable in them! i don’t know why but i am not used to wear so many bright colors together -a pair of red booties, or a red blazer with a black outfit perhaps and that’s it! but i really like to see all that bold colored outfits worn by women who can support them

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