How to look great while doing sports and why it’s important: ski

by Sylvia

Ski clothes for women over 40

I am a firm believer that style and looking good should not stop when you are going to do sports.  Perhaps I’m still getting over all my frumpy looks from the past, but today, whenever I do sports, I attempt to look good as well. Why not? It’s a lot more fun feeling great in your sport clothes, and if  you choose wisely those clothes are also super comfortable.

One of my absolute favorite sportswear designers is Stella McCartney for Adidas. Her creations always offer something unique. Although I have not yet had the pleasure of getting something from her ski collection yet, I have indulged myself by various pieces from  her collection for tennis, yoga and even golf. Hopefully I get a chance to show you some of those later, but today let’s concentrate on all the fancy ski outfits around.

Stella McCartney for Adidas

ski jackets stella mc cartney

I love the blue winter sports quilted jacket. This would look great with both black and white ski pants. Also wonderful are those fashion forward snow boots! And this white wintersports ski slim jacket will indeed slim you down by accenting the waist and give you a nice silhouette. Available from the Stella McCartney online store.

Some more colorful ski outfits from other brands

Colorful ski outfits

What I wore on the ski fields recently

This year when I went skiing, I kept it simple with my own outfit and went back to an all time favorite: black and white. This was partly because I still had a very good Esprit winter jacket from a few years back, which was black and I just didn’t feel like purchasing something new for a 1 week holiday. So I paired it with off white ski-trousers from O’Neil. The second picture actually doesn’t look so good with the scarf out and I wore it mostly inside my jacket. I also had a red scarf to create my beloved white, red and black combination, but unfortunately no picture…. Even though it was simple and not so colorful, the black and white (and red) combination always works me and I felt great in this outfit!

Black and white ski clothes

 How about you? Do you pay attention on how you look while you are doing sports?


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We belong to two country clubs. One is family oriented and has the best pool. They have a more relaxed dress code but no denim ever and the swimwear has to be “decent” (no string bikinis) as there are children around. The second club has wonderful parties and social events but they are quite snobby. Their dress code is no denim, no khaki (as that is what the staff wears), and no “loud” colors on the golf course. They request white on the tennis courts. My guys wear a lot of Ralph Lauren. I like Lacoste. And I love those little shorts under a skirt outfits. I have seen those bashed on many blogs but they are so cute, comfortable, and no-fuss on the court or course. I do not ski but my children like Columbia jackets and pants best. They have tried other brands but this year told me to buy them the Columbias again. We like Oakley for goggles and sport sunglasses. I do think looking good while playing sports is important – for women and men.


Sounds like you have it covered and are looking great!

Heather Fonseca

You look very chic in your ski attire! I haven’t been skiing in years and years. So many that I’m not sure what I would wear if I encountered snow and skis. I like your chic ski wear ideas though.


Thanks Heather. It was my first time in 10 years and I was surprised that I could still ski at all. It’s actually quite a lot of fun for a week… My son is hooked now, so we may have to go again next year…


I’ve haven’t gone skiing in many years! It must of been alot of fun skiing after ten years!


Yes it was! Hopefully you will get the chance too some day.


I tried snowmobiling for the first time this winter. The company I went to provided the jacket and snowpants (made for males, not females), and they were horrible. I looked like I was about 250 pounds with my colorful gear on. I’m so thankful that it was just my boyfriend and I there. I was definitely warm, though.


I know snow pants can do that. Better select some good ones when you ever go skiing!

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