Yes, I still wear my skirts ultra short!

by Sylvia

short tennis skirts

And I get the pleasure several times a week! Nothing quite beats wearing a ultra mini skirt when you are playing tennis in steaming Singapore. As you may know tennis is my exercize of choice and if I’m not injured (one of the major annoyances that comes with aging) you will find me on the courts 2 or 3 times per week.

As discussed before in previous articles on sport clothes, I believe that you should look just as good doing sports as you do in other aspects of your life. So over the years I have acquired quite a collection of sport clothes. You could call it my sports wardrobe capsule really, as I mix and match many of my pieces with eachother, which gives me a great variety of outfits. I hardly ever wear standard sets.

I will also very happily mix tennis gear with golf and yoga clothes. The top below left was designed for golf, while the below right top was created for yoga. I also mix this top with my normal clothes as you can see in this outfit where I mixed the yoga top with a formal suit. All from Stella McCartney (old collections).

tennis clothes for women

The top below (Stella McCartney for Adidas) is actually meant for bike riding and is combined with a fitness skort from fitness brand Lululemon, which looks plain at the front and frivolous at the back. The outfit below right is from Stella McCartney as well.

Stella McCartney tennis clothes

This dress is one of my favorite and chicest tennis dresses. I love wearing this in the evening and it feels like wearing a little LBD (charcoal really).

Adidas tennis dress

This colourful t-shirt from Stella McCartney for Adidas was a long-time favorite that I wore for all kinds of occasions like tennis, walking and in casual outfits. It has a really nice square back cut-out, which unfortunately you can’t see in these pictures. The skirt is a rather thick golf cotton skirt from Nike.

Nike tennis clothes

An ultra lightweight top and skort from Lululemon. (needs a bit of a smile…)

tennis outfits for women

As you can tell from the above, my absolute favorite tennis brand is Stella McCartney for Adidas, whose clothes I usually acquire from the Adidas outlet store here in Singapore at Novena Square. But, I’ve been a very good girl lately and haven’t visited in a over a year!

So can’t resist to see what’s in her new collection. Although I don’t think I will wear the middle outfit anytime soon (love the design, but looks a bit too much like lingerie), I’m very tempted by the other 2 outfits. If you can’t resist, then you can buy them at the online Adidas Store.

tennis clothes for women by stella mccartney

So do you like to dress up for your sport of choice?

1 Mary Walker

You’ve got great thighs for those skirts your legs looks better than the 20 somethings I see in the stores when I go out.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Mary. Yes, I got lucky in the gene pool with my legs…

3 Pam@over50feeling40

Girl, if I had your figure…I would wear them too!! They look like fun!

4 Sylvia

Everyone at tennis wears short skirts. It does not really matter how big or small your legs are. It’s part of playing tennis and they all look fabulous!

5 Suzanne

Your new haircut is so CUTE with your athletic outfits. 🙂
I like 2 piece looks too because it is fun to mix and match and you won’t get bored as quickly. I did get rid of a lot of my golf clothes last Spring as I was so tired of them and I have been collecting bottoms and tops slowly since then – mostly in navy and white with the occasional bright added for interest.
I love that cobalt, white, & gray outfit in the bottom row. Attractive and trendy! I do not play much tennis but at the country club they request “whites only”. Luckily, I adore a little white tennis dress.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. Yep, still happy with the haircut too. I know, that outfit is my favorite too!

7 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

You’ve got legs for miles, Sylvia! I really like your stylish sportswear. I usually wear two pieces when I work out, a jogging-type bra top and some loose, comfortable shorts. Thanks for sharing your sports look with Visible Monday.

8 Sylvia

The shorter the skirt, the longer they seem to be….I actaully have quite a long torso, so relatively they are not that long. I like to wear shorts too!

9 Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

I like to run and usually wear tanks and shorts. After reading your post though, I am inspired to change that up a bit! Thank you! -Marci

10 Sylvia

Great Marci. That is always the goal, so I’m happy I succeeded in inspiring you!

11 Rita

I tend to wear shorts (usually about a 5″ inseam) for working out, and leggings/yoga pants for yoga. I like the sporty skirts, but I just don’t think of it when I’m shopping. Since I’ve been considering wearing more skirts, in general, lately, I’ll have to give it a think. 🙂 I’m not comfortable wearing skirts shorter than just above the knee in any other setting, though.

12 Sylvia

No I mostly keep my minis to tennis too, although I sometimes also wear shorter skirts and dresses on the beach.

13 Heather Fonseca

Love your tennis outfits. I’m sad to say I’ve tried tennis several times and I’ve never been able to get the hang of it, even with private lessons!
My workout clothes are very old at this point, but I bought some Victoria secret pieces and they’ve held up so well I haven’t had the need to buy anything new. They still look and act new! I never put them in the dryer of course.

14 Sylvia

Thanks Heather. I know it’s a tough sport. I will never be really good, but have managed to attain a decent level. The main challenge now is to stay away from injury!

15 Rachel @

Sylvia, you are awesome for being so dedicated to a sport! But you love it so it makes it easy right? I can’t seem to find passion in any sport or exercise for that matter. I like hiking but that is about it. Such cute tennis outfits. The blue skirt with the ruffles in the back, so sweet. 🙂

16 Sylvia

That is exactly right. I love to play, so it’s just so easy to get the exercize. I need a game element to get me going! Hope you can find something that you will enjoy. That does really help.

17 Tangobabe

I too don’t like any sport or exercise…at all!!!!
Glad to hear somebody else say the same, since nowadays everybody seems to be ‘into sports’.
I do dance the Argentine tango and love that, but I don’t get to do it enough to work as real regular exercise:-(. Yes, that ruffled skirt is very cute!

18 Practical Paralegalism

I wish I’d seen this post before I was in a thrift store last month, trying to buy The Teen some shorts before color guard camp. I saw a lot of unusual shorts/skorts/skirt thingies that I now realize were for playing tennis. Note to self: must get out more 😛

You look great. I had no idea there was such a variety of tennis wear.

19 Sylvia

Thanks! 2 of my skorts were bought at Lululemon. I use them for tennis, but they are actually meant for running. I think these skorts are getting increasinly popular for running in the US?

20 Tangobabe

Lots of nice outfits, Syl! Great pics too and nice picture-ideas; well done. And of course great legs as well;-).

21 Sylvia

thanks Anja!

22 Greetje

I wear mini to fitness in summer. I have a white tennis skirt with a red rim and a red sleeveless top. The other day I walked to fitness class in it and a man on a bike nearly ran into a lamppost because he kept staring at me. I wondered whether it was because he thought “Gee, she has nice legs” or “My goodness, whatever is she thinking to get away with at her age?” I hope it is the first, but will never be sure. For safety reason I will change when arriving and not wear them in the street anymore.
I would love to find some THIN fitness wear with sleeves to my elbow. The skirts will not be that much of a problem.

I very much like your white/grey outfit with the ruffle at the back. Skirt and shirt are nice. And the black dress and the purple dress would be my favourites.

I only sport for health reasons, twice a week + tummy excersises every other day. Because I work in an office all day and drive to work, I HAVE to keep myself supple otherwise I get injuries. But I really hate it. Like Anja, I hate all sports.

23 Tangobabe

Hahaha…LOL about that guy! You tend to have that; attention from strangers on the streets! Cool; I never have that in that way. Nice to have a fellow-sports-hater too! And no, don’t make the streets safer by going around in a burka or something like that. Keep their heads spinning and make their day;-)

24 Sylvia

Greetje, of course it was the first one! How could you doubt that? You make me laugh though that you will not wear them anymore for ‘safety’ reasons. I say, you go girl and make the streets unsafe! Such a shame you don’t like sports. For a social girl like you, it’s a shame you can’t experience the pleasures of a sport like tennis. Very social, fun but good exercize at the same time. Pity I don’t live near you so I can ‘convert’ you…..

25 Greetje

There are other reasons why I don’t like tennis:
I fell on gravel when I was 12. Very painful wound for weeks. Since then fear of gravel.
I get tanned very unevenly wearing tennis clothes, although that is not such a worry nowadays as I have to cover up 3/4 of my body anyway.
And last but by no means least: I do not have “an eye/hand coordination”. None whatsoever.

26 Tammy

I found your post on Visible Monday.

If I had your legs, I’d wear short short skirts too! You look great. A year ago I wrecked my shoulder and had to give up tennis until I have an operation. Just looking at your pictures reminded me what great exercise and fun it is. I lived it a little through you. Thanks!

Tammy of Walking in Pretty Shoes

27 Sylvia

Hi Tammy. Very sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope you will recover soon!

28 Marie S

Sylvia you look fabulous in your tennis clothes. I am no good at any sport but I do go to the gym a couple of times a week and to yoga classes. You have made me want some new workout clothes! I like the shape of my legs which are quite toned but I find that I now have a lot of thread veins which make me look bruised as I have very pale skin so I tend to keep them covered up these days. It’s a bit of a pain in the summer or on holiday. Not that we had such a great summer in the UK this year.

29 Rita

Oh, Marie…don’t cover up. I have spidey veins, too, and lots of scars from childhood bike accidents, etc., on my knees but I figure no one cares what my legs look like. Wear what you love and you’ll look great! 🙂

30 Marie S

Thanks for your supportive comments 😉 everyone is so friendly here!

31 Rita


32 Sylvia

Hi Marie. Sorry to read about you thread veins, but I agree with Rita. Bare your legs anyway! In the end comfort is more important than looks and unfortunately it’s just one of those things that comes with age.

33 Marie S

Thanks Sylvia. It’s something I need to get over. 🙂

34 Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

You still ROCK it Sylvia!!


35 Sylvia

Thanks Rebecca!

36 Jeannie@gracefully50

Oh, this brings back memories! I played tennis in High School and college. Can’t believe I’ve not played in such a long time. You look great in your tennis outfits! I agree with everyone…great legs!

37 Sylvia

Oh, pity you don’t play anymore…

38 Odyssey Home

First of all – I like your blog! Following now. 🙂
I dress nicely for yoga and most other fitness activities in which I happen to engage. Lululemon is the only athletic brand I wear. When I find something that works so well for me in all regards, I tend to become fiercely loyal.
No wonder you wear short skirts. You look terrific!

39 Sylvia

Thanks! I like Lululemon a lot. Unfortunately, it’s not available here in Singapore yet, so the 2 looks above were bought during my trip to the US.

40 Buckle Button Zip

Hey sexy legs! Lucky you for having such amazing gams. Keep wearing the short skirts for all us who can’t. I’m a yoga lover, so for me it’s yoga pants and vibrant tanks. And my grey & purple running shoes for a daily walkabout. I love to keep active and think it’s more important now, than ever.
x Laura

41 Sylvia

Sounds like you are looking great when doing sports too Laura!

42 WendyB

I wish I had a “sport” but I’m just a gym person — wearing crappy bike shorts and old concert t-shirts!

43 Sylvia

Wish I liked the gym more. I don’t think you get injured quite so quickly. As long as you feel good in you bike shorts 🙂

44 Melanie

I love your selection of court clothes. You must lose lots of weight in sweat alone playing tennis in Singapore! You’ve inspired me to spruce up my squash attire. Just because nobody sees me is no reason not to feel fabulous while I’m playing.

45 Sylvia

Exactly Melanie. You’ve got to please yourself!

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