And I get the pleasure several times a week! Nothing quite beats wearing a ultra mini skirt when you are playing tennis in steaming Singapore.

As you may know tennis is my exercize of choice and if I’m not injured (one of the major annoyances that comes with aging) you will find me on the courts 2 or 3 times per week.

As discussed before in previous articles on sport clothes, I believe that you should look just as good doing sports as you do in other aspects of your life. So over the years I have acquired quite a collection of sport clothes. You could call it my sports wardrobe capsule really, as I mix and match many of my pieces with eachother, which gives me a great variety of outfits. I hardly ever wear standard sets.

I will also very happily mix tennis gear with golf and yoga clothes. The top below left was designed for golf, while the below right top was created for yoga. I also mix this top with my normal clothes as you can see in this outfit where I mixed the yoga top with a formal suit. All from Stella McCartney (old collections).

tennis clothes for women

The top below (Stella McCartney for Adidas) is actually meant for bike riding and is combined with a fitness skort from fitness brand Lululemon, which looks plain at the front and frivolous at the back. The outfit below right is from Stella McCartney as well.

Stella McCartney tennis clothes

This dress is one of my favorite and chicest tennis dresses. I love wearing this in the evening and it feels like wearing a little LBD (charcoal really).

Adidas tennis dress

This colourful t-shirt from Stella McCartney for Adidas was a long-time favorite that I wore for all kinds of occasions like tennis, walking and in casual outfits. It has a really nice square back cut-out, which unfortunately you can’t see in these pictures. The skirt is a rather thick golf cotton skirt from Nike.

Nike tennis clothes

An ultra lightweight top and skort from Lululemon. (needs a bit of a smile…)

tennis outfits for women

As you can tell from the above, my absolute favorite tennis brand is Stella McCartney for Adidas, whose clothes I usually acquire from the Adidas outlet store here in Singapore at Novena Square. But, I’ve been a very good girl lately and haven’t visited in a over a year!

So can’t resist to see what’s in her new collection. Although I don’t think I will wear the middle outfit anytime soon (love the design, but looks a bit too much like lingerie), I’m very tempted by the other 2 outfits. If you can’t resist, then you can buy them at the online Adidas Store.

tennis clothes for women by stella mccartney

So do you like to dress up for your sport of choice?


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