Making yoga more fun with fashionable yoga clothes for women

by Sylvia

Yoga clothes for women

Last week I wrote about my new challenge to improve my posture. I decided to kickstart that journey with a week totally dedicated to detoxing, yoga and health. As you read this this I’m already in Phuket at the Atmanja detox retreat. I have been there since Saturday and haven’t eaten anything since Sunday. I will be on a fast for 5 days and will practice yoga every day. I will write more on detoxing and this particular retreat in an upcoming post, but for now let’s focus on yoga clothes! yoga clothes for women I have written before about my love for great sport clothes and particular Stella McCartney’s sport clothes for women.

Well, it’s no different for yoga clothing and over the years I’ve accumulated a small collection of mainly Stella McCartney’s and Adidas yoga outfits. This is partly due to an adidas outlet store being just around the corner and I hardly ever pay full price. Yoga clothing for women I do love her shorts for example and I wear them a LOT and not just for yoga. As you know, I work from home, and my outfit of choice is a pair of shorts and a comfy t-shirt. The outfit above is one of my favorite outfits for work! nike yoga clothes I believe that looking good  and being fashionable shouldn’t stop when you’re doing sports. I always feel so much better when I like my outfit, and it’s no different when I’m practising yoga. And who says you can’t do colour blocking at yoga too? Of course I combine these three quarter pants with other tops too. A lot of my yoga clothes can be mixed and matched so I actually have a lot of different combinations. bright yoga clothing I like to wear colours too. This top looks particularly good with white but can easily be worn with black! yoga clothes from Stella McCartney As with my other clothes, I like clothing that has interesting details. Like the flap on top this yoga short and the strange way the seams are created. The dark pink t-shirt at the right is one of the oldest items I have from Stella McCartney for Adidas and I still love it. It’s so versatile and I wear if for any sport and even as casual clothing. women's yoga outfits The blue top has an interesting back detail. Yoga shorts from Stella McCartney for Adidas I also don’t wear JUST yoga clothes. I play tennis too, go for walks and occasionally go to the gym. All of my sport clothes are mixed and matched with eachother and worn to almost every sport activity. Adidas yoga clothes Another intersting back detail from this top. I just love the colour of these pants. Unfortunately, I don’t get to wear my long pants so often. It’s just too hot here. Pink and cream yoga outfit You have also seen this top before when I wore it with formal pants. It’s actually a yoga top that I most often wear for tennis. The shorts are the oldest on this page. They are a bit worn and the buttons on the side have changed colour, but it’s still one of my favorites and Stella hasn’t made a short as creative and comfortable as this one since.

Fore more ideas you can also check what I wear to a fitness workout!

Are you picky about your yoga or other sport clothes? Which of the above outfits do you like best?

1 Heather Fonseca

Your workout collection is impressive. I’ve got some black yoga pants and t shirts that I wear on my walks, but it’s not all that interesting. You could wear your workout clothes out and look great! Makes me want to go out and get something new.

2 Sylvia

thanks Heather. Yes that is an advantage of Stella’s sport clothes. Many of them can be worn as regular casual clothes and I do!

3 my thrifty closet

wow…you have such a nice work out collection. I do like stella’s design, very clean lines and great colors. I especially like the white shorts. These exercise wear looks chic enough to wear for the weekends too


4 Sylvia

Thanks Mongs. And much of it is long-lasting too, so I think good sport clothes are a worth while investment.

5 Wendy

Your workout clothing collection is impressive … I have one pair of sport pants and that’s it .. but then I do my morning exercises in the state I was born in … lol. The pants are just for when I decide to walk.

Hope you enjoy your retreat and good luck with the fasting.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Wendy, I will keep you updated about the fasting!

7 Nanne

What a great collection of sportswear! My favourite outfit however is the aubergine pants and the white top! It’s so true what you say about nice sportswear, and it makes it a little more fun to work out:) I mostly do jogging, and I find that sportswear from Reebok has a good fit. My favourites so far are a coral racerback top and black running tights. I also have a lime green short sleeved top from Rönisch, and a coral sports jacket for colder weather. My sportswear is definitely sportswear, as all of it is made from dri-fit materials and tight fitting to keep everything in place:)

8 Sylvia

Thanks Nanne, Your sport clothes sound great. Yes, it’s especially the cotton clothes that I wear as casual clothes as well.

9 GreetjeKamminga

Very nice, very nice indeed. My favourite are the grey shorts with the soft pink top. And the white shorts with the flap on top is also very nice. I have a nice summer outfit from Mexx (lavender colour) and a nice Nike outfit for winter: bright fuchsia short dress with white long sleeved shirt underneath and a black tight legging and fuschia Nike sneakers. This is of course a winter outfit. I wear to to fitness twice a week. In the washing machine and hop wearing again. One outfit for summer, one for winter. But indeed I have searched until I found something that I looked good in. Otherwise I cannot look in the mirror. I will have a look in Stella’s collection as I also like her outfits a lot. It is time for a new outfit.
Wish you all the best in Atmanja. Good idea.
I am trying hard to not forget to sit and stand straight. Every time I go to your blog I get a reminder as well.

10 Sylvia

You are very disciplined when it comes to sport clothes Greetje. I’m becoming more so now as I can now mix and match. I just get very bored wearing the same sport outfit all the time.

11 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Ah, Sylvia, you look so polished and pulled together in your workout wear! I am feeling a bit schlumpy right now : > I really like all your Stella pieces. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday too!

12 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

13 Suzanne

I am so impressed with your retreat! 5 days is a long time to fast and I can not wait to hear about that. If you are serious about getting healthy, this is a great way to do it – leave all of your bad habits behind and start fresh. You are growing strong physically and mentally. I always tell my friends – nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.
I really tried to pick a favorite outfit from the ones you show but they are each cute in their own way! When I went out to do my miles today I dressed up in a yellow Adidas tank and navy shorts because you inspired me to look good for exercising. My hubby noticed!
Best of luck with everything! I can not wait to see the results of your hard work.

14 Sylvia

Your outfit sounds like fun! Doesn’t it feel so much better exercizing when you look good?
5 days is the shortest time here. Last time I did it was 4 days (different place), but 5 is really enough for me. It’s not easy but it helps to be in a beautiful relaxed environment. And as you say lots of time to reflect, recharge and remember the important things in life.

15 Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

When you are plus size it is hard to find nice yoga clothes. If you do find them, they are really expensive. I generally wear Danskin that I get at Walmart. Not bad and they aren’t expensive.
Your looks are lovely.

16 Sylvia

Yes, I can imagine it is harder. But as you mention nice sportswear doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s all about finding something that flatters you and makes you feel good!

17 The Style Crone

I am devoted to yoga and it seems to be the only time that I’m understated. I mix and match tops with three pair of yoga pants. You have an amazing collection of work out wear!

18 Sylvia

Thanks Judith. I do, but I also wear it casually and at home so I feel it’s justified. Perhaps you should photograph yourself in your yoga outfit too!

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