How to create and update your casual wardrobe for spring

by Sylvia

How to create and update your casual wardrobe for spring |

It often seems that pulling together a super dressy outfit can be much easier than putting together a chic and casual look. As we’ve mentioned continuously on this site, it’s those moments when we have too much going on in our closets that we often think “I have nothing to wear!”

It’s almost as if the more items you have in your closet, the more challenging it is to find something to wear.

Before you head out to your local department store or boutique to pick up separate pieces that might wind up in the back of your closet, try shopping your own closet.

We’ve been discussing the capsule approach in quite a few articles (we took a dressy approach to shopping your own closet here and are starting a new series on how to develop a capsule wardrobe for your body shape).

Briefly, the capsule approach allows you to bring together different items from your closet that all coordinate with one another and create endless styling options. Let’s put one together now using items you already own (I challenge you to peek way into all the nooks and crannies of your closet).


casual spring tops striped chambray |


casual spring outfits jeans khakis |

Jackets and dress

casual spring jackets dress |


casual spring accessories flats carryall boots |

As you can see, you ,most likely already own the foundational pieces of a quality casual capsule wardrobe for spring. The pieces we have chosen coordinate very well and allow us to have quite a few options without being too overwhelmed by one item that requires an entire shopping excursion.

Once you have your basics together, you can give in to seasonal trends or those one off items you’ve been desiring. They can serve as highlights to your looks, or add a completely different spin you would usually not go for. The trick here, is to select 3-5 new pieces (fewer items to purchase means you can invest in high quality items).

Here are five new pieces we added to our closet

White pants |


Here are nine outfits we put together using the pieces above

Casual Wardrobe Looks |

What is your casual go-to look?



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1 Jodie filogomo

Ahhhh….those lace up sandals—music to my eyes!! jodie


2 Sylvia



3 beate

you really inspired me to turn my closet from winter to summer finally – i was procrastinating because of feeling bored with my style…
but the printed kimono shows me the way to update my uniform of blouse & full midi skirt!
thanx! xxxx


4 Sylvia

Great Beate. Glad I could inspire you!


5 Greetje

If I have time… I would like to search my closet…


6 Sylvia

it’s all about making time…..


7 Elaine

I have acquired pieces over the past year that allow me to try these outfits. Would love to get a non-dressy dress and some nude flats or sandals.


8 Sylvia

Happy shopping!


9 Katrina

I just came across your website. I love your advice for us women over 40 that love fashion and want to express that.


10 Sylvia

Welcome Katrina. Enjoy!


11 nina t

for the first time ever I added yellow to my closet this spring. i don’t have the skin tone for solid yellow anything, but mixed with white, it’s daring enough to give me a pop of sunshine.


12 Natalie

Thanks for the capsule inspiration. I am on vacation this week and will think capsule combos as I switch my closet from colder to warmer weather.


13 Sylvia

Yes it’s smart to think of your wardrobe that way. It will give you lots of combinations to wear with fewer clothes.


14 Sherry Edwards

My go to casual look (I hope you don’t mean ‘lounge wear”) is casual pants like jeans, cords or anything which looks casual or a casual skirt or dress – maybe. I always wear casual shoes so that I don’t have to work work shoes. Also, casual shoes for me means ‘more walking’. Casual tops and coats which I do not wear to work. I usually like to keep all my clothes separate and don’t really mix. Work clothes, sports clothes, casual clothes, leisure clothes, church clothes, dinner clothes, party clothes – all separated. A lot of work, I know, but I really don’t like wearing work clothes unless I’m at work.


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