As I mentioned in my first article on the 2014 Easter Parade, I have more fabulous photos for you to admire.

Pictured above is the wife of 40+Style’s photographer Denton Taylor. Doesn’t she just look gorgeous!

Enjoy the rest of these creative outfits and accessories!

Easter Parade New York, 5th Avenue, 2014 | Easter hats at Easter Parade New York, 5th Avenue, 2014 | couple at the Easter Parade New York, 5th Avenue, 2014 | chic at the Easter Parade | festive in blue | elegantly chic at the Easter Parade New York | flower hat | happy in purple | happy and bright | With flowers in their hair | bright green coat |

Here is Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style whose documentary will premiere soon. He is accompanied by the ever stylish Lynn Dell, aka The Countess of Glamour and owner of the Off Broadway Boutique.

Ari Seth Cohen and Lynn Dell |

Do you enjoy seeing these colorful outfits and hats? Which is your favorite?


Photos by Denton Taylor

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