As you may know I live in Singapore which is a hot and humid place. Temperatures range from about 33 C (89.6 F) during the day to 22 C  (71.6 F) in the evening. This is combined with a very high humidity level of about 94%.  As you can imagine, the weather is rather sticky here. This weather is pretty much the same the whole year round, although this time of year (around December) could be described as the ‘cooler’ months. I’m not complaining though; I very much prefer the Singapore weather to that of my home country The Netherlands, where it is usually cold and miserable.

But how to dress for Singapore?

Now you may think that dressing for Singapore is a breeze, which it is, if you stay outside all the time. In that case all you need are some shorts and a singlet or t-shirt. The less you wear, the better and pure cotton, linen or silk is mandatory. You may want to pack an extra t-shirt in your bag, because you will sweat all over in no time at all. So make sure to take your deodorant with you as well.

HOWEVER, most of you will not just walk outside, as a lot of Singapore’s activities take place indoors. And then dressing in Singapore comes with whole new challenges. So here is a quick how to dress and pack for Singapore guide in case you ever come to visit me 🙂

Singapore’s changing temperatures

Although the outside temperature is hot and pretty much the same whole year round, it is a different story when you go indoors. Air conditioning is everywhere in Singapore and the Singaporeans like their aircon freezing cold. On a recent visit to the chiropractor the lady was wearing a big winter jacket and scarf indoors. No kidding! The problem is that even though you may not like the aircon, it is often centrally controlled and in many offices and buildings you cannot turn it off.

My general dressing advice

So my advice to everyone visiting Singapore is to always take a cardigan, pashmina or scarf, wherever you go. You never know when freezing temperatures (indoors) are going to hit you. Blazers are not so practical as they are far too hot outside, but pashminas and cardigans can easily be stowed away in your handbag. And if you take both, you will be covered for every situation.

Here is more detailed advice for several locations:

How to dress in…..

The office: temperature can vary a lot, but some offices are really freezing cold. Business attire tends to be quite formal. Depending on the temperature in your office it’s ok to wear suits with blazers. It’s always best to wear layers as you never quite know what the temperature is going to be like. I always see visits to business offices as an opportunity to wear a nice suit or pants.

A Taxi: taxis are affordable and everywhere in Singapore. So chances are you enter one on your stay here. The temperature inside taxis here is freezing cold though, so be prepared.

The Park: anywhere outside in Singapore, you want to wear as little as possible. Singles and shorts / skirts are the most comfortable. Or wear a long sleeved very thin cotton shirt so you’re covered and protected from the sun.

Metro (MRT) is air-conditioned everywhere.

Shopping malls tend to be on the cold side too, although you usually get away with a light scarf here. There are a LOT of shopping malls in Singapore so expect to spend a lot of time there, when you’re into fashion!

The Cinemas are very cold as well, so I always wear long pants when going there. This is actually a good occasion to wear a jacket as well. Most cinemas are inside shopping malls, so you can try on your ‘warmer’ clothes for once.

Fairs tend to be a place to show of your best day clothes. So dress up for the occasion.

Parties: definitely dress up for these. If outside, then wear your sexiest party dress. Do the same for inside but be sure to bring some cover.

Fancy bars and clubs: guys be sure to wear long pants! Although you can wear shorts in many bars here, some of the fancier ones (like the popular Skypark bar at Marina Bay Sands) require you to wear long pants. Otherwise they will not let you in.

On the picture: pattern mixing in fuchsia, white and black

Here are some dressing ideas for Singapore with cool cotton clothes. Pattern mixing is a hot trend right now and I particularly love this trend with black and white and one accent color. Mix & match everything on the picture and you’ve got yourself a wonderful travel capsule! This could be bright blue, red or in this case fuchsia. If you want to know more about the items in this picture or where to get them then see this set in Polyvore.


In the end, packing for Singapore is pretty easy. A lot of breezy clothes,  and some scarves and cardigans. Enjoy the lovely temperature in the evenings, where you can sit on a terrace with almost nothing on and take in the atmosphere of Singapore! You should definitely come and visit.

So will you be planning to come to Singapore anytime soon?


P.S. If you are indeed coming, you may also like to read my Singapore shopping guide

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