Discover your type + win a Dressing Your Truth course and shopping spree!

by Sylvia

Dressing your truth energy profiles

In a previous article I talked about how important I feel it is to dress for your personality. I showed my style statement and told you of another exciting assessment that I had recently done and found quite remarkable. I want you all to take it as well! So today I’m delighted to introduce you to beauty profiling and the Dressing your truth program. Be sure to read through all the way to the end, because I will give you the link so you can do the assessment as well, for free! What’s more, there is also an exciting giveaway that will give you close to $400 in products and services!

Discovering your beauty profile

I got contacted a a while ago if I was interested in reviewing the Dressing Your Truth Program developed by Carol Tuttle. Since I love these kind of tests and am always looking for new (and better) ways to find you style, I was very keen to try this. Pretty soon I was given access to their dressing your truth program, which starts with finding out your energy profile (also referred to as beauty profile) or type. Now, although this may sound quite airy fairy, it is actually a very sound process. See it as: a human assessment tool used to get in touch with your true human nature.

You will not be given an outright answer after filling in some questions. Instead it is a process of self exploration. Carol will lead you through the process in a number of well constructed videos and in the end you will need to come up with the answer yourself. For many, this is not that hard, because by the end you will have been given so many clues and may have experienced some ‘aha moments’ that for many women this will be easy. And even if you do find it hard then the Dressing Your Truth team can be contacted for some guidance as well.

So why is it important to find your type?

The profiling will help you understand who you are. How you move in this world and how you relate. Although each of us has elements of all the types in their personality, we will be dominant in just one. The idea of the dressing your truth program is that, when you dress according to your profile type, aka your personality, you will feel more like YOU in everything that you do. You will feel more like yourself and therefore more confident and beautiful. When you know your type and what clothes best suit you, you will find it much easier to select the right clothes for you, independently of fashion trends.

What are the 4 profiles?

In the beauty profiling program there are 4 types:

  1. The bright, animated woman, symbolised by air
  2. The subtle, soft woman, symbolised by water
  3.  The rich, dynamic woman, symbolised by fire
  4. The bold, striking woman, symbolised by earth

Your beauty or energy profile is determined by:

  • Your gifts and talents
  • Personality traits
  • Thought and feeling processes
  • Behavioural tendencies
  • Body language
  • Physicial features

What I thought of it

I like personality assessments as it always gives me a better understanding of myself. And although this assessment was aimed at providing me better guidelines on how to dress and beautify myself, it also provides a lot of insight into who you are. Dressing your truth is also just one part of Carol’s programs, as her many seminars also have sessions on relationships and other topcis. It seemed strange to me at first, that someone would be able to decide how I should dress, which colours I should pick etc, just from a beauty profile and without looking at me. The recommendations are not based on what colour hair or eyes you have for example. Instead it’s purely about your persoanlity and who you are. I found it remarkably how many of the recommendations ‘fit’. I learned a lot about myself as well as my family members!

Do the assessment and find out for yourself!

beauty profiling what is your typeFor now I hope you all head on over to the website and start doing the assessment for yourself. It’s absolutely free with no commitments and even if you don’t like the idea of ‘putting yourself into a box’, you will learn a lot about yourself. This part of the course is all about discovering who you are and it will not give you directions on how you should dress etc, as that is part of the dressing your truth course  which is a paid service. (I will tell you more about this program and my results on Friday). Even if you have no intention of getting the Dressing Your Truth program, the assessment in itself is very worthwhile doing, both for you and your family members! To start doing the assessment, please visit this page to get started. All you will need to do, is to provide your name and email address and the course will be emailed to you in several instalments. I will be checking in with you on Friday and see how you are doing and will reveal some more details on the full program.

Like to win a membership and $100 voucher for the Dressing your truth store?

I’m delighted that I will be able to give one of my readers the full Dressing your truth program  and membership for free, valued at $297! And as an extra bonus, you will also be given a $100 voucher to spend in the Dressing your Truth Shop!

All you will need to do is answer the question: Why do you need a dressing your truth course? Just leave your answer in the comments below AND then sign into the Rafflecopter form and just click on enter to open some more options. For extra entries you can like, share, tweet, etc. but this optional. Please use the Rafflecopter form to indicate all that you have done and in one week time Rafflecopter (which uses will select a winner!

If you start doing the assessment and can’t wait to continue with the full Dressing Your Truth program, then don’t worry. If you purchased the full course after today and happen to win in one week’s time, the course fees will be reimbursed to you. Wishing you all good luck!

To enter answer the question: Why do you need a dressing your truth course?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I look forward to reading all your entries! And don’t forget to start your free course (the beauty profile assessment) so we can ‘talk’ about it on Friday!

Update: I have written more about my experience with Dressing Your truth in this folluw up article: Dressing your truth course review and results

Disclaimer: I was given the Dressing Your Truth program so I can review it for this site. All opinions in this article are entirely my own though. This article contains affiliate links.

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Bre Dale

B/c it would be interesting to find out more about myself. Plus, clothing is one of my fave things in the world and I love to hear new perspective about why we are the way we are.


Oh this sounds sooo cool! I love stuff like this. Would love to find out my beauty profile- i think that is something everyone should do! Thanks for this giveaway for this chance 🙂

Karen Foster

I am not that great with style … I would love the help!

Suburban Style Challenge

I think it’d be really interesting to see what my “true” self is when it comes to style. I certainly feel more comfortable in certain items over others, and it would be neat to see if the reason for that is that those items fit my “self” more than others. Plus, I imagine it would help with paring down my closet a bit, haha!

Celebrate Woman

It’s always curiosity and a wish to discover more!

Tiffany Cruz

I would love to be able to find out who I really am.

Still Blonde after all these YEARS

My Style is so random. I think it might help me not be so “all over the place”.

Cathy Davis

I don’t have a ‘style’ LOL I see things that are fashionable and that I like but am always afraid I wouldn’t be able to “pull it off”… maybe this will help give me some direction! 🙂 Thanks!

Nancy Little

I think it would be good for me because sometimes I question the clothes I wear…meaning, are they too “young” for me.

Bella Q

I’m guessing I’m the fiery air one.

I don’t mind being put in a box, I just resent having to stay in one, ha ha. You can quote me.


That is funny Bella. I will quote you on that 🙂


Hey Sylvia

I will sincerely feel blessed if I win the full dressing your truth course. It will open an window of opportunity to find out about color and style of clothes, which I wouldn’t normally try. Even though secretly I wished to wear them but never had confidence to wear them. Also stops me from those blunders and mistakes I am doing unknowingly. Lastly I would say, that with this changing world and new fashion, I would like to discover the new me for each and every occasion of my life!!


Hi Priyanka, Thanks for your entry. You will also need to log your answer in the Rafflecopter form above. Otherwise you will not be entered into the competition. Just login with either facebook or your email address and click enter. Then for further chances you can add more options.


I need this course because I’m at a crossroads in my life. Having recently lost more than 50 lbs (just slightly more than halfway toward my goal), I’m beginning to rediscover my love for fashion. For years, I’ve used my clothing as a way to hide – from myself, from the world. Now that I’m rediscovering the person I’ve been hiding, I want to understand what styles best fit my lifestyle, my body type and my personality!

Cyndy L

My style has changed a lot over the years and I need a little direction!


Found the quiz-taking to be very frustrating, the website kept malfunctioning. Tried three times, finally gave up. Wasted almost an hour! Couldn’t get signed up for the free course either, each time I tried the website froze. At this point I’m not sure I’d want to win.


How strange Amy. I have gone through the whole course without problems and was able to sign up for a test account for the free course without any hassles. I think you have been very unlucky. Hopefully you will give it another go….


After stagnating once I had kids, I have been trying to find my style for the past couple of years, without a whole lot of success and spending a ton of money. I’d like to know what looks good before I take it home from the store.


This is excellent! I could really use this course now because I feel that I’m suffering from some sort of style personality disorder! I think I know what I like and what my style is, but then suddenly I become all insecure and hate all the clothes in my closet and feel that they don’t truly reflect the person that I am. Right now I think my clothes spell b-o-r-i-n-g…….

I’ve already signed up for the free course, and I’m really excited about it:)


Great Nanne. Don’t forget to enter in the rafflecopter form above as well, otherwise you’re not in the draw to win!


Of course I will, thanks for the reminder:)

Tav W.

At 53, I have been through many physical and mental issues with perimenopause. I would love to discover who I am NOW, as opposed to the young woman I once was. I’ve had difficulty finding clothes that are right for me, since I’m never sure if what I’m attracted to would also be considered “age-appropriate”. Perhaps this program would help me.


Hi Tav. Thanks for entering the giveaway. Don’t forget to log your answer into the Rafflecopter form above, otherwise you will not be in the draw.

Tav W.

Thank you, Sylvia! I didn’t know that—I’m new at this! 🙂


I could really use this because despite imagining at first glance that I am the bright&airy woman, I still struggle with defining my “look”, choosing clothes, putting together outfits that I feel let me express myself. Any help in that area would be so welcome! 🙂


I am just getting back into the working-outside-the-home-after-being-a-sahm-for-6-years phase….would love some help!


I need a Dressing your truth course because I want to dress more simple and sophisticated but my friends say that my caracter is fire, extravert. So now I am puzzled.


I’m popping in to comment that I have been dressing my truth for several months, and I love what the programme has to offer! It goes beyond fashion, and really helps one to express who they are. Your dominant energy is something you are born with and it is with you throughout life. If you are questioning who you are and curious how to represent the real you with your clothing, hairstyle and accessories, this course will really be of help. Over the years, so many of us get side-tracked by what the fashion industry tells us to be true. I have always found your blog to be individual, and inspiring Syliva, and it will be fun to follow your adventures with dressing your truth. Good luck to everyone entering the contest! Sue, Type 1


I loved reading these responses! I feel like I am in a very similar place. I’m in my mid-forties and have been through so many tough challenges in the past two years. I’d love to get my mojo back! Dressing Your Truth sounds so affirming and I’d love to experience it!

Kat Riley

I have always suffered with poor body image and with how clothes look on my. I recently went through a mid life crisis and was wearing clothes not quite appropriate for my age. This course may point me in the right direction, instead of having my fashio be all over the place.


I need the course because I’m 48 years old and still wear jeans and t shirts. I have no idea even what to try on in the store and absolutely hate shopping because of it. I am going back into the workforce after many years and really need to learn how to shop for and wear clothes that fit me and my personality.


it is always good to learn different things


I’d like to be more daring with what I wear. Tasteful, not vulgar at all, so it would be good to get input to figure out how I can express this.


I need this course because I never feel “right” in the clothes I wear. It would be nice to figure out how to express my inner self on the outside.


I have enjoyed the profiling videos but need more help! I need help further narrowing myself down between a Type 2/water and Type 3/fire. I also have quite a bit of Type 4/earth! I want to dress my truth in both my personal and professional roles. What a great tool! Thanks!


Hi Debbie. Did you get the last email already? They offer quite a few help tools to make sure that you select the right type. It also gives you the link to download the pdf book that has a lot of information as well. Also think back to your days when you were young. What were you like then?

Valerie Taylor Mabrey

I have no idea what looks good on me

my thrifty closet

thank you for this giveaway! I am very interested to find out if I have been right about the colors that flatter my skin tone. And I am excited to find out how I can improve my style!


Marlene V

I am around 40 years old and I am having troubles dressing my body now and I am unsure what my style is? I would love to win this course.

Debbie P

Would be great to learn more about myself & my style.

john mains

I would want this to give to wife. She would love it for a mothers day gift

paige jagan

Because i have absolutely no style, i am a frumpy soccer mom 🙁


After losing a little over 100lbs, I’m a bit lost on how to dress!

audrey van petegem

I am turning 50 next month and not only do I want to dress my age but I want to dress my age with style and pizzazz!

Michelle Tucker

I’d like to take this course because I’d like to change my frumpy look. I can’t describe it any other way.


Julie from Pearl City, HI

I found out I am a type 4 but have been sabotaging myself my whole life dressing like a type 2. As I approach retirement form my current career I am also earning a DBA and need the transformation to be successful in my next chapter of life.


Hi Julie, Great that you have now found out about your type. It sounds like it comes at exactly the right time for your next chapter in life. Good luck!


I recently had a style consultation through Colour Me Beautiful and was told I am a pear shape. The good thing was getting help in choosing styles for this shape that would hide my wide hips and broaden my shoulders to balance my proportions.
There will be different body shapes in each of the 4 types of Dressing my Truth, so if for instance I was a type 1 how would someone who is also a type 1 with an apple shape rather than my pear shape be able to wear the same styles as me and vice versa?


Hi Aileen. This course is not about body types in terms of shape. It’s all about personality and about the way you move. You are then given instructions on how to dress in terms of fabrics, colours, Design lines, Texture Fabrication, Pattern and Color/Chroma. You can then adapt these to your specific body type (although they will have some guidelines for this, this is not the focus of the course). You could read my own recommendations for the pear shape for that: You can read more about the Dressing your Truth course in my follou-up post: I would suggest you sign up for the free course. You will learn quite a lot about the whole course through that.


Hi Sylvia. I like how you have answered this question. We have been conditioned to believe that other people should determine what styles we can and cannot wear. Dressing your Truth frees us from those limiting thoughts by giving us an understanding of the movement of clothing that we will feel the best in. I think that when a person is dressing their truth that body shape becomes less of an issue. Do you agree? I’m not suggesting to throw out any and all recommendations such as you’ve been so helpful to make, but I am suggesting that when you are wearing the appropriate design lines, texture etc. for your type, that you naturally look better.


I agree Sue. I think that a combination of the 2 will be great. Then I would add to that a whole lot of your own individual style and you will look amazing! I’m personally not able to really stick to any rules but I take them all into account.


And I’m always inspired by your personal style!


Thanks Sylvia. I did sign up for the free course, but am still not sure which type I would be. Can you tell me if it is possible to follow the course from anywhere worldwide?


Yes, it’s an online course, so location is not important.

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