In a previous article I talked about how important I feel it is to dress for your personality. I showed my style statement and told you of another exciting assessment that I had recently done and found quite remarkable.


I encourage you to take my style quiz!


Today I will introduce you to beauty profiling and the Dressing your truth program.

Discovering your beauty profile

I got contacted a a while ago if I was interested in reviewing the Dressing Your Truth Program developed by Carol Tuttle.

Since I love these kind of tests and am always looking for new (and better) ways to find you style, I was very keen to try this.

Pretty soon I was given access to their dressing your truth program, which starts with finding out your energy profile (also referred to as beauty profile) or type. Now, although this may sound quite airy fairy, it is actually a very sound process. See it as: a human assessment tool used to get in touch with your true human nature.

You will not be given an outright answer after filling in some questions. Instead it is a process of self exploration.

Carol will lead you through the process in a number of well constructed videos and in the end you will need to come up with the answer yourself. For many, this is not that hard, because by the end you will have been given so many clues and may have experienced some ‘aha moments’ that for many women this will be easy. And even if you do find it hard then the Dressing Your Truth team can be contacted for some guidance as well.


Update, I have since developed my own style course that doesn’t put you in a box but let’s you be uniquely yourself. Check out 21 Steps to a More Stylish You.


So why is it important to find your type?

The profiling will help you understand who you are. How you move in this world and how you relate.

Although each of us has elements of all the types in their personality, we will be dominant in just one. The idea of the dressing your truth program is that, when you dress according to your profile type, aka your personality, you will feel more like YOU in everything that you do.

You will feel more like yourself and therefore more confident and beautiful. When you know your type and what clothes best suit you, you will find it much easier to select the right clothes for you, independently of fashion trends.

What are the 4 profiles?

In the beauty profiling program there are 4 types:

  1. The bright, animated woman, symbolised by air
  2. The subtle, soft woman, symbolised by water
  3.  The rich, dynamic woman, symbolised by fire
  4. The bold, striking woman, symbolised by earth

Your beauty or energy profile is determined by:

  • Your gifts and talents
  • Personality traits
  • Thought and feeling processes
  • Behavioural tendencies
  • Body language
  • Physicial features

What I thought of it

Here is what I thought of the programme.

What I liked

I like personality assessments as it always gives me a better understanding of myself. And although this assessment was aimed at providing me better guidelines on how to dress and beautify myself, it also provides a lot of insight into who you are.

The profiling does provide insights and some of the recommendaitons made sense but not all of them.

What I didn’t like

The test puts you in a defined box which then gives you a defined set of rules on how to style yourself.

It doesn’t actually give you a lot of tips about how to wear certain things and how you can create a better silhoutte though. It’s more in the line of, “you like your hair a bit messier, you wear these colors and these kind of styles’.

I don’t like to be limited in that way in my style choices. I want to pick any shilhouttes, colors and styles I choose.

I also feel that it didn’t really provide a lot of dressing guidelines that a lot of women would benefit from.


beauty profiling what is your type

The initial test is fun and will give you insight about your personality.

On the whole though I felt the system really put me in a box and that’s not something I wanted. I don’t want to live by a set set of rules and feel that I can’t be put into just one personality or dressing your truth type.

Have you taken Dressing Your Truth? What did you think of it.

Update: I have created what I believe is the perfect style course for women over 40.

The course dives into personality, body type, silhouette, color and so many other topics. It recognises that we are all unique so it’s really a journey of discovering yourself. If you want to get your style groove back or just develop your signature style check out 21 Steps to a More Stylish You.

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