Dressing for type 3 in lovely yellow

by Sylvia

Dressing for type 3

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I thought I would try to incorporate some of my new knowledge on my beauty type in my oufit today. I was pleased to find out that I’m actually supposed to wear a lot of wonderful colour and although I will not follow all the ‘rules’ to the letter (as discussed in dressing your truth course results and review) I am going to try adding even more colour to my wardrobe. This outfit too does not follow all of the guidelines but I still think that this outfit has some of the type 3 vibe. My orange, camel and brown outfit would be a good example too.

Here you can see my colour card. Although you are not limited to just these colours, the colours need to ‘blend in’ with your outfit. As you can see both black and white as well as high contrast are not on the card, so my bag should not have been added to the outfit. However, as I mentioned earlier, I also have a lot of type 4 qualities and I’m still going to keep some high contrast colours and paralel stripes with my outfits. Some of the type 3 characteristics that are in this outfit are:

  • A reasonably chunky necklace (could still be bigger)
  • Texture
  • Colour
  • A textured belt
  • Texture in hair (although that could be better too)
  • Golden coloured jewelry.

I had fun with the program and learning about my beauty type. You can still take the free assessment or enter my giveaway for a free course and shopping at the Dressing your truth store. It would be fun learning about your beauty types!

Top: Mango
Trousers: Claudia Strater (old)
Shoes: Max & Co (similar)
Belt: Tangs  (similar)
Sunglasses: Furla

What have you been wearing this weekend?


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I love the mix of the neutrals with the bright yellow and the bit of animal print. Also, I think your trousers are super cool!


Thanks Lissy. I agree the trousers are fun, but it’s so nice to combine them with colour!


I so love this ensemble and it does look good on you!

Kim, USA


Thanks Kim!

Jean at Dross into Gold

It’s so funny you’re mentioning the “Dress your Truth” thing. Recently my husband was handed the original book by the author’s sister! I read it (I’m a type 1). I haven’t really explored it yet, though. Maybe I should-you look great!! Those pants are extra special!!!

Love, Jean


Thanks Jean. Great to know that you are a type 1!

Kathleen Lisson

Yellow and animal print is unexpected and lovely together.


Thanks Kathleen!

Kathleen Lisson

You’re welcome! I am looking into the Dressing Your Truth course because of your suggestion. Thanks!


Those. Pants. Are. Killing. Me. I LOVE them! You rock fitted pants. I like the yellow stripes and the leopard belt too. And the yellow in the awesome shoes bookends the top. Dressing in colors and styles that are “right” for your personality really seems to bring out the best in you. You look young, bright, and happy. I am beginning to think there is something to this “science”. 🙂 I am going out of town for a while but when I get back I need to check into this new program of yours.


Thanks! You’ve seen the pants before on the site. But then I wore them underneath a flowery dress…. So I guess now you see them in their full glory!


Okay – I just signed up for the Dressing Your Truth course so I can find out what my style type is. It was the pants that made me do it. 🙂


I hope you enjoy it. I think finding out about your type is really interesting and can help with many aspects of life, not just dressing. I look forward to learning about your results. I opened a thread in the forum for more questions and discussion on that: https://40plusstyle.com/forum/40-style-forum-group3/how-to-dress-over-40-forum1/dressing-your-truth-beauty-profiles-thread58.0/#postid-374

my thrifty closet

you do look amazing in colors especially brights…I like the yellow accents, the colors of your outfit look so balanced, the right amount of yellow, grey and white and nice touch of browns look just perfect for you. It reflects how well you know what works for you. The color card looks really interesting, it’s a very helpful guide. Looks like the program is really fun! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, sure! I love questions and answers! Thanks for the offer. Btw I don’t thrift very often…maybe once or twice a month. But I always seem to find a lot of stuff at each trip …haha..



Great Mongs. Will send you some questions soon and thank you for the nice words about my outfit. Every new item I will buy this coming sale month will be something with colour!


I love this outfit – you look gorgeous in yellow, and the trousers are fabulous!

I wanted to thank you for posting the link to the Dressing your Truth beauty course – I have been doing it, and it’s really opened my eyes (I’m a type 2). I’m not sure about investing in the whole programme (and I’m not in the US, does that make a difference??) but I may buy her book xx


Hi Jo, Nice to read you are enjoying the course. You will get a downloadable pdf of the book by day 8 (I believe) which will give you even more info on the profiles. By day 9 you will be offered a discount on the full course so you can consider that. Other than that Carol also has a good blog that gives many tips and of course you can get an idea about type 2 style from the shop! It doesn’t matter where you live by the way. For good tips on how to dress for your body type, be adventurous with your style and inspiration, of course you’re still good here at 40+Style!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I am dying for those pants, Sylvia! And I love your whole look – I am going to buy the book, at the very least, and right away!


Just sign up for the free course Patti and you will get the pdf book about the profiling. Also don’t forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a free full course!


When I see in these colourful outfits I keep thinking that you are a whole lot better at combining than I am. Really very nice outfit. Simple yet interesting. Totally good.


Thanks Greetje. The disadvantage of Singapore is that it’s so hot, so you will need to keep things simple and light. I would love to play more with jackets and layers. Even this outfit is pretty warm outside, but perfect for indoors.


Still love this combination. Looks so good. And I still like this hair style… Sigh.


haha Greetje. Fun to revisit this look. Have not worn this jumper for a while. I should have taken it to The Netherlands!

Rachel {Raw-kul}

Love the yellow, it makes me happy and it looks great on you! Found you on Visible Monday. Greetings!


Thanks Rachel!


You look great in yellow! Those pants are hot hot hot! Would love to own a pair like that. I’m with you on the golden accessories. Silver is a very cool color. I love bronze as well.


I was lucky to find them in a sale 2 years ago!


What extraordinary slacks! And the yellow and leopard is wonderful….and omg, the shoes! This is a killer outfit.


Thank you Lisa!

Anne @ the Frump Factor

You look beautiful as always, Sylvia. I love the idea of choosing additional colors that blend with the color palate you’ve been given. I have a few groups of “recommended colors” lying around, but it never occurred to me to try to blend with them rather than matching them, exactly, which seemed so unrealistic that I never really tried to do it. Genius! Thanks for the tip!


You are welcome Anne. Good luck with that!

Jeanine @ Seasonal Color Analysis

Hey, I think you look great! But the yellow and white look quite springy/type 1 to me. I was draped last year in UT as a type 3 and I think the yellow and gold are deeper, muddied (you know how they always say “filthy rich?” :)). But I think you look quite pretty in those colors.


Yes probably true, but the yellow is reasonably rich even though it looks very light on the picture. I’m not too strict with the colours either, but I’m certainly not a type 1!


I love those pants and shoes!!
This just maybe one of my favorite look on you!


Thank you Jeannie!


Hi Sylvia,
You look terrific. Edgy, but not so dark. When I look at the DYT site, I think Type 3 is interesting, but all the eggplant, brown, olives don’t seem as energetic to me. This is inspiring!


You can dress both in lighter and darker versions. Since I’m living the full year in summer I’m going to go with the lighter versions of the colours.


Hi Silvia,
I am here via Patti’s Visible Monday and just had to say that YOU LOOK SPECTACULAR!
The trousers, the subtle pattern mix and the shoes are just perfect.
Nicely done 🙂


Thanks Lorena for your kind feedback!


Love your outfit,I’m going to try these colurs together you look great 🙂


Thanks Claire. Good luck that!


You look lovely. Your hair colour/style looks great! I wonder what a different shade of yellow would look like on you, perhaps a softer yellow, more buttery? Great pants!


Thanks Petra. I’m not very keen on lighter yellow and I have found that brighter colours look better on me. Not really a pastel girl….

Bella Q

I love the mix of yellow and cream with the leopard belt. The texture and cut of the pants are a stand-out, and I like the added print and color of the black/white purse. The only improvement for me is that the necklace could be even stronger/bigger. But you are rocking it, rocking it, rawking. it.


Thanks Bella. I agree the necklace is not perfect but sometimes you’ll just have to do with whatever is in your cupboard….


Love the yellow stripe with the leopard!

Heather Fonseca

Love that outfit on you!
I think I might be a type 4 with undertones of type 2. Still watching the videos slowly as I have the time. I’m liking the program more as I get deeper into it, I just hate the idea of limiting my personal expression.


At least as a type 4 you are allowed to wear black AND can wear the really vibrant colours! It’s true that following the program to the letter can be quite limiting but it may help some to avoid all those buying mistakes…


I’m not sure but I think I might b a type 3. I never thought
I should wear reds orange or green. Always black
U look really good. Do u now know how to shop
And what to buy? How do u know if u pick
The right type?


Did you go through the test Melanie? That should give you an idea. Some will just know after that and others can never be sure. Even though I identified myself as a type 3, I also have a lot of type 4 tendencies. I’m not that strict with the types for myself and mainly just follow my intuition. I would recommend you go through my style challenge questions (10) which is a really good way to figure out about your own style and personality. https://40plusstyle.com/2013-style-challenge-1-why-is-style-important-to-you/

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