Putting it all in one outfit: colours, patterns, brights and hat!

by Sylvia

Red pants and stripes

It’s always great when fellow blogger Anja is in town, as she likes to photograph and always manages to take some good photographs of me. And I’m particularly pleased with how these pictures turned out. Another great thing is that Anja also enjoys reading my blog, so it’s funny that when I meet her for lunch, she dresses completely according to an article of that day, which was my article on the black and white trend. I will show you some of the pictures I took of her later this week.

I too was inspired to do something with black, white and colour and try my own tips of combining all 4 suggested elements into one outfit. Alas, I’m still in colourful mode, so couldn’t resist adding more than one colour to the mix. Instead I used a big patterned black & white bag to add that element, as well as mixed patterns, 2 highlight colours, a hat and red lipstick!

Stripes and colours from Mango

You have the mixed pattern of my bag, the stripes of my hairband, my graphical silver & white watch, the red and black of my hat and the polkadots of my belt. Even though I have used more than just black and white and added 2 extra colours, it’s still a simple colour combi and putting these all together gives it a graphical feel. Of course I would have liked to add the lady like look into the mix, but couldn’t find a good dress for the occasion. So instead I really splashed on the lipstick (inspired by Isabella Blow) to give the look a little bit of a lady-like feel.

Furla Sunglasses and stripes

Top: MPhosis
Trousers: Mango
Necklace: Alldressedup
Shoes: Ecco
Sunglasses: Furla
Watch: Bruno Nimaber

Thanks so much to Anja for taking the photographs. Unfortunately, she is off to Holland again so no more lunches for a while, but she can still be found at totally wowed and Double Dutch in Singapore.

How about you? Have you been having fun with patterns, colours, black & white, hats and Jewelry this weekend?


1 Tangobabe

Looking good, Sylvia! Glad that the pics turned out well. That red lipstick looks very pretty on you.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Anja. Red lipstick on photos always looks marvellous doesn’t it!

3 Kim,USA

That is so cool outfit. Love it!

Kim, USA

4 Sylvia

Thanks Kim!

5 Jean at Dross into Gold

Delicious! So many elements to revisit and incorporate! I love the fedora and lipstick especially. Have a great week!

Love, Jean

6 Sylvia

Thanks Jean. This hat was cheaply bought in a small shop and it’s been a big hit. It turns an average outfit into something special!

7 Terri

Anja did a beautiful job with the photographs. Most of the time I am lucky to work a third color into my outfits–so it was instructive to see how even a fourth can create a bold, beautiful look.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Terri. Yes, and I don’t even think that this outfit is too busy. It’s still a simple colour palette, that’s just a bit different and fun!

9 Louise

Sylvia, I just wanted to say how much you have inspired and influenced my fashion choices lately. I never used to be drawn to draped or asymmetrical items, but they look so fabulous on you that I decided to at least try them on at the stores. Today I have on a new purchase, a black and white striped tunic with flared draping at the hips and I love it! I never would have looked at it twice because it was “too short for my age,” but you showed me how to layer a skirt underneath to make it work. Your use of bold color also influenced my choice to add a spring green sweater over the top. I received a nice compliment on my outfit at dinner, and said a quick, “Thank you Sylvia!” in my head.

I love how chic and easy you make all these styles look, and that you fill your blog with smiling photos. Keep up the great work!

10 Sylvia

Such a lovely comment Louise. It’s always so lovely to hear that women are inspired, try something different and it is a success. Well done for trying something new!

11 Bella Q

Sizzle, sizzle. You look smokin’ hawt, baby!

12 Sylvia

Thanks Bella!

13 my thrifty closet

so bright and chic outfit. I like the blue striped top and the red pants, nice contrast! The red hat and necklace are just great accents!


14 Sylvia

Thanks Mongs. Yes, I guess this is a good example that even casual bright clothes can be chic too if worn the right way.

15 Greetje

Very nice Sylvia, looking good.. Great inspiration for me as I have difficulty in using more than two or three colours. Posture is great too. I am still trying to improve my posture. I succeed, let’s say “off and on”.
And I will profit from Anja’s great photographing skills this week and next week. This weekend I haven’t tried on any clothes yet. And today it is “Koninginnedag” (our Queens birthday celebration). The whole country is orange today (royal colour). And sunshine yeah! With this springs fashion I had no trouble finding orange clothes and looking good. Makes a difference with other years.

16 Tangobabe

I’m almost on my way, Greetje! Hahaha…

17 Sylvia

Keeping good posture for some pictures is easy. Maintaining it for the whole and while sitting, now that’s a different story…. Still a lot of work to do! Have fun today.

18 Greetje

By the way… red, white and blue as in your photograph will also do nicely on this day of our queens birthday celebration. Our flag colours as you well know.

19 Sylvia

I could just have worn my orange pants instead of the red ones. Would have been perfect for today. Have fun celebrating!

20 Chicatanyage

Great photos

21 Nanne

Wow, that is one cool outfit! You look great as always:) I have been extremely non-creative with my outfits for the past days, I really need to get my spring wardrobe sorted. It’s just so difficult as we’re still experiencing quite low temperatures, I’m actually wearing my cashmere v-neck sweater today to keep warm at work.

22 Sylvia

Thanks Nanne. I hope you are getting good weather soon. It certainly is a lot of fun playing with all the colours.

23 Greetje

I have put my orange or red/white/blue outfit on your Forum Sylvia. Perhaps I could have made it more interesting like you have with your black&white and more colours. But I still am not good at it. So any advice is much appreciated.

24 Pam@over50feeling40

These are great pictures!! I love the necklace, hand bag and top…great look!

25 Sylvia

Thank you Pam. I’m also loving that bag. It was a great find. Great for bringing all my stuff!

26 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

you’re stunning, Sylvia, with your red lips, pants and hat! So creative and vibrant. You inspire me to try red lipstick today.

27 Sylvia

Good luck. It’s not always that easy to wear and requires regular maintenance. But it is certainly fun and you WILL get noticed!

28 Fashion By Alicia

I really love that top! It looks great with your red pants. Cute!

29 Sylvia

Thanks Alicia!

30 Niki

Love the touch of polka dots in the belt!

31 Sylvia

Thanks! It’s those little things that count!

32 Nicole Feliciano

Love the hat! Just bought one today to wear to miami!

33 Sylvia

Hats are great. I will be on the hunt for some good summer hats this season!

34 Rachel

I love the blue and red together. The mix of polka dots and stripes is also a great addition to the look.

35 Sylvia

thanks Rachel!

36 Adin Blankenship

Wow! Talking about confidence. This is awesome! I actually love it. I want red pants! 🙂 Love this whole thing!

37 Sylvia

Thanks Adin. Red pants are super versatile. They are becoming a real favorite!

38 thefashionistachic

This is a pretty daring look!!

39 Sylvia

Still I felt very comfortable wearing it. I’m getting braver….

40 The Style Crone

You really pulled off this complex ensemble with aplomb. I love the red lipstick inspired by Isabella!

41 Sylvia

Red lipstick is actually really good for someone like me who wears very little makeup. Just put red lipstick on and you instantly look ‘made up’.

42 Rebecca

Wow!!! Love the colors Sylvia…..you rock!!!

43 Sylvia

Thanks Rebecca!

44 Joni

I love this combination! Your lipstick really balances it all out too and an important element to the entire look. The pants fit perfectly! Right now I’m working orange into my wardrobe. Exhilarating!

45 Sylvia

Thanks Joni. Orange is a lot of fun too. Good luck with that!

46 megan, the frugalista diaries

bright and fabulous, i love it.

47 Sylvia

Thanks Megan!

48 Megan Mae

Love your gorgeous red trousers and matching red hat. The blue just sets everything off so perfectly.

49 Sylvia

Thanks Megan. Blue and red always a perfect combination!

50 Clau

I love your looks!!
Great blog.
Best regards from germany

51 Sylvia

Thanks Clau!

52 DressCode:HighFashion


congrats on making the Links a la Mode!

Best, Jenny


53 Sylvia

Thanks Jenny!

54 Heather Fonseca

Love your colorful outfit! I have to say I’ve been toning down the color recently. I don’t know why exactly, but I think the cold weather has omethingto do with it.

55 Sylvia

Still it’s funny how we always do that. Less colour when the weather is bad, but that’s actually the time when we need it even more!

56 grownandcurvywoman

Love this outfit! From the vibrant hues down to your accessories you look flawless!

57 Sylvia


58 Kristin

I wish I looked that good in hats!

59 Sylvia

I’m sure there is a good hat for you as well. All kinds of shapes suit different heads!

60 Kathleen Lisson

I am part way through the Dressing Your Truth intro videos and I have learned a lot about my own style. I think I am a type 2 with a bit of type 4. I feel so comfortable in ladylike clothes and soft, rounded hats (2) or striking color combinations (4). Listening to Ms. Tuttle’s advice has helped me accept the fact that not all trends work on all people. The image I cannot get out of my head is how uncomfortable and ‘wrong’ some ladies look in their bridesmaid gowns. Classic case of dressing a type 3 in a type 2 gown and hair.

61 Sylvia

I know. That’s why they are often so bad. Much better to have those dresses in a similar style or same colour but slightly different design for each woman! Good luck with the rest of the course. I have a special thread in my forum to discuss the Dressing your truth course at: https://40plusstyle.com/forum/40-style-forum-group3/how-to-dress-over-40-forum1/dressing-your-truth-beauty-profiles-thread58/

62 Kristin

What a fun, vibrant look!

63 Sylvia

Thanks. I still love the photos and outfit too. It just pops!

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