Are you wearing colour?

by Barbara

How to wear more colour and look younger and fresher after 40 |

I love colours. And I absolutely love people who can pull off wearing fantastic colours and look great. I find that colour can work wonders if you are getting older and give you that extra flair.

So why do I (and perhaps you too) often resort to more safe colours?

  • I get bored with a new fashion colour so quickly that I often wear coloured outfits only once or twice.
  • Colours usually look great in prints. The issue here. Prints have a very short time span in my closet.
  • It takes so much more time to mix and match and put the outfit together.
  • Buying bright colours tends to make fashion buying a whole lot more expensive for all the reasons above.
  • Even though I like daring colour combinations on others, it never seems to feel quite right for me.

Still, I am not giving up. I am determined to wear colour and get a bit more oomph in my dressing.

So here are a few of my tips for adding more colour to your wardrobe

1. Buy more ‘classic’ dresses in colour so you don’t tire of them so quickly

Not so easy as one of my other rules is to only buy new things that are a little bit different and not standard. However, a good example of this may be my red dress that I bought recently (see above). Although it still has a classic shape, it still has a few quirky and different things going on to make it interesting.

2. Buy colours and prints during the sale

I’m trying more and more to buy all my clothes at the end of the season now, and I hardly ever buy brightly coloured items at full price. I simply cannot trust myself and I can never predict how long I will like a new piece. When clothes are at a 50% discount I can be a bit more adventurous.

3. Add more colour witth accessories like hand bags, shawls, belts, glasses, different colours watch bands

This is probably the best thing you can do to add more colour. It’s cheaper and you can keep bags, watches and belts for years. I have some ingenious watches that I can change according to the colour I wear.

4. Buy some colourful shoes

That is exactly what I did on my recent trip. I am now the proud owner of a colourful pair of bright red high heeled shoes! Together with a red belt, red handbag, red watch band, this will turn my plain coloured dresses into a trendy colourful outfit. Will show you soon!

How important are colours to you? What do you do to add more colour to your wardrobe?


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I love your blog and the concept!

I am also trying to wear more color and prints. At a certain age it is too easy to fall into the trap of wearing black all the time! Thanks for the great tips!



Thanks Candy! I will certainly try and make it work. I will come back to the colour adding more often. It’s definitely something I want to do more of as I have found that wearing black doesn’t really suit me.



Yes I love color! I love your rules….bright accessories and classic pieces.
I love staying on trend but that too can be pricey so I opt for a few on trend pieces paired with the classics.
PS thanks for stopping by.



Hi Bella,

I look forward to seeing your colour outfits. Do you feature them on your site?



And color is back for the fall!
I’m totally the oposite. I have so much color in my wardrobe, I stay away from colorful accessories. I’m not afraid of any color–even neon. I’m always trying to convince people to wear more color–glad to see you are too!



Great! I’ll be sure to check your site regularly for ideas and inspiration. I love seeing people who can really pull off colour!



I love to wear color just like you. I have a colorful body in that I have red hair and green eyes and a ruddy complexion so sometime I feel I’m sporting too much color.
I like your suggestions and will check back for more hints.



I love red hair and green eyes. So many of the brighter colours look good on you! Have fun wearing lots of colour and thanks for commenting at 40+Style!


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