A capsule wardrobe for the inverted triangle body shape

by Sylvia

inverted triangle body shape spring capsule looks | 40plusstyle.com

Characterized by broad shoulders and narrow hips, this body shape can now be seen walking the catwalk at runway shows around the world. This is quite a desirable shape as many clothes will look good on you.

On the other hand, it can have its challenges too at the upper body (including bust) may be significantly bigger than your lower body.

In this article, we explore the inverted triangle body shape and put together the perfect spring capsule wardrobe. For more tips read our in-depth article on dressing the inverted triangle body shape.


As you want to downplay your upper body, in order to create a balance with your more narrow lower body, selecting darker colored tops is the best option. To lengthen your look, you can also create vertical lines with vertical stripe tops. Open necklines and collars, like halter necks, v-necks and scoop necks, will look vest on you as they will soften your broad shoulders. More feminine textures can also work to to soften the shoulder line.

Inverted triangle body shape spring tops stripes wrap peplum denim | 40plusstyle.com


Pants with a slight flare to balance out your wider upper body are ideal. We recommend selecting fuller leg widths and wider leg cropped pants.

Inverted triangle shape spring pants cropped bootcut | 40plusstyle.com


Full and a-line skirts are the inverted triangle shape’s best friend. Remember, the goal is to create an hourglass shape and play with different cuts to create a waist. Patterns, pleats, and any other cut that adds volume are the perfect go to for skirts. It is also important to keep lighter colors in mind. This will bring eyes towards your lower half, and create a more visually balanced look.

Inverted triangle body shape spring skirts looks a-line | 40plusstyle.com


When selecting dresses, you want to create an hourglass silhouette by adding volume to your lower body, in order to balance out your top half. This is best done with full and a-line dresses, wrap dresses, slightly flared sheath dresses, and empire waist dresses. Belts especially add a flattering element by creating the illusion of a hourglass figure.

Inverted triangle body shape spring looks dresses a-line | 40plusstyle.com


When selecting outwear, most double breasted tailored jackets won’t be the right fit. If you do go that route, a lower slung belt will help create a more balanced look. Single breasted jackets are your best bet, as well as open jackets that create a vertical line.

Inverted triangle body shape trenchcoat blazer jackets spring looks | 40plusstyle.com


Most shoes look great on this shape. In order to bring attention to your lower half away from your upper half, selecting bold and noticeable shoes is recommended.

spring shoes lace-up leopard bold mules | 40plusstyle.com


When selecting accessories as an inverted triangle shape, keep in mind your body shape’s goals. You are aiming to create a balanced silhouette and keep the focus on your face and the lower half of your body, and away from your broader upper half. Statement sunglasses, large cocktail rings, long pendant necklaces, and larger bags all are great accessories for the inverted triangle shape.

Inverted triangle body shape spring accessories gold rose quartz | 40plusstyle.com

Here are 9 looks we put together using our capsule wardrobe items

Capsule wardrobe for inverted triangle body shape | 40plusstyle.com

Are you an inverted triangle body shape? If so, what is your go to style?


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1 Elaine

Great article for Inverted Triangle shapes. In addition I struggle with being petite, 5’2″. My style has evolved over the past 18 months to include a number of items shown here. Classic, fitted, structured pieces in petite sizes work best. I especially love the shoe recommendations. Will be wearing more pointy toe shoes now that spring/summer is approaching.


2 Erika

My body is primarily rectangle with broad shoulders, so I struggle to find pieces that create a waistline . I am step by step learning to combine clothes and I am really happy when I find a good piece at an acceptable price. I found out that Olivia Palermo seems to be the same Bodytype as me and learned a lot from her styling.


3 Jozé

Great tips again from you Sylvia.
My rules for my inverted triangle body (small bust, big shoulders) : printed skirts and coloured trousers to add interest to the lower half, tailored clothing for the upper half, dresses without sleeves (because dresses with sleeves sadly never fit the shoulders), V-necked tops and long necklaces to suggest a V-neckline. Although many times I wear things which go against my rules 😉
And buying a size up and taking the waist and hips a bit in to make the piece more fitted. Especially needed for blouses! Also because I have a long torso. Luckily tailoring the waist and hips is an easy sewing job.


4 Greetje

There are a lot of items that make me drool… Like the striped midi skirt and that pink high low skirt… Oh wow. I really should order them…And they have UK shops so no hassle with import duties etc. Thank you.


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