My favorite trends this season and how to wear them


Favorite trenfs fall 2011

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The shops are starting to fill up with the latest clothes from the Fall 2011 collection. I’ve already highlighted some of my favorite dresses for women over 40, but let’s have a look in more detail on how we can wear the latest trends this fall.

Jewel colours

Coast Nolita Rushed jersey dressI love all the new colours that were presented: emerald, teal, ruby, amethyst, garnet, sapphire and citrine. I will definitely aim for using more colour in my dressing. If I get a chance I’m hoping to acquire a dress in one of these colours.

Longer skirt and dresses length

Dresses with lower hemlinesThe length of skirts and dresses is a lot longer than last season which is great news for women over 40. Skirts that stop on top of or just over the knee are a very flattering look for over 40 women, so it may be good to get a few dresses or skirts with this length. I may still have a few skirts in this length so it would be great to pair that with one of the jewel tones tops.

Men’s wear

Zara Tuxedo SuitI love the men’s inspired trend that features a lot of suits, jackets, the wearing of ties, and dandy shoes. This will be a more difficult trend for me to pull off, since I’m living in hot Singapore and hardly wear suits, but it can be a very flattering look for older women. Take this tuxedo inspired suit from Zara for example. So chic!

Black and white

This ties in with the next trend that is timeless and always effortless chic. The monochrone or black and white trend. Try to mix this with the new 60s inspired trends and add some graphic to your outfit. I love the Zara skirt below! I can definitely put this trend to use, combining all the black and whites I already own.

2011 fall trends 40s and black and white

Forties Glamour

This trend is perfect for the sophisticated over 40 lady. Accentuate your waist and create a wonderful silluette. Perhaps even wear a hat?

Which trends are your favorite? And how do you plan to wear them?



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I am so excited for autumn now – for all of the trends you mentioned! that teal dress from Zara is amazing! :)


I know I lOVE the new collections and colours. Teal is just so HOT. Did you see my other post on Teal?


I love that we’ve all gone mad for “Mad Men” :)


Yes the longer pencil skirt trend seems to be inspired by that movie… I’ve never even seen it!

Sherry @ Girls Day Out

I love your blog. I am WAY over 40 and a fashion blogger. I just subscribed via email. Can’t wait to read more! Cheers! xoxo


Oh I’m curious now how way over 40 you are… Because I just visited your blog and you look FABULOUS! Love your hair style and colour. Thanks for your kind words.

Sherry @ Girls Day Out

Hi Sylvia – Thanks for visiting my blog. I am 50. And thank you right back for your kind words! I am sure I am going to love your blog – not many over “xx” that interest me cuz I don’t feel over “xx”! Cheers! xoxo


Love the men’s wear trend! I haven’t tried it yet though so hopefully I can pull it off. Harem pants trend did not work for me no matter how much I wanted it to.

Love your suggestions!


Thanks Amanne! I think the Harem pants trend never really worked because in the end it’s an unflattering look as it makes your legs short. The men’s wear trend, however, can be very flattering if you accentuate the waist and wear nice pants, straight or flared with some heels. Very sexy!


I love the new New look started by Dior. its the cinched waist with a full skirt–classic and very flattering.


Yes you’re right. That is a good look for many women. I think it’s all about the waist this season and creating a nice sillouette..

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