What I Wore

Leggings for the holidays

I packed 2 pairs of leggings for my holiday. The great advantage of leggings on holiday is that they are both comfortable, practical and, when teamed up with the right tops, can look very stylish as well. So inspired by Shirley’s article on leggings, here are some of the legging outfits I wore on holiday! [click to continue…]


Stephanie Clayton

In Austin (more details later this week) I had the great pleasure of meeting Stephanie Clayton; a very stylish 40+er whom you may already know from her site Odyssey Home.  I also featured her before on this site in my style lesson series: how to look great with a minimal wardrobe. [click to continue…]



This is part 2 of my travel report from Berlin (here is part 1 if you missed it). There are quite a few memorials in Berlin. You have those for the Berlin wall, the war, and of course the memorials for the holocaust. In Berlin the holocaust memorial (see below) is designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold. [click to continue…]


impressions of Berlin

This week I had the great pleasure to spend a few days in Berlin, a city full of history that combines the old with the new. Here are a few impressions of Berlin. Our hotel was close to the Gendermemarkt, a cosy square in Berlin. We couldn’t cross it, however, as there was an outdoor classical concert. Although the area was fenced off and tickets had to be purchased, people had gathered all around the square as you could still listen and enjoy the music. [click to continue…]