Fit for fashion in gray and white and wide cropped pants!

by Sylvia

Fit for fashion in a gray and white outfit |

2 weeks ago I was invited to the launch of a new TV show here in Singapore: Fit for Fashion.

Fit for Fashion is a reality TV series, sponsored by the GREAT Britain campaign, involving 12 contestants from a wide range of backgrounds who will face a series of fitness and fashion challenges that promise to push them to their limits. Over the show’s 10 episodes, they will be guided and motivated by a team of celebrity judges which include Louise Roe (Host and British fashion journalist), Christine Bullock (Trainer), Mitch Chilson (Trainer) and Todd Anthony Tyler (Fashion Photographer).

The show is presented by Louise Roe whom those of you in the US and UK may know from the Style or E networks.

And here are 2 of the contestants. The lady on the right was sharing that she was very timid and insecure at the start of the show and that Fit For Fashion helped her become more confident about herself.

contestants of fit for fashion reality show |

This was another Sylvia, looking very stylish in her fitted dress, who works for the British High Commission and was talking about another of their campaigns: Shopping Is Great (Britain) which aims to promote British designers here in Singapore.

Promoting the Shopping is GREAT (Britain) campaign |

The launch was held at the beautiful residence of the British High Commissioner.

Eden Hall - residence of the British High Commissioner to Singapore |

The house provided the perfect backdrop for some outfit photos! Anja was looking very colorful in a pretty flower dress.

Anja wearing a pretty flower dress |

I opted for a neutral look.

You may be surpised that I’m wearing short wide cropped pants! Don’t I always tell you not to wear these as they make your legs very short? Yes, I did. But then again, I also tell you to break the ‘rules’ at your fancy, which I like to do on a regular basis.

I had spotted quite a lot of short wide pants on the runway and noticed the trend for culottes. These pants are a bit of a mixture of the two styles. I just could not resist the fun and hip silhouette they create.

White and gray In Good Company |

Of course, you need to be careful of what you wear with them. They look best with a short fitted top, which still creates a 1/3 – 2/3 balance. A wider and longer top over them would just make you look huge. They are certainly not slimming and I have dubbed them my man repeller pants. Still, the few men that I asked their opinion, seem to like them, which surprised me. (Perhaps they were just being polite).

As mentioned these pants are not the flattering kind when you stand but wait what happens when you bend or sit down. These pants definitely don’t look good when you are sitting but I will show you that on another day.

Wide white cropped pants with grey structured top |

Fit for Fashion will air in Singapore from October 16 on the Starworld network. For more information, you can check out their website.

Outfit details:
pants and top: In Good Company
Shoes: Ecco (old)
Bracelet: Jewelry to your Doorstep (get up to 30% off with the code 40plus)
Watch: Bruno Nimaber

Have you recently broken any fashion rules? If yes what did you do?


Photos by Curly Traveller. She also wrote a (more extensive) post about the event.

1 ies

Silvia, I love you look! Neutral colors and bright red bag are grandiose. Your grey top is perfect.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Ies!

3 Accidental Icon

The grey blouse is lovely, it works for those with a monochrome palette like me!

4 Sylvia

Yes, it’s super versatile!

5 Aileen

Oh! I love it xa

6 Lauren@Styleseer

Grey and white is a lovely combination – one I wear often, too. I love the silhouette of this outfit. It’s very modern and chic.

7 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

I love the way you you’ve styled this look Sylvia. I like the colour palette, the pop of red in the handbag, the jewelry, and the interesting design of the top. To my eyes, the outfit is cohesive, and very appealing for a warm weather climate. I agree with Lauren, the end result is very modern and chic. And, I think you’ve made a good case for taking a thoughtful approach to dressing and considering the entire look including accessories. Maybe the silhouette of the wide cropped pant isn’t the most flattering to the body, but your outfit is proof that you can still look amazing in them.

Let’s not forget Anja. She looks lovely in that dress. The nude heels are perfect with it too!

8 Sylvia

Thanks Sue. Sometimes you just got to have fun! And yes, I always consider the complete silhouette and balance.

9 Karen Elizabath

I love the grey and white together it looks very ‘smashing’ especially with the gorgeous red bag. I love the colours and the people at your symposium all are wearing different clothes which gives us a variety ideas to choose from. If you are still in Singapore say hi to Anja for me, I saw her in the photographs, and that I got my snail mail 🙂 Thanks for another great post Sylvia.

10 Sylvia

Thanks and will do!

11 Suzanne

Ha I can’t wait to see the pants when you sit down now! ; )

Grey white and red always look fresh on you.

Anja is my kind of gal… with the colour and pattern.


12 Sylvia

Yes, they are pretty funny. Will be a while though. First let’s do some winter clothes!

13 Ellen Christian

I love your outfit. I cannot seem to pull off cropped pants but they look great on you!

14 Sylvia

Thanks Ellen. Yes, they are not for everyone….

15 Ann

Ah I love this outfit! Just the right everything for these pants. Excellent top and accessories. I’ve been pinning this type of pant for a while myself. Saw some like this last week, almost bought them. You are convincing me to rethink them. Photos look great here and Anja you are looking great too!

blue hue wonderland

16 Sylvia

Thanks Ann. Yes they are definitely trending. Would love to see yours if you get any!

17 Greetje Kamminga

I was a bit surprised over the trousers at first, but I know you like white summer trousers and you love different cuts… therefore it is not such a strange choice after all.
And I really like it on you. As I like the flower dress with tiara on Anja.
You both have dressed according to your own style and both look so beautiful.

18 Sylvia

Haha. You should always be ready the expect the unexpected!

19 Petra

Really loving the arty look of this outfit on you Sylvia – I think you wear it fabulously, and should wear it again 🙂

20 Sylvia

Will definitely wear it again, although I’m mixing and matching quite a bit and wear both the pants and top with different things.

21 Sherry Edwards

I wouldn’t know if I broke any fashion rules. I wear what I wish. Not always the best or most comfortable. I like how those pants look on you. Perhaps it’s because I’m gotten used to seeing you in slimmer type pants so trying something different is like a breath of fresh air.

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